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How to design your life so you can do what you love to do.

Every Woman can turn her Dream into a Successful Business

Turn your ideas into reality

 Empowered women, Empower People!

 Behind every successful woman, there is a tribe of other successful women, who have her back.

Having studied Buckminster Fuller for many many years through his books, tapes (yes tapes), interviews and study groups my take on living life is taken from the theory that we live from a hologram.

These hours, weeks and years of study and implementation have transformed, I am told, my thinking. In my work of mentoring Australian women in business with women who strive to thrive to build their ideas from their purpose to profit is fundamentally based on starting with the big picture. The relevant context of the situation. From there we peel away the irrelevancies until we find the relationships that are relevant to the situation.

This thinking and implementation is the fundamental difference between coaching and mentoring.Many people follow many people and often are mentored by people who have copied people, eventually don’t get their desired results. You need to be guided by the person who has already achieved what you are looking forward to, and that is possible through the right MENTOR.

Along with my own experiments and studies of other successful people my methodology has five fundamental pillars based on the most basic of structures in the universe. The hologram being one of these structures.


Wellbeing through the implementation of skills and rituals are the fundamental basis for a balanced ever-changing mind, body, emotions and spirit.Our education system does not teach these fundamental skills.  Most people are busy earning a living after school and university that positions our Wellbeing way down the list to be included in our every day lifestyle. In many countries the GDP is considered (Gross Domestic Product)  related to monetary benefits and growth of the country. But, actually we would be better off to focus on GHP- Gross Happiness Product, where the happiness of people in the country  be considered first. Since our childhood we have been forced to achieve several benchmarks in life, but very rarely we were told to achieve the state of happiness.


Entrepreneurial Skills
Entrepreneur skills are more often than not taught by entrepreneurial parents and grandparents to children that absorb them by osmosis. These skills are often judged by people who do not have them.  Comments are often made regarding rich people like “being rich is eveil”  or “they are lucky to born with rich or smart parents”. I am not saying that all entrepreneurs are rich or smart. I see that many entrepreneuers are very smart at solving problems from outside of their own thinking. Often with questions to themselves along with the perserverence with these questions until the answer is seen, felt and shown to them. This is what makes them different from others and this in itself defines an entrepreneur.


We all communicate everyday with someone. Speaking clearly from what is needed comes from clear thinking, emotional intelligence and is closley linked to wellbeing skills learnt. A good tool box for communicating and speaking globally is one tool box I have been gathering this past four years while mentoring Australian women in business and one that is seeing me being interviewed on radio, TV.  Global communication might not be what everyone wants. The same tool box is used for family and work communication everyday.


Digital Transformation
We live in a Digital transformational world. The world is being transformed everyday through the impact of the digital web and how it is connecting and disconnecting conversations, cultures, families, believes, opportunities and beyond. Learning how to take advantage of this world is a skill in itself and one that many people are paying for in many ways. Being digital has taken globalization to the next level. Complete information about anything happening across the globe is available to us in our smart phones, apps and generally the world known world Google. We are just a click away from any answer.


Enhancing Life
It can be a challenge to Enhance our own lifestyles and that of our children with the changes in employment, new industry developments, belief questioning, not to mention the language that comes with the web and technology.Our education system has been based on right and wrong and competition rather than co-operation, the big picture and relevancies.

8 businesses, 40 years of marriage, two children, world travel, juggling childrens birthday parties with clients needs is the environment I grew up in  for problem solving and the development of my ideas to profit.  I know women who have had similar life training to me. We all,women have  many tasks to do, be them at home or at work.

Woman are already good at juggling and solving problems.  The woman I work with often only need to uncover their purpose through the 5 pillars.  Many of them thrive on the entrepreneur skills to transform their lifestyles. Woman can have an edge over men in solving problems and managing life. This brings me to the point of specialized training the area Im in for people who know they want to be outside of societies norm.They do not need any formal training. All they need is the right direction and guidance.

What do you believe?
I believe every woman has the ability to share what they know.

I believe every woman should have the opportunity to do what they love to do. Yes, it is important for women to take care of their children and family, and it is something that comes from within. I would not consider myself to be a “mushy” “hugging” type person and yet I found inside of me the natural ability to extract my ideas and encourage people to join my quests over the years. I discovered that I needed to pursure my own passions.Women today often compromise on their Passions. My advise is to Develop 4 Passions; live them out to define your Purpose .  That blog post defines the difference between Passion and Purpose and maybe a post you will gain from if you are searching for more meaning in your life.  If you are tired of being sick and tired.  If you are tired of walking around aimlessly pretending you are happy and fulfilled.  Every woman has phenomenal powers and being a women entrepreneur is just one of them.

When we handle our work and business as mothers, as woman, our intellectual ability is naturally enhanced by our emotions and spirit making the entrepreneurial spirit excited to be living life. What are your believes about designing your life so you can do what you love to do.

I believe every woman can age with elegance.One can start afresh anytime, at any age. No power can stop you from acheiving your dreams and turning them into reality when we base our decisions on our values.. I believe women can be successful in whatever they do, whatever field they choose.

I believe every woman can have her own personal visions.  Yes you need two visions. During my sessions of mentoring Australian women in business, woman have told me that they do not have a clear vision and have a fear in starting their own business. Create two visions.  In my book A High Heels Paradox I give clear examples of what these visions are to be to give you balance, clarity and dignity. Search for the right mentor for your pathway to be clear and precise.


If you believe the same as I do follow me, comment, email me and tell me what it is that you love to do like hundreds of others have done.


Hugs and love


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6 thoughts on “How to design your life so you can do what you love to do.”

  1. holy smokes. i’ve always found it interesting how you simplify … all that you know and learned from buckminster fuller. this post pretty much gives me permission to be me. there are so many times people have told me i do too much and though i do agree at times i have to take it one at a time, but it’s not until i meet similar women that i realize it’s ok to be me.

    “I am not saying that all entrepreneurs are rich or smart. I see that many entrepreneuers are very smart at solving problems from outside of their own thinking”

    it’s interesting what perceptions people can have about others without knowing the whole story.

    1. Hello Regina,

      Its one thing that Im really good at

      Making things simples

      Im a simple person, Im not traditionally trained. I have learnt from specialised education over my life.

      Yes it is interesting how people choice without having the whole story, those choices are based on their perception rather than the whole story.


  2. I am finding myself pulled up in my tracks and needing to clear my way one more time as “things” “shinny balls” some looking very good and on the $; but to a degree I am aware I have erred off the track some what. The principles I need to refresh in my mind. Designing the life I desire, as a designer I feel the heart pull to bring it into my why and purpose and to use my skills for me, as I do for others. Sharpening the pencil on who I hang out with and am available to. Thanks Di for all your realness and generosity and care for female Aussie entrepreneurs.

    1. Hello Jacinta,

      It is so easy to go off track with hype, the “right ” answers, the social media “noise” not to mention our own self doubts.

      Thankyou for commenting

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How to design your life so you can do what you love to do. | Di Downie – The Ideas Diva.Shaping your ideas into reality