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Dubai Dairies: Talking about Women Working Together

Dubai has a very famous saying!!!

They say in Dubai, you don’t wait for things to happen, you rather make them happen.


So I made it happen and guess what? Just like all good things come to those who have the courage to own it!

As I am back from speaking in Dubai and Oman, I have a BIG bundle of fun memories, wow moments and amazingly fabulous observations this week for you. What an experience it was…what a fun journey! While writing this blog post today, I can still feel and revive the excitement that I had from this journey and how beautifully it turned out true for me.

“Follow your heart and all your dreams will come true”

When I started my tour to Dubai and Oman, I was not alone. The little mini bus that took us to the speaking engagement was full of chattering and excitement. It was breathing heavy with the “she’prenurish” ideas of all expert speakers who accompanied me to the event. While gazing out from the window seat to the amazing site of camels in the desert, I could feel the heat of Dubai on my face. Although the mini bus was air conditioned, the Dubai heat can be felt through the window. We drove out of the city into the industrial area passing new suburbs, desert, amusement centres, even a few camels. The fellow experts who accompanied me in the bus came from their own walks of life, from different countries, varying ages and they all had their areas of specialisation making for more than interesting conversations. The speaking engagement was arranged by Mitch Carson and Ernesto Verdugo for their Speak in Dubai Global Venture, one I’d recommend you investigate if you have a strong message for the global stage.

The Grand Arrival:

The grand welcome by Martin Rosochas and his team at Caporal Arabia Paints #caparolarabia the leading producer in the field of building paints, made it look as if we were special guests in his personal home. Martin and histeam prepared the warmest welcomewith drinks, snacks and a humble introduction over the board room table- everything setting the best scene for a productive and relationship building day. Not only was the production warehouse spotless and OH&S secured, also our tour guide was passionate with his simple yet involving ways of leading our tour through the paint production process. The finesse and spotlessness of the warehouse reminded me of my event production warehouse (even though our production is not as streamlined as Caparol’s procedures, I appreciated the policies in place).

Caparol Paints from Di Downie on Vimeo.

My Speaking Session:

It often takes a lot of courage and motivation to start a session with a topic that is closest to your professional and personal passions. You have to be rational and you need to keep all your personal opinions and baggage away to make it liberal and progressive. To top it, if your listeners aren’t just women but also men from other professions and field of interest, you need to make sure that none of your ideas might sound too feminine and one sided in argument. They should reflect a progressive ideology that makes a constructive impact in the minds of the listeners.

My presentation was one such responsibility that I felt was important to be delivered in the right manner. Addressing women working together as the topic, I started the presentation with my observations of the Australian tear down act – The ‘Tall Poppy Syndrome’. I explained the notion for how sometimes when a female is doing the best she can do in her life and career, another woman tries bringing her down. They try to undercut and sabotage her. In Australia the phenomenal is popularly known as the Tall Poppy Syndrome which represents a social phenomenon where people of genuine merit are resented, criticized and socially attacked for the talent (or achievements) that elevates them above from their peers. I personally see this happen all over the world, Australia is not special with this phenomenon. Women can carry this out with skill and precision unfortunately until they are aligned with three integrated processes.

3 Moves to co-operation:

– The idea with Awareness:

I think awareness is one of the building blocks that has the power to change the culture and society. I appreciate awareness as the first conversation to be had to begin the co-operation cycle…rather than the silent competitive tug of war. This silent war is nothing but a non-productive method of turning off people and snuffing out peoples dreams, attributes, skills and ideas. On the other hand, communication in the form of awareness is the friendliest way of introducing your ideas and making others receptive to your best intentions.

– The notion of multitasking:

Being a women entrepreneur, I know the exact powers of being a woman and I know how intelligent and intuitive the world becomes when they have women as leaders in any sized project. The competition that we face as women entrepreneurs and as women generally comes from the notion of multitasking. Somewhere down the line, our minds are all the time influenced with the idea of multi-tasking and everything we do this wayall too often sparks competition within us.

– Suppression of personal values

We forget that this way, we tend to suppress the personal values and original creativity of women who then become too busy in competing with a male’s energy. Too much competitiveness is unhealthy for the overall growth, creativity and development of women.

These three points from my presentation generated some fabulous, creative conversations over lunch with women and men. I felt humbled and heard from Caparols’ team who are obviously striving to be thriving in their work environment that is reflected in the position they hold in their niche.

This inspiring trip to Dubai was a fabulous learning experience for me as I met and made some of the best global friends whilst on this journey.

My heartiest congratulations and thanks to Martin and his team for hosting an amazing event and having us all. The blog is giving my time to stop myself, I would like to take a moment to thank myself as I can only really speak from my perception, just like we all can do!

Next week I’ll share my Oman journey with you and why your bucket list “should” be precise and packed ready to go.

Did you gain and enjoy reading about my Dubai trip? Tell me how you are affected by The Tall Poppy Syndrome and how you encourage co-operation. I always love to hear your stories.

Hugs and love

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2 thoughts on “Dubai Dairies: Talking about Women Working Together”

  1. This is a great share Di, and also to help define the 3 moves to co-operation. I am choosing again women to hang out with who are inclusive and not threatened or envious of others success, but seek to enhance it. I think demonstrating and sharing personal (heart felt) stories of our journeys as you do, encourages co-operation.

    1. Hi Doffie,

      Defining our ideas for our first moves is one secret to co-operation, which is the only pathway to creativity for high productivity.

      Appreciate your engagement Doffie.


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