Embracing The World of The INTERNET

The world of the internet can be a very mysterious place.

The world of the internet can cause fear in some people.

The world of the internet is complex until you simplify it.

When walking through a project in the internet world create a clear vision, then simply take steps with precision, passion and purpose!

After all, the world of the internet is not about gigantic innovations… it is more about the little innovations that takes places every day, every moment adding true value to people like you with families like yours.

The Internet has given me a global platform.

Growing familiarity with the world of internet was never a walk in the park for me and I am sure it isn’t easy for anyone who does it for the first time or comes from a generation of industrial approaches. I still remember when I first decided to work remotely; I wanted to explore the wonders of working in a location free lifestyle.

I was clueless to the internet. I didn’t know the magic of being located at one place and yet being available globally… to actually be all across the globethrough the world of web. I didn’t even know what a browser was or how multiple browsers might differ from one another. I was again clueless about the search engine optimization practices… about phishing, Trojan, white hat practices, HTTP, router, and many more technical jargons.

I thought a funny thing happened to us on the way to the future and strangely, it became the mainstream. We call it The Internet.

 Now, in our times; anyone who doesn’t have the basic idea of the internet terminology (and even the slang and acronyms) is none other than an alien. Now that I have immersed myself in the internet world, I’m comfortable with many of the terms. The best thing is that when I travel, for example my Dubai and Oman trip recently, internet conversations were very easy to have, to break the ice and get to know a younger person.

Let me tell you a truth… Internet is ageless. 

 It is dynamic and ever evolving.  

It is steady and consistent.

So no matter at what age you are, you need to be a fast learner to pick the right set of actions here and once it is done, trust me you will be amazed with what the internet has for you.

It is not everything that you need, however it is something that can comes close to it……..  when you speak the language.

 I have quiet chuckles to myself when I can clearly see that a person half my age is wondering how I can have fun with internet slang and acronyms and know my way around terminology regarding a blog, or social media or the meeting technology. But nothing comes for free as I have invested my time and experience to come to this stage.

My Experiences with the Internet

Apparently, there has been a lot of buzz for how did I get to this place of being comfortable with the internet world, its language, its faults, its advantages, its trends.  I know more than the average Josephine Blogs.  I don’t bumble my way around social media any longer.  I don’t just fill my blogs up with any old content to please the search engines.  I treat my online activities like all the other businesses I have run, with respect and I watch for the new developments and innovations.

As a women entrepreneur, I know for sure that there is no shortcut to success and the sureshot way of making things happen for you is through learning and embracing it. I have evolved from my country upbringing and small country town education with the help of not only good family role models but also from mentors from around the globe.  Bob Hoffman, Buckminster Fuller, Edwards Deming, Robert Kiyosaki, Joel Bauer are the key Business and Personal influenceers in my life.

You can see where I learnt my skills in the video below.  I talk about where I have come from, where I am going and where I am now. Here you go with the webinar!

webinar for 28th june 2017 from Di Downie on Vimeo.

One of the points I could not make in my webinar today was to outline some of the basic language on the internet, I have embraced, to assist in taking advantage of the internet so it does not take advantage of you. Knowing some of the language and not allowing anyone to trick you into a complex conversation by making internet words complicated is a vital skill for anyone wanting to take advantage of our world now. The other activity that is seen every day is clever marketing strategies from people who know how to market however cannot deliver what they are marketing.  Buyer be aware….

I can’t do research for you, or tell who to follow or who to give your hard earned cash to but I can do my little bit about the basic language education.

To make it easy for you, I have here compiled a list of acronyms and jargons that you can use to brush up on your internet knowledge.

Women are grasping these skills, and this language and running full tilt…

The most popular internet acronym:

  • LOL:  Laughing out loud or Lots of love
  • IMO: In my opinion or IMHO:  In my humble opinion
  • IRL:  In Real Life
  • BRB– Be right Back
  • BTW: By the way
  • TYSM: Thank you so much
  • JSYK: Just so you know if the new FYI: For Your Information
  • NSFL: Not safe for life

You can check this amazing website slang it to learn some incredible slang or internet acronyms.  Have fun with them.. use them.. its one way to be more confident when using your phone, the computer in emails, on social media.

Remember some of these basic terms when you are stepping your way into a successful internet lifestyle especially if you are using the internet to do business:

  • Web Browser: A software application or interface that you use to retrieve, present and traverse information resource on the www (World Wide Web). Here the information resource is identified as ‘URL’ which could be a website, an image, a video, a piece of content, etc. Some common examples of web browsers are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera Mini, etc.


  • Webpage: Webpage is a document that is written in an HTML (HyperText Markup Language) and is accessible through the internet (or other network). You need to use a web browser to access a webpage.


  • SEO: SEO is an organic i.e. free and natural practice of increasing traffic to your website. It happens through the combined optimization of search engines, online content and keywords.


  • URL: URL means address. The link or address to your website that often ends with .com and starts with www. is a URL.


  • HTTP and HTTPS: A set of rule to transfer files i.e. text, graphics, images, sound, video and other multimedia files on WWW is regarded as HTTP.


  • IP Address: Each computer uses a unique internet protocol for communicating with the network. This protocol is separated by full stops and identifies each computer separately.


  • ISP: Internet Service Provider or ISP could be a company that provides internet services to other individuals or organizations.



  • Encryption and Authentication: Two intertwined technologies that help to insure that your data remains secure. Encryption helps to insure that the information within a session is not compromised. This includes not only reading the information within a data stream, but altering it, as well.


  • Trojan: It’s a type of malware that might appear in disguise of legitimate software. Generally a tool of cyber criminals and frauds to access control to user’s system.


  • Phishing: Phishing in a fraudulent practice where the cyber criminal sends a series of emails to the users to learn information (for examples the login details, account numbers, passwords, etc.) of the user. Phishing is generally done by masquerading as a reputed entity, company or person.

Your ideas can now flourish through skills used on the internet.

The world of the internet is full of surprises, terms, acronym, jargons and terminologies that everyone has the choice to learn and understand. You can simply go on and on with this episode! You can be as creative as your heart desires, and you can not be creative!  It’s up to you.

So before we wind up this blog, tell me about your experience and learning in the world of the internet. What struggles have you faced and how you took yourself out from the complexities of internet and have you made it simple yet? How does it feel to be an internet ninja now… a technical pro?

Tell me your stories of how you learnt about the internet and what it is to you today????

Hugs and love


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