What Makes a Women Entrepreneur?

What makes a woman beautiful and elegant is her confidence.
What makes her confident is her courage!
What brings courage to her life
is her ability to make values based decisions and what gives her this ability is her attitude.
In other words, the way she uses her mind.


I completely agree with the philosopher who said :
‘A woman is beautiful when she isn’t afraid to be herself”.

Now this is what makes her a fuller human being… a human being who is respectful to herself and to her fellow male human.

As the bright New Year’s mornings shine at me, I have recalled , several times, my favorite topic of discussion which is ‘woman and her she’preneur ideas’.  I, Di Downie, a master of my faith, a believer of my dreams and a woman who believes in living life on her own terms is proud to admit that YES, I firmly believe in all women entrepreneurs- She’preneurs. I believe all women manage, juggle, negotiate, have an eye for detail, look at the big picture, are intuitional, creative and are busting to be more. You know this is an excerpt from my book ‘A High Heels Paradox’, which is regarded as one of Amazon’s leading international best seller. Here are the best quotes for you!

“Some women are floating on the river of denial while pretending to be happy, without wanting to rock their boat in fear of losing what they have, or do in fear of someone not loving them, or in fear of not doing “it “correctly.

I want to assure you, you can have everything. You can have your cake and eat it too.
You can be anyway you choose”.


I personally believe that the best gift you can give to any women in this world is to give her the FREEDOM of choosing her choice! The freedom of choosing her dreams, the freedom of choosing her bad decisions, the freedom of making mistakes and learning lessons from wrong deeds, and everything that she wants to try in her life… JUST LET HER DO IT! The ocean of her potential is as wide and deep as her dreams! All it needs is the freedom to avail them!


And there is a BUT!!!

Apart from what the world thinks about you, there is something that you need to do for your own choice! You need to know that ‘you are choosing if you do it consciously or unconsciously’. You do need to learn to be independent, passionate and you need to understand profit. Let’s understand the definitions to the keywords that make up us women entrepreneurs. I am going to define it for you!


• Clarity of MindShe’preneurs has the ability to think clearly.

• Passion for Work: They are passionate for their work and life from what matters to them personally.

• Origin: She’preneur comes from an intimate space from them developing their personal independence.

• The Freedom to take choice: She’preneurs has choices on many levels.

• An Eye for Profit: they understand when profit is made for money and relationships.

• The Understanding for Life: She’preneurs lives a life from what matters simple because they take space for themselves. This one can be hard for women. Women need to learn how to take space for their personal emotional needs and passions.

Watch my video:

Passion = Clarity

Your passion is the fuel that will light up your dreams so get up and unveil your passion by doing a good job every single time in every single situation. Do what you think is the right thing to do from doing good work, doing what you love is simply unveiling your passion. You have to light up things that in turn give us our purpose for living. Take my words today as I simply vouch for them- believe it because only your purpose in turn will give you the required clarity of thought that is needed for a Free She’preneur. Not only this, it will also offer words to your feelings. So stand up and do activities that unveil your passion. If you can feel why you love doing what you love doing, you will discover clarity for your purpose.

Independence = Intimacy

Being human, your independence should mean a lot to you and if not everything, it is at least the most intellectual and intimate part of entrepreneurship. What I particularly want you to remember is:

1. We are human beings not human doings!
2. Independence now has a meaning of being not doing.
3. We are human beings who can be intimate and be self-loving when we go about our negotiations, our agreements, our staff training, our client discussions.
4. The more intimacy we have with ourselves the more independent we can be…… if we choose..

Profit = Choices

The profit statement has a simple calculative logic- it is made when we invest in the purchase. It is very important to understand that profit makes no difference if we invest in material physical items or invest emotionally, spiritually or intellectually. The profit is eventually made when we actually make the purchase. The idea of profit is to give us the virtue of ‘CHOICES’.

Space = Living

Time is the biggest and undoubtedly the ‘BESTEST’ healer. It heals your wounds and makes you a fuller human being with time lapse. I suggest you to take space and time to grow your passions. You have to make your decisions from your values and it will happen once you are clear about your own values and routines. Trust me on this- the process of turning your ideas into reality with the help of routine and values is all interrelated. When you are clear on your values you can make decisions fast. Take the space and time to make the changes for real living.


I haven’t met a woman in my entire life who I thought, did not deserve to win the world. Every single woman in this world has that potential… each and every one. And every single woman has the eye to see her own worth. This eye makes her a successful woman entrepreneur;aShe’preneur, this potential makes her a wonderful human being. The ability to multitask several jobs at one instance and still spread the shine and smile like a graceful soul makes her everything. So soso beautiful it is to be a WOMAN!!!

What makes a women entrepreneur according to you? I am passionately seeking your words in the comment box below. In the case of you agreeing with me, share my article to your social media accounts and if you WANT MORE, here is the Amazon Link to my book ‘A High Heals Paradox’..

Love and Hugs

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8 thoughts on “What Makes a Women Entrepreneur?”

  1. Hi Di, The Quote is very meaningful, but I think if we add some other criteria it will become more brief, I think if women is known what she is doing is better then to be only confident and this is not for only women, this is for every human.

    1. I agree Junaid,

      What Im saying is applicable for both men and women and I see that if women did what they loved more
      than attempting to please others they would naturally be more confident.

      Loved your comment Junaid and I appreciate your visit.


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