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THE 5 SECRETS that make Productive Passionate Women Entrepreneurs

You can either dream for your success or you can WAKE up to work for it.All because strong women, with clarity of thought, get things DONE and they work hard for it. Well,  even when they fall or there is  slight dust in their throne, the stand alone to brush away the dust, adjust their invisible crown and still rise high to shine. 

I feel extremely proud and special when I read about women becoming MORE and are more noticed, famous and exceptionally successful in our society. It’s really a blissful ‘dream coming true’ kind of a thought and women entrepreneurs like me would surely relate to this feeling. The secrets of becoming a MORE productive and passionate women entrepreneur is actually not a secret. It is rather a shared thought which all women across the globe know… and deep down inside they even know how to implement it in their lives. But keeping it forward and making things clearer for everyone, I wish to share the 5 top secrets that makes productive and passionate women entrepreneur. I hope you will enjoy them!

 5 secrets that make outstanding original women entrepreneurs

1.  They define their values and their needs

Successful women entrepreneurs take time to define their values and their needs and are actually able to express them to their clients, suppliers their team members and to themselves. Knowing about your own values is a very important link towards personal and professional success. I believe successful women entrepreneurs have the ability to articulate their values and their needs to the people who influence their life, for instance, their clients, team mates, business suppliers, their family, and so on. The successful women entrepreneurs, – She’preneurs- I know, ask themselves good questions.  They ask themselves questions then wait for the answers from knowing their values and their emotional needs. This ability of questioning and asking from our values and needs is self -sustaining.

2.  They carve out their personal routines and rituals

  1. Successful She’preneurs takes time to carve out their personal routines and rituals that they translateinto their business procedures and policies. In fact, the success of their business procedures and policies is nothing but a fine reflection of their consistency in maintaining personal routines and rituals. I sometimes wonder how blessed are those who follow their routines and rituals to live a systematic yet free lifestyle! Having personal routines, family rituals and churning the best out of them to witness their reflection of your professional life is a proud and productive feeling.3.  They believing in developing their products and services and themselves.

Successful women entrepreneurs seek out and sort through people who they can learn from, they love to bearound lifelong learners enabling them to always be developing themselves their products and services. A successful She’preneur has the ability to turn her ideas into reality, and more often, she has the eager responsiveness to seek constant change and development in her life. They value their association with different people and they love the idea of versatility and diversity in behaviors and cultures.

4.  Their brand delivers their passion

For successful She’preneurs, their brand delivers their passion through it’s colours, it’s authenticity, it’s originality.  Customers “get”who they are when they receive their product and service.  Brand for a successful women entrepreneur is nothing but her own reflection i.e. her authenticity.  And in fact when a customer receives such a reflection from an entrepreneur, they can actually feel the authentic, values based energy oozing out from the products and services.

5.  They leave Perfectionism in the classroom as they value ‘progression’

The 5th secret is the She’preneur knows that she has to leave Perfectionism in the classroom.  They appreciate Progression, as with progression comes originality and they know they have to move forward from within themselves so their business moves forward.  This is how their idea comes into reality. Innovative ideas is what makes them stand out from the crowd and makes their business soar.

Keeping progression above perfectionism and yet sustaining your originality is the art of being a women entrepreneur. This is what makes a She’preneur unique.


Not a secret but a harsh reality…

Women entrepreneurs have the tendency of manipulating their lifestyle around the tall poppy syndrome. The Tall Poppy Syndrome, as Wikipedia says, is a social phenomenon where people of genuine merit are resented, criticized and socially attacked for the talent (or achievements) that elevates them above from their peers.  Most She’preneurs are ahead of the crowd, often their family friends don’t understand what they do and often certainly do not know WHY they are doing it.

I only have one simple sentence to say here- “Believe in you”! Believe in your abilities, rituals, routines and most importantly, your ideas and values. If you can think it then you can certainly do it and if you can do it then you can definitely make it a super success hit. You are the master of your destiny and just like a craftsman; you can churn and shape your future with your own hands. All you need is trust and passion to be MORE.

I want all of you to keep these 5 secret in hands so that you witness your journey of being more productive and passionate.  AND  always, always, always remember the Tall Popply Syndrome is alive and well and it’s your job to move around it. And if you have your own little secret for becoming more successful and accomplished in life then please feel free to share it with all of us here. Learning new ideas and tips will make all of us better people!

So what according to you makes a woman She’preneur? I will be waiting for your answers in the comment box- share your heart!!!

Hugs and love


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4 thoughts on “THE 5 SECRETS that make Productive Passionate Women Entrepreneurs”

  1. Hey Di,

    I’m really glad that you are working on the side of Women 🙂
    Yeah your are right Women are increasing day by day in every professional field. Even in Blogging I know many bright names as you.
    I think it’s because they are unique and think out of the box..

  2. Great post. Thank you for sharing!!
    You are right, most of our family and friend don’t understand what we are doing. I was always a mom at home raising my kids while my husband built his carrer. Now i decided it is my time to shine and build something for Me!! I have no support with neither my family nor close friends.
    So I just need to make new friends, She’preneurs like me.
    Looking forward for another great post Di 😀

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THE 5 SECRETS that make Productive Passionate Women Entrepreneurs