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Plan good food to eat good food for your individual health

Do you know what is the strangest fact about human beings? We spend most of our life in saving things that matter the least and we invest our major efforts is less significant notions. I say this because I have seen wise men and women going to financial banks, making investments, with few of them knowing what actual wealth is all about.


Have you ever thought why planning food is so important-  why eating good food for your individual health should be your first priority? Okay, let me tell you why! Healthy eating is not at all about restricting your diet and staying unaesthetically thin. It is certainly not about depriving yourself of food that you adore the most. Healthy eating is more about PLANNING GOOD FOOD because if you plan good food, then you will eat good food. And – if you can grow some of your food, then you will eat even better and nothing can be as good as this!

How do I plan my food?

As you can see in my video, I follow an extremely rational process of planning good food for my family. Don’t get me wrong…,  We eat some junk, we experiment with what is new, we eat out  AND we aim to follow the motto of ‘planning good food for eating good food’. Here is what I do to set ourselves up for easy, quick with variety for our eating habits.

  • I grow some food our food. Mainly our greens and our herbs. You can choose backyard vegetable gardening for growing some healthy delightsat your home. My Tip is don’t go too big keep with your garden keep it small and easy… Life is meant to be easy and fun!  Grow simple stuff like lettuce , spinach, basil, chives, coriander, maybe one or two tomato plants.  Plus use organic manure and feed your garden every two weeks.  Don’t skimp on good food for your garden.
  • I buy in bulk myorganicfruits and nuts. I do my organic shopping every six months because it is economical and it helps me to stay on track with planning my eating routine. You can watch my video to check what I normally buy and I tell you the basis for our daily smoothies.
  • If you, or a member of your family, has a sweet then keep some dried fruit in your house. I keep dried apricots because this is what I use for my Water Kefir (check my blog on Water Kefir now). Water Kefir is part of my planning for our eating.
  • Another thing that I like to do is to keep my homemade Liposomal Vitamin C ready for a quick healthy shot.
  • Plan some really good food for your fridge and your cupboard and make it a regular routine. Somewhere down the line, you will see the benefits not only to your scheduling of time. You will also see benefits to consistent energy for productive ideas. Of course your health as well!

We barely have left three months before this year ends, and today, I want you to take a pledge to plan healthy eating.  Yes!   I’m asking you to experiment with planning good food. I’m asking you to think about what is going into your cubboards and fridge other than items to simply fill tummies.Planning good food is the best way to ensure consistent energy for individual health. Educated and thoughtful good food planning enhances your vigor and stamina for making productive decisions in life. We all are living in a chaotic world where it canbecomes too difficult to think about ourselves. In a quest for easy alternatives and quick food, we forget the fact that health is the biggest wealth that we can create for ourselves and also for people who are dear to us. I recommend some healthy food routine habits that would definitely help you in the long run of your life.

  1. Make your breakfast every morning. A smoothie and or some protein. Prepare drinks like Water Kefir and Liposomal Vitamin C in advance to start your day even more fresh and fantastic.
  1. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. According to doctors, a person should at least have three cups of vegetables every day. I prefer using dried nuts and fruits to ensure my consistent ‘fruitilicous’ intake. By the way I activate all nuts, seeds and legumes.
  1. I suggest you to carry snacks with you wherever you go. Be it a protein-based snack, a hard fruit, an apple or may be some nuts- carry good food that will feed your hunger quickly. Never go hungry.
  1. Organic things ensure ample goodness for your health. Even though they are more expensive. Have you ever tried a healthy cup of organic Green tea or Hibiscus Tea on a Sunday morning?  Do you own research, be proactive with your planning.  Don’t simply take my word on any of this.
  1. Keep a check on your sugar in take. Read labels even some brands of tinned tomatoes have sugar in them.
  1. Don’t get over the top and anxious with your food, learn slowly and simply what works for you. Be working towards a good planning routine for good food.
  1. We live in a world where we live with a ton of choices. Experiment, live life and plan … AND… have fun! Have that bag of chips or that Latte, or that ice cream occasionally.  Don’t feel guilty!  The guilt is more damaging than not having fun. Life is short. Plan and break the plan sometimes.


This simple Raw recipe  is about  Eating self-prepared drinks, food and meals at home which can shockingly reduce your abnormal sugar intake. So if you are someone who is willing to take this healthy step in improving the quality of living for your family then step ahead and do it- JUST DO IT NOW! You will only feel more beautiful about it. Planning good eating also comes with moderation..

If you can shape and turn beautiful ideas into reality then you are almost there my friend- almost there where the world is fresh and healthy. Always remember this fact that your individual health can become a source of inspiration and motivation for many people out there. So shine  you are born to glitter and glitter and inspire.

I’m Happy that I am contributing my small piece of inspiration to society

Rise and Shine

Love and Hugs


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6 thoughts on “Plan good food to eat good food for your individual health”

  1. I definitely agree with you. It’s quite easy to think that “oh, I’ll just make this for Monday and this for Tuesday,” then leaving it at that. But proper planning, while a bit more time consuming, really makes a difference. I now set aside some time to properly plan the week during Sunday mornings, just as I set aside time for laundry. Great post!.
    Marjorie recently posted…Working Out After Giving BloodMy Profile

    1. Hello Marjorie,

      Yes its easy to simply leave things and let things to fall into place and ay.. aaarhhh ” the universe will take care,,, but we do need proper planning and yes while it can be a disciplined thing making out a list and thinking ahead it does pay of.

      Thankyou for your comment Marjorie


    1. Hi Keith,

      Balance can sometimes be a challenge when we are busy.

      I have to admit I love chips… totally junk food.. thats the world we live.

      I think its about educating ourselves so we can be eating and planning good food
      as you say there is so much junk available and I think can eat some it in moderation
      and we have to eat good food and do our own research around it

      Alway love your comments Keith


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Plan good food to eat good food for your individual health - Di Downie - The Ideas Diva.Shaping your ideas into reality