7 Steps to Developing your Idea to a New Reality

The beauty is never in the outer appearance.

It is in the construction of the foundation.

It is the foundation that will stand the test of the time.

Most of the people that we know in the new world are defined by their titles, their luxuries, their homes, their brands, their religions and so on. Little are they defined by their values and foundations today! But no matter how drastically the society or time might have changed, success is built on sound foundations and they play a crucial role in shaping our future.

You are your foundation!

I have often seen people starting their new projects or businesses without placing their personal pieces into place to form their personal foundation. And honestly speaking- there is something very strange about this behavioral change! Do you know that many issues that we experience in our present life may originate from our past experiences? Do you know how important it is to know and understand your values to accept your foundations? And last but not the least, do you understand the correlation between defining dreams, business and foundation?If not, then you just need to get the answers.

Understanding the Shiny Ball Syndrome:

‘All that glitters is not always gold’

Have you ever found difficulty in making decisions? Quite similar to indecisiveness, the Shiny Ball Syndrome is a behaviour where people discover a sense of utter difficulty in taking decisions. The new syndrome of The Shiny Ball Syndrome is where a person goes from project to another, from one workshop to another, from one job to another, from one guru to another, from one relationship to another, from one good idea to another etc etc etc… you get the picture of what The Shiny Ball syndrome is. The syndrome is also seen when we make decisions on someone’s flippant recommendation rather than from our own experience and values. It is also seen when we find that we have copied people rather than taking the time to create.


The many facets of a foundation:

There are many facets to what a foundation is and how we see it in our respective lives. Some people think a foundation is stuff they put on their face before their blusher, some think a foundation is a business structure for philanthropic work. Some think it is a concrete slab to lay the walls of their house upon.  Most people see first, before they feel and ask themselves questions of where they have been, what is important to them, define what they need, picture what they want in their everyday lifestyle. Most people cannot clearly articulate what is important to them other than family, money, travel and love. There are many facets to create a good solid foundation and many definitions but what is important here is to identify them.

I’m going to digress:  hang in there…..

Have you heard of GNAT? Well, I will tell you what it is! A GNAT is a flying insect that often fly high in large numbers. Some of them bite and some of them don’t. Some of them suck the life out of fruits, insects and people. Now don’t get confused for why I am telling you this. This will make sense. Just like GNATS, we all have flown in large numbers and we all have sucked the life out of people. Just like GNATS, we often surround ourselves with people who suck the life out of us.  If done with precision, we can definitely transform this GNAT thinking to creating new ideas into new realities with creativity rather than competition.

You cannot be in competition and be creative at the same time.

The most prominent example of GNAT thinking is how we can be caught up in comparing ourselves with others on Social Media. GNAT thinking and acting can be seen when we hang out with people who leave us less than when we arrived. GNAT living is doing a job that you cannot progress in. It is living a lifestyle where you are not able to increase you value asset – YOU and your thinking. Gnat thinking is following the crowd for safety in numbers. It is neither progressive nor productive.

What could be the Positive acronym for G.N.A.T?

  • G is for GIVING rather than taking

I appreciate the honesty that is there in ‘giving and forgiving’. It isn’t in taking! Unravel the art of giving to increase your productive inputs and identify what you want MORE of in your life. Giving more to a person, project or situation is the secret to see what we have within us to create.

  • N is for building ‘New Reality’

Start experimenting with your passions and trust me, you are going to love it.

You will realize that you may have a new habit that you might not of had a couple of years ago but then you are also going like the change. You will meet new people who you dint even know a year ago or six months ago or five years ago but then, you will love it and this is how you will go through a fine process of self-actualization. You will be moving towards a NEW REALITY, one that you have clearly defined.

  • A is for Awareness

People can stay in this step forever- in denial or are obsessed doing their changes on their own rather than seeking out people who can support them to increase what they are striving to have more of.  I’m sure you have heard of the saying “he has the concentration of a GNAT”. I personally feel that social media has built this GNAT thinking with the one click and I’m on to the next shiny ball.  The book The Secret, as much as I loved it, it was all about awareness and taking very little action.  I meditate and visualize and yes these routines are important for daily moving forward. However we must get out of our minds and into action and DO activities effectively to create what we want. Awareness is the step before Action.

  • T is for Transition

Transition starts with co-operation- co-operation with one self and co-operation with others. As a women entrepreneur, I am personally very familiar to this stage as I have lived a journey of 8 startup businesses that facilitated the oscillation of frustration and apathy. I guarantee that change creates unchartered waters with emotions that we would like to ignore.  Don’t ignore your feelings or your intuition!  Acknowledge you are in transition, don’t pretend everything is ok and that you are always enjoying the journey.  I have no found one person yet who has enjoyed the transition phase.  It is unsettling, filled with chaos, filled with self- questioning and often doubt.  This is normal.  Keep creating your New Reality with experimenting.  Keep in motion around the pictures in your mind.

Know the steps that you can take to move from the analogy of THE GNAT to the acronym G.N.A.T.

Here you go with the 7 steps to developing your ideas into a new reality.

  1. Give a visual representation to your ideas! Define them through pictures using your phone, pictures from Google, a vision board, and so on. I repeat what I often say- visual memories have the strongest reinforcement power.
  1. Define your ideas from values that matter to you. Tip:  Values are doing words observe how you go about your everyday activities. De-clutter your routine from everything which is less important to your life.
  1. Clarity is the best gift that you can give to your mind and peace. Have a system to define your feelings with clear emotional words.  Our words are our thoughts. Tip: Stop yourself when you hear negative thoughts and comments come out of your own mouth.
  • Develop your clarity with the people around you. Tip:  Develop good habits for your personal routines and rituals.
  • Develop ONE idea with people who have done what you want to do. Tip:  they will be people who give and give and give and give.
  • Develop that ONE idea from who you are, people buy from people who are authentic.  Tip: Live from your true values and from what you need.
  • Direct yourself from your own experiences. Tip:   Have a diary of what you do, research where you have come from.

Always remember that the person you are today is a combination of everything that has happened to you. It is everything about your foundation, your past, your values, and your routines and rituals. It is eventually going to affect your future.

Take a step back and explore who you were in the past and take a step forward to learn from the past and act in the present.

Let me know how these 7 steps will help you in developing your ideas to YOUR new reality.

Hugs and love

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