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The Routines and Rituals that Underpin Your Dreams and Passions

We are what we repeatedly do.

EXCELLENCEthen, is not an act…

But a HABIT ~ Aristotle

Have you ever heard about the ‘sleeper effect’? How it affects our early days of grooming and learning? Let me tell you what it is!  Sleeper effect tells us a lot about ‘Influence’ and the making of ‘habits’. If you want to make others do what they want to do in their life, then you certainly have to understand the merits of the sleeper effect in psychology.

What is the Sleeper effect:

According to Wikipedia, when a person is exposed normally to a persuasive message (often repeatedly) then such an engagement can lead to the development of attitudes. Even if the person is initially passive to receive the message, with a period of time,there is definitely a change in attitude towards the message. For example with kids, parents have the tendency of poking and correcting their kid’s mistake (a wrong habit) with a repetitive message. For instance you say as a parent, “brush your teeth before going to the bed”, “respect your elders”, “help the needy”, “think before you speak”.  Believes come from words like “money doesn’t grow on trees’, “rich people are bad”, “eat everything on your plate” and so on. The child then and there might accept or not accept the message but as soon as he hears it, the message is stored in his/her mind, which later creates a sleeper effect. With time and age, the message becomes a part of his values, habits and routine. Thus, sleeper effect is always in play!

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Routine and Rituals:

I have always believed that routines and rituals underpin our dreams and passions…same as they underpin our systems in business. Let’s start off with the definitions of a ritual and a routine! Roughly, a routine is something that we do as an activity and which gives us a result. This result we can often see, feel and touch. A Routine is a hardcore thing- for instance, I can say I have a routine of meditating, I have a routine of going for a swim, my routine of brushing teeth is regular and so on. In comparison to this, rituals are activities done to create culture, enabling our being…enabling a new vibration in us. Rituals have more like ceremonial type of feel with them. For instance, it may be like I have a routine to drink certain type of tea and the ritual here is planning that I have thattea to drink and how I drink it. The Routine is actually the core activity and ritual is the ceremonial type of actions ofen surrounding the Routine.

Why we need Discipline and Consistency in Developing Good Routines and Ritualsand how they will help you:

  1. Well rounded Routines and Rituals will provide you a solid base for your emotional decisions.
  2. When balanced, healthy and they fit for you personally theywill reduce unwanted conflicts in your life, within yourself and with others.
  3. Discipline will create a positive frame of mind affecting behavior and self control.
  4. Routines have a social impact as they are developmental.
  5. They can become a medium of endless learning and knowledge.
  6. They can help you in making more profound brain connections.
  7. They will enhance the amount of clarity in life.

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4 Different Areas of Routine and Rituals

  1. Routines and rituals for your MIND: It is the plan and action that you use for your brain, for your re-education, for your lifelong learning, keeping yourself updated, being aware of what we think, yes some of our thoughts may come from our parents, our teachers, our grand parents from the media, from our spouse. Ask yourself:  “do I believe what I think”?
  1. Routines and rituals for your EMOTIONS: I believe self questioning is the best way to identify your feelings. You need to take care of your emotional health and all the tender emotions that reside deep inside of us. What I mean here is NOT to squash them down. You need to know what you need and be able to ask for what you need, clearly with precision and self love.  You can purchase my simple yet complex Values and Needs Package right here, right now.  A Tool that will change your life forever:
  1. Routines and rituals for your PHYSICAL BEING– Fortunately it is trendy to be fit, to eat well and educate ourselves regarding fermented foods, yogas, body scrubbing, organic products. Fitness coaches and food coaches are everywhere and isn’t that a wonderful development in our evolution. After all, a healthy body, mind and soul are simply an amalgamation.
  1. Routines and rituals for your SPIRITUAL BEING: Getting in touch with your spiritual being is a beautiful pathway to a higher vibration of ourselves.A variety of meditations are on You Tube, I recommend many in my new Program. Keep an eye out for it!


What you need to make sure to keep your routines and rituals align!

When we have these four different routines aligned with each other, they simply flow with your lifestyle. The effortless flowing happens when you have respect for all the four aspects. Start experimenting now and make a routine to at least follow this discipline for 3 months or more. Don’t do it for a couple of weeks only.Discipline yourself and have that ‘YES I CAN DO IT’ attitude. You will see the beautiful results and benefits flowing easily.

Did you understand why I started the Blog with defining Sleeper Effect?

Because you have to understand the making of routine and rituals since the beginning- YES! We teach our kids their routines and rituals and they sleep in them until they wake up and make decisions for themselves. We must teach our kids how to make good decisions with good routines and rituals. Routines and rituals have a system and they aren’t transfers by blood. It is something that you learn and develop with discipline. Now I wonder why kids are exposed to the most worthy lessons of moral science. As a women entrepreneur, I have often asked our girls to develop their life in a fuller higher meaning- all spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally. As women in future, they will take my legacy of She’preneur ideas forward, turning their ideas into reality. I am sure we all can do it!

What routines and rituals underpin your dreams and passions? I am seeking your words in the comment box below. In case you agree with me, share my article to your social media accounts.

Hugs and love


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22 thoughts on “The Routines and Rituals that Underpin Your Dreams and Passions”

  1. Hey Di, Am agreed with the Wikipedia’s logical definition, and g]ad to know these rituals. I think the example of kid and parent is as the affiliate marketer and blog reader :p what you said because I think marketer are more persuasive then parents now days.

    1. Hello Theresa,

      Yes they can seem the same yet they are very different and once you do your activities in a very different way your life will change to how you design your routines and rituals.


    1. Hello Demetri,

      Thankyou for your encouragement and your time for your valuable comment.

      Parents often don’t realise how they affect their parents.

      I have had people say that they think social media has more impact on them than their parents.
      however they are not considering where their fundamental believes are coming from when they make a comment like this.

      Saying that, I do think Social Media is having a huge impact on the day to day overwhelm and confusion in people minds.

      Good routines and rituals will support our minds to stay true to ourselves more than we think



    1. Hello Joan,

      Yes, daily routines and rituals for me also keeps me focussed and happy with my progress.

      They take me away from always wanting to be perfect and focus on the progress than Im making.

      I love that.

      Thankyou for your awesome comment and contribution to our community here.


  2. This is an awesome post DI. I totally agree Routines are very important part of your success. They really play a pivotal role on your way to success. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. Di,
    I loved the Article and the way you phrased business and making it a priority. Your blog is great and really enjoy your writing as well. Your tips are very inspirational and practical.

    Thanks Lori English

    1. Hello Lori,

      Appreciate your encouragement and inspiration.

      My tips are practical because they come from what works for me rather than what I have heard from other people, which can often be the case online.

      Great comment Lori and I appreciate your time Lori


  4. Really Enjoyed this post !!~~ Great content !!~ let me see ♥♥ I agree with what we repeatedly tell our kids ( sleepers )
    Routine >>> discipline >>>> for mind emotions physical and spiritual !!~~ Bookmarking for future reference !!~
    much appreciated !!~

    1. Hello Sandra,

      Many people are still growing up themselves when they have kids, making it difficult for them to see the big picture of the impact they are making on their kids.

      Thankyou for your comment Sandra


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The Routines and Rituals that Underpin Your Dreams and Passions