Use Social Media the right way to share your Business Story

Social media is the global platform for sharing your views.

Strategic use of social media for business marketing is the key to success.

Today, the world belongs to digital marketing. Forget about the ads we used to see on TV, these days businessmen and women entrepreuners use social media for communication and marketing to tell their story. It is a known fact that social media provides a global platform to demonstrate your expertise in real time with little cost.

I can remember when we got our first TV. It was so exciting as a kid to have this new world fed to me through a square box while I sat in our brown 1960’s couch in the small country wheat growing town of Western Australia.

My brothers wanted to watch Cowboys and Indian shows, my dad wanted to watch the 7‘o’clock news and I loved the “I love Jeanie” shows. I’m assuming my mum didn’t really have a preference as she was busy cooking, cleaning and making sure everyone’s needs were met. In those days, middle of the afternoon TV shows was not available. We would turn on the TV at 4’o’clock with just the test pattern, (a series of circles on the screen). If I remember rightly the shows started around 5.30pm as everyone was returning from work.

TV could have been the magical gift to the world. We watched American TV shows, our news came from the city (I was a country kid). We had no advertising. It was the beginning of our country side culture changing.

Between TV and social media in 2017 and often crude marketing techniques we are faced with dissatisfaction and self doubt. There is a huge change from then to now.

I feel it’s high time we have our eyes open towards social media. It wastes so much of one’s time which can be utilised in many other productive ways. I have been helping people, especially women entrepreneurs, to learn how to use the social media in a fruitful, strategic, and lucrative way, so that they can turn their ideas into reality, without wasting their valuable time.

Millions of people log into social sites every minute because they get bored with every day living and then they log out after getting bored from these sites. This is a viscous comparing themselves cycle for every generation.

Many older people with experience, people with life learnt skills and knowledge are not sharing their passions, their gems of life learning due to feeling like they have been left behind. They feel they have not done “ENOUGH” in their life or they don’t have “ENOUGH”. They feel this because of the drastic change in the way people interact with each other today. Rather than meeting friends, people are falsely sharing their life and chatting on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. I have shared how you can take the true advantage of the Internet.

Social media and TV are amplifying a false reality of living life. I agree it is a good way to catch up with each other when we live across the oceans but anything more than 10 minutes per day on social sites can dilute that very reason and what we are doing is merely falling prey to this monstrous social web, watching how others are living, where they are going for vacations and feeling jealous how successful or happy they are. So then we start posting our “fake happy” pictures and show to the world that we too are successful and happy. But this is where we ignore the basics, why do we have to prove to the people who don’t even know us properly, is there really a need… the answer is BIG NO!! So we need to break this chain and move on with our own lives.


Here is a link to tools that I use to save time and be productive with Social Media and there are some rules that should be followed to have a successful Online Business, rather than wastage of time on social media.

  1. Make the Right Choice

We all have choices, and it’s time we exercised those choices. Surround yourself with real people who are using Social Media rather it using them. I feel that we need to reinvent on how we meet each other, it should be more of one-to-one communication and not many-to-many communication. It is not at all required to read all post or tweets you get and reply to them, and yes it is very important to reply any direct SMS you get from your near and dears.

  1. Beware of Social Media

Don’t become a victim of social media or the TV. There are cases wherein due to excessive quiet bullying. Many people have lost self esteem and have become timid, I strongly feel this should be stopped and time has come when we realise the dark side of social media web and try to come out of it. The “Blue Whale” game on the internet is another example of how the emotions of teenagers and youngsters around the world are used to exploit them.

  1. Stop before Posting on Social Media

STOP and THINK before you post anything on Social Media. These days there are hundreds or even thousands, I must say, of marketing companies, to get your personal data from these sites and use them for various marketing schemes which eventually irritate you by unending pokes. The worst part is that social sites itself promote it due to monetary gains but this itself defeats the purpose why we logged on to these sites. I’m not saying do not use social media. Understand you have given up your privacy when you use it. There is always a dark and light to everything, social media included.

  1. Make a Time Schedule

Only go onto Social Media once a day for ten minutes, use it to your advantage. So what was actually meant for entertainment and socializing is actually an addiction for many people. Time is all we have use it wisely. Follow people who are transforming and enlightening and educating rather than hyping up their life or their business opt in page.

  1. Beware of Fake News and Shows

Turn off the so called news on your TV set. Create a new habit of capturing the highlights of devastation rather than seeing the images of minute by minute. Create a new habit of watching your favourite sport. Again use your TV set to your advantage.

STOP watching reality TV shows. Your reality is your reality not the TV’s version of what reality is.

START to THINK about what is important to you and how YOU want to shape your life for YOU and YOUR family. Let’s face it we are affected by the world we live. It can be a challenge to sift and sort our own thoughts from those from what we read and hear and see. It is worth the sifting and the sorting to be authentic.

My message in this blog post is:

If you have a message for the world you can spread your message to the world through Social Media and TV and Radio.


And there is a BUT…..

We live in global times spread your message with people who appreciate you. Like it or not…. Every project, every message is spread through a transaction with another person. It is called doing business. Social media is a great tool for your business and if used effectively it can do wonders for you and your business. So it is very important to know the thin line which can make you or break you in social media and trust me if used skilfully it can take your business to the zenith. You definitely need a good MENTOR who can help you sail through the complex yet effective social circle.

Learn how to use Social Media, TV and Radio Media in an effective way that will suit your passions, your visions, your personality and your stage of life to become a successful women entrepreneur.

What are your experiences of Social Media , TV and Radio. How do you use them all to YOUR advantage. Tell me your thoughts in the comments section below.



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6 thoughts on “Use Social Media the right way to share your Business Story”

  1. “Social media and TV are amplifying a false reality of living life.” That’s a powerful sentence. I have to say that after traveling full time and knowing it’s so easy to connect with friends on social media created a fine line between using social media to connect with friends and having a false reality of living life. its a fine line.
    regina recently posted…[EXERCISE] How to Use Your “Why” to Fuel YouMy Profile

    1. Hi Regina,

      I think that sentence is true and yes it is a powerful sentence, and one that maybe is not thought abut very much. If it is there are some habits that need to be broken for people to be able to take back their authentic thinking.

      Always love having you here


  2. Oh my goodness Di. Guilt trip right there! But you are absolutely spot on! I’ve noticed social media take over our family in many ways. New husband just bought an Apple Watch – so that beeps with Facebook notifications as well as his phone! Noooooo! I’ve worked on the TV bit which I used to wallow in. Now I quickly absorb the news and move on to things which really are better for my mood & mental health. I recognise the social media business potential and will tap into this, but need to work on the responses to every personal notification bit. Thanks for this. Great thought provoking blog 😉

    1. Hello Ruth,

      so much time can be spent on simply scrolling and comparing .

      Most people are not aware of HOW to use social media

      Yes take advantage of social Media rather than it taking advantage of you

      Thankyou for coming over Ruth

      Appreciate your contribution and thoughts


  3. Yes, couldn’t agree more. If I see one more meal or coffee on FB I will go crazy. Time is so precious – why waste it unless what you are offeriing through your post can enlighten, educate, inspire someone? Loved this post Di. Thanks.

    1. Hello Diane,

      You are spot on and so many people agree with you and there are so many more distinctions on the use of Social Media that its almost bizarre.

      Always love your contribution Diane


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