The Difference between Passion and Purpose

You may start a journey in your life because you have a purpose to do that !It is passion that will drive you to take your steps forward.

Passion will be the fire that will light your heart and burn your mind with desires.

It will make you UNSTOPPABLE.

~ Di Downie

Purpose and Passion are NOT the same. Simply put……. As human beings, we might have many passions in our life but as far as our purposes are concerned, there is one. Just one! We have ONE purpose in life and it is not always inevitable to live it. So if you are somebody who has many ideas rattling around in your head, if you are always looking for the next opportunity, if you find yourself in the same situations time and time again, then I can guarantee something about you. You are that somebody who is definitely following the passions in life, but somewhere down the line, you are not seeing or feeling or hearing your own PURPOSE.

My Success Story

Have you gone across my super series of Shows? (Here is a secret for you- I am sure you are going to love it so go and check the shows out. I have put the link for you are the end of this blog post). In my thrilling 38 years of women entrepreneurship, I have turned 8 ideas into 8 successful businesses and I am honestly over the moon about it. It feels really great to see your dreams turning true and more than that, when it happens multiple times, it makes you stronger… much more stronger than before.

You can see and hear how I have done that.

You can easily model my 3 proven steps.

Let me give you an outline of what I have done over the period of 38 years in my professional life.

I will continue with the discussion from where I started this blog today- from understanding the differential crux between PURPOSE and PASSION. There is a very fine line between continuing to chasing the shiny balls of life and to settle into peace with who you are so you can give all your values to others through working and living a life with purpose. The difference between passion and purpose can define it for you.

Understanding Passion:

Passion is the journey of discovering and claiming something ( many things ) you love… something which might have immense effect in your life. Passion is like the tiny drop of raindrop which can turn the oyster of your life to a perfect sparkling pearl. While turning all your ideas into reality, you are only going to do with the glimpse of your passion.

Passion…… Purpose:

  • Human beings have multiple passions in life.
  • Our passions are driven by what we need to gain for ourselves,
  • Our passions are driven from what we need to learn for ourselves.
  • Passions are self- indulgent.
  • We all need passions to gain distinctions as to what our purpose is.
  • Our passions are what we do for enjoyment.

Contrary to your passion, purpose has a different approach. PURPOSE, when we are clear on it and have embodied it takes away choice and gives us a cause bigger than ourselves. Our PURPOSE is what we would do for free every waking minute of our days. Our PURPOSE is how we go about our life. When we are living from our PURPOSE we can see, feel and touch what is important to us. Our PURPOSE, when we live from it, if you ever take the time to discover it, gives us what we need rather than what we want. We are focussed and truly authentic when we live from our PURPOSE. Decisions are clear, doable and easy when they are driven by our PURPOSE

Purpose is why we feel fulfilled.

Purpose is why we have that clarity of mind.


How to step into your Purpose:

  • While doing your passions, you will discover your purpose.
  • Your experiments and experience with passions will give birth to the purpose of life.
  • I encourage you to learn, to experiment to find for your passions.
  • Knowing why we do what we do is the first step to discovering the purpose of life.

The correlation between the two – Passion and Purpose:

There is a very interesting thing about our passions and purpose collectively. It is simple- we must have and DO our passions for our PURPOSE to give us a win-win for everyone we touch directly and indirectly. You will find many people will call your purpose “your calling” and tell you to just do it. It isn’t going to be that simple.

I encourage YOU to experiment with 4 Passions diligently, you will find your PURPOSE. You will know that they are your passions because they will “stick” to you.

Remember… Passions are for YOU .. not for your daughter, your son, your friend, your husband, your mother.





My 3 Proven Steps




These three proven steps that come from my PROVEN Methodology empowers people to go from Frustration that they often only feel under the covers at night or through envious comments to their family during the day. Most people, especially women, hide their frustrations in their busyness, in their need to be wanted and loved by their family. Little do they know when they find their Passions that lead them to their PURPOSE their family will automatically accept them for who they truly are!


  • Stay on track go through my Webinar Shows. Take what you need to sift, sort and separate your web of ideas and thoughts.



  • You have that gift inside of you that can be profitable, that gift can save lives, that gift, that only you have, can potentially change lives.


  • Know your worth, your capabilities are the endless potential that you have.


  • Seek inspiration. Remember, what you are seeking is seeking you. You will definitely find your purpose and passion alike.


Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion. People with great passion and greater purpose can make everything possible. Make your passion greater than your fear and excuses, and you will find your way.


Do let me know your views about this blog and tell me how exactly your passions and purpose has changed your life.

Hugs and love

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