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Why video engages and 6 Steps to Create Your Own Engaging Videos

Mind is a power weapon- a perfect home for the widest clusters of creative visualization.

So I have a suggestion for you today…!

The more light you will allow within you, the brighter the outer world will be for you. Do it with the power of visualization and be a winner.

I am sure you might be amazed as to why I have started this blog with the idea of visualization and to take it further, allow me to go back in the dreamy lane of my childhood. I still remember how beautiful the days were when I was a kid and we used to get invites from friends to go to their house and watch their holiday “movies”. A crazy fun time it was! In those days, the movies were photographs put through a slide projector and we would love watching little Jimmy jumping off the water slide 10 tens or the commentary would be “and here we are in front of the London Bridge, and on the other side of London Bridge”. One hour into the slide show we kids were wriggling around trying to be polite and not doing a very good job of being a respectful audience. Why I am recalling my childhood is to stress on the power of visual memories… memories which we take with ourselves throughout our life.

Visualization is just not daydreaming with a purpose. It is something that remains a significant part of our memories forever.

Do you remember the blog post in which we discussed the concentration span of GNATS? I am sure you do! Well, we all know how we have the concentration span of GNATS and just with one click, it is all gone. WHOOOSHH!!! We also know that the world that we live in has reshaped respect and politeness. They have been somewhat watered down due to many factors affecting parenting. I have a special name for these factors. I call it the C.I.I.S. Syndrome.

C.I.I.S Syndrome:

The C.I.I.S abbreviation stands for Culture, Industrial Age, Information Age and Speed.

  • Culture (as in the coming together of cultures and the change corresponding to it)

  • The transition that had happened from the Industrial age to the Information age.

  • The Speed in which the information is been generated and disseminated! It holds a huge bearing on how people are able to focus, absorb and do anything with the information they see, hear or feel.

Why Video Engagement is important?

I have a simple answer to this C.I.I.S Syndrome and I am quite sure that you will agree to what I am about the say. There is a very peculiar thing about human beings. Even when we know and when we see change as the fundamental phenomena of our respective lives, we are still skeptical to see change happening in our life. Most of our desires are comfortable- they are driven by the people who surround us. We desire to share our experiences and knowledge with our friends, family and followers and this is the way are inherently are! Strange but true!

Entertainment and education keeps us engaged

No matter how busy the lifestyle might be, everyone wants to be educated and entertained. The basic human needs are the same as they were several of decades ago and I am sure it will continue to be like this in the coming future. However, the filters in our minds have changed due to C.I.I.S. And just like the filters, the skills to fulfill our needs have changed. We still want to share our experiences and knowledge and we can do it with the help of our new skills. It sounds simple, All we need is to update our skills and thinking to create ideas into a new reality for ourselves and we do that by engaging and gaining respect.

The Visual Medium:

Moving pictures have entertained and educated people for the past 100 years and evolved our human race like never before. It has created the unique blend of edutainment i.e. education + entertainment for all of us. Due to C.I.I.S, if you want to engage people on the internet to educate and or to entertain them, we must update our videography skills and know how we ourselves absorb information and be aware that we cover all bases for our viewers.

Quick Steps to be a fantastic Videographer

In case you are struggling with the world of the web and still looking for some sunshine then here you go with 3 Proven steps to be a good videographer to engage people.

  1. Know your platform: You need to know the battlefield before you could win it. Learn and absorb all the skills that you need to engage people over the web and be open to appreciate the newness of this new culture we live in.
  2. Be consistent with the learning process: Set a particular time to develop the essential skills that you need for making movies. You can check the movie maker software that comes inbuilt with all the computers. Same like the computers, you can also check the smartphones which have movie making software. You can learn the finest way of making movies through YouTube- the massive instructor that can almost teach you anything that you want.
  3. Make photography your passion: Gain the fundamental knowledge of photography as it will also reflect in your videography skills. The guidelines for lighting and composition are the same.
  4. Have a set purpose for your video: You videos should either educate or entertain the audience as people love to live vicariously through other people.
  5. Make it interactive and engaging: There are a few elements in videography that can make the video engaging and more interactive to the viewer. The elements are music, voices, voice-overs, transitions, the movement from video to video. While designing the video, do remember the we have the concentration of GNATS.
  6. Be a story teller: People inherently connect with stories that are related to their lives. Be an amazing story teller while designing your video as it can be the ultimate hooking point of your video.

One of my videos: Swimming Manta Rays:

As a woman entrepreneur who has always lived her dreams, taken every possible step to set her passions in action and dare to turn her ideas into reality, I have embraced and welcome change in the most overwhelming way. Take it for me today- change is probably the best thing that will ever happen to your life. Be ready to embrace it. Be acceptable and responsive. And believe me, you will love the process.

I can be your little guide in helping you with the process of videography (though I am still an enthusiastic learner but I am sure I can share what I know). Feel free to drop your comments about video engagement and let me know if you have useful tips as well.

Loves and hugs


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7 thoughts on “Why video engages and 6 Steps to Create Your Own Engaging Videos”

  1. fantastic piece Di as always. You are so informative and clever with how you put things so that they appear simple and that is the sign of a great educator. Thanks for an educational blog.

    1. Hello Diane,

      Thankyou for your insight.

      You know I make what I know simple .

      Videos are powerful, personal and easy to do once you know what you want to say to your
      audience, then can put that message into a simple piece of software to tell your story.

      Thankyou for your time Diane


  2. I do love video! I like all your tips, but I especially like #4. Lack of having a purpose is a downfall for most people who are doing video for the first time. I know I did it until I figured it out. I think some videos can be just a bit of fun, but for the most part to keep an audience coming back for more there really does have to be purpose… yes.. edutainment 🙂 defo!

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Why video engages and 6 Steps to Create Your Own Engaging Videos - Di Downie - The Ideas Diva.Shaping your ideas into reality