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3 Steps to Do What You Love To Do

if you want to achieve something great in life, then have the passion to do something great.

Because when the passion and purpose is greater than the excuses and fears, life finds a way that was never seen before.

Most of the people who follow me are finding their passions in life! They are in the process of finding and developing their passions and are constantly making an attempt to live a life which is self – designed.I feel extremely sad with the fact that majority of the people on the planet  are living their life in default, simply fillingin time being busy. They are completely missing the purpose of their life. Their ideas are not driven by the power of passion.

The Philosophy of ‘Be- Do-Have’

The concept of ‘Be-Do-Have’ was first introduced by L. Ron Hubbard in his book ‘Condition of Existence’. The idea with this concept was to highlight the attitude shift that occurs with all of us in order to enjoy the kind of life we want to live. For instance, you might have heard people saying that “I will get this job, I will be happy” or “I will lose weight, I will be perfect”. This is the kind of conditional happiness that we many associate  themselves with. But contrary to this philosophy, this “thinking” takes us to the opposite direction and the circle of happiness doesn’t happen in this way.

I know the secret to your success… to your happiness!

First and foremost, try to learn to make peace with yourself. Come in peace with your aspirations and be peaceful about who and what you are.

I used a great photo of Rob and I as the feature image for this post. We have made much effort and  have had many self- realizations to make a marriage of acceptance of ourselves and of each other.  We must start with ourselves to be able to make a marriage with anything or anyone.

So while you are applying the ‘Be-Do-Have’ mindset in your life, learn to appreciate the fact that the do’s in your life will only support who and what you are and how these actions will affect the people you have in your life. This is when your personal and professional development will come into play.

Be-Do-Have is a saying that gives people permission to gather up all the answers through workshops, books, from gurus, etc. so they can BE. It is comfortable to have the answers and BE in our body and to BE Okay BEING okay! I love to BE.

I really really love to BE!

AND… While I am enjoying relishing in my realizations, rolling around in my judgments, frolicking with my own inspirations, I’m BEING busy in my mind.

Decoding the Secret:

Have you read ‘The Secret’? I loved the book The Secret as it was another landmark in many people’s evolution giving permission for the state of BEING. I love it that we are more thankful for who we are and where we have come from the past 40 years of personal development influenced by the eastern world.

The flaw with this permission to BE:

There is a major flaw with this permission to BE- this ongoing political correctness to be ‘nice’, the pressure to meditate, refine our yoga skills. If you know me, you know my routine of BEING. You might also know about how particular I am about my routines and rituals. I think as a women entrepreneur, who is driven by the desire to turn her ideas into reality, I have done fairly well with my routines and rituals. I have created 8 businesses, two children, a long term marriage of 40 years (which we will be celebrated this week) and a life of full of passion; I have done MORE than BE…

By the way, we celebrated our 40 years of marriage by swimming with Mantra Rays at Lembongan, Indonesia.  Snorkling is one of our hobbies.  See the video I made of our day when we went snorkeling with the Manta Rays:.


What should I do for my BEING?

Gear-up for some action- get ready to do FIRST! In order to achieve your passion in life, you must do first. Do what you think you ‘should’ do in your life! Do good work that satisfies your inner self. Do things that inspire you to be more. Do things that really matters to you. Don’t fall in the trap of running a rat race like everyone else and rather, stop for a second and think about yourself. Question yourself about all the things that make you more and do it. JUST DO IT NOW!

Give yourself a break and STOP thinking about anything which is less important to your mind. I suggest you to give clarity to your mind as it will help you to de-clutter mental fog with ease. Start deep breathing routine and engage in your life from a perspective of ‘making a choice of what do I think I to love to do and START’.

It is not simple choosing what we ‘think’ . Actually most people have not thought about the thoughts that they have. It can be difficult to discover what it is that we love to do when we have been in a family and/or education system of “do this, do that, follow this, follow that, this is right, this is wrong” culture. But no matter how challenging it could be, I personally urge you to choose something that you think you might love to do and experiment with self-commitment for no less than 6 months. We must focus on one passion to allow the others to grow and flourish to empower ourselves to grow and flourish. Why only focus on one? To focus on one thing at a time, enables creativity growth for the passion to bloom.

3 Steps to choose your Gateway to flourish to do what you love to do:

  1. Define your ideas with clear images for your mind: I have often repeated it several times that clarity of mind is the best gift that you can give to yourself. Have clarity in thoughts so that it is well reflected in your actions.
  2. Develop your clarity, style and dignity like never before:While you start working on your clarity, make sure to work on your style and dignity, it is something that you will carry along with yourself throughout your life.
  3. Learn to direct yourself. Be less dependent and more independent to sustain your lifetime passions to profit from them:I firmly believe that independence is the strongest trait of a powerful woman. Independence liberates a woman like nothing else.

Make sure to follow these 3 steps in your life and redefine your life like never before. But before doing anything else, drop us a comment about what you are doing do develop your passions. Tell us how you are working on your routines and firstly, don’t forget to tell us that what you love to do.

Hugs and love







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