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A Tool helpful in making values based decisions

Educated people with an educated view of their natural learning styles often lead you to a desirable place- no matter whether it is about organization or individuals.

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Being educated on our natural learning

Being educated on our natural learning styles is a gift.  Using that gift is a skill!

The advent of new management approaches for improving organizational performance has somewhere down the line, affected the essence of ‘natural’ learning style. Some have succeeded, and many have failed without knowing the actual essence of learning. So let me introduce the concept of ‘value based decision making’ and ‘VAK learning style’ through this amazing blog post this week.

All that you need to know about Value based decision making for your own learning!

Value based decision making is simple, as it is more or less a principle that anyone can apply in their personal or professional environment. Let’s understand the process through these simple steps!

  1. It starts with the identification of values. Remember, I am talking about the values that are most important for you.
  1. Now understand the belief that guards or supports your values. Your belief system!
  1. After understanding the values, now analyze the behavior that is affectedby these values.


Our values are seen through our natural way of conversing and what we do.


What will happen after I will do these three steps?

Once you comprehend the mechanism behind your thoughts, values, and their behavioral significance, you will start analyzing their connotation in your decision making. Interestingly, when people start focusing on values this way, then it is evident that their ‘values become the origin of their needs’. Don’t we know that it is our needsthat ultimately give rise to motivation? Yes, yes, they do!


So once people are motivated:

  1. They begin operating organizations or personal lives with clearer values.
  2. The process breeds authenticity.
  3. It makes the vision clear.
  4. They become more centric to their values than beliefs.
  5. It guides their instinct and gut feeling.

Going back to the roots of nature- Understanding the Potential of VAK Learning style!

So whatever you have read till now was available to you in a written format. What if the information was also presented visually or aurally, perhaps through an Infographic or vlog?  Well, all I am trying to focus here is on VAK i.e. Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic learning style that involves the essence of three types of natural learning.

Things you need to know about VAK?

The VAK learning style is said to be the most common way through which people learn naturally i.e. through visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning.

  1. Visual:

It is for a visually dominant learner– somebody who retains and absorbs information better when it is presented to them through visually-rich content like pictures, diagrams, etc.

  1. Auditory:

A person who dominates auditory learning prefers listening than presentations (though it doesn’t mean that an individual who is visually/auditory sound cannot be the other way around). They respond best to voices.

  1. Kinesthetic:

Learners who prefer physical experiences like ‘hands-on’ approach or feel of touch are kinesthetic in their learning patterns.


 As a motivational keynote speaker, I have listed these 4 different angles through which VAK learning works-

  1. How you naturally absorb information
  2. How you output that information
  3. How we listen, hear and see ourselves.
  4. How we see or hear other people

VAK learning style is not just excellent because it tells us how we learn something naturally, but also because it facilitates the basic of the communication model.

So let’s understand VAK in detail (with respect to each other off course)




Transfers information that is ‘seen’ or ‘observed’. It involves information transferred through ‘listening’. The learning happens through physical experiences (touch, feel, holding, practical experiences, etc.)
Strengths of a visual learner:

  • Progressive in following directions.
  • Quick visualization ability.
  • Excellent sense of balance.
  • Fabulous organizer.
  • Has inherent love for ‘order’ and ‘alignment’.
Strengths of an auditory learner:

  • Great observers and story tellers.
  • Can easily analyze the change in tone.
  • Amazing writing response.
  • Ability to take dictations at super amazing speed.
  • Ability to work in group and solve difficult problems
Strengths of a kinesthetic learner:

  • Flawless coordination between hand and eye.
  • They are excellent innovators and experimenters.
  • Creative souls having excellent skills for sports, arts, and drama.
  • Super energetic.
They can improve their learning abilities by:

  • Taking visual notes like overhead slides, whiteboards, PPT presentations, and so on.
  • Reading diagrams and visual literature.
  • Spending time alone.
They can improve their learning abilities by:

  • Nurturing vocal participations.
  • Making audio recordings of lectures or events they wish to memorize.
  • Group study with partners.
  • Being a frequent music listener.

They can improve their learning abilities by:

  • Being more experimental in nature.
  • Acting out a play
  • Momentary studies i.e. moving and learning.
  • Creating doodles during lectures
  • Performing athletic activity while studying.

Different people have different learning styles and sometimes, people prefer learning through multiple learning styles. So if you are a visual learner, then you can also be an audio or kinesthetic learner. However, we all have preferences. We prefer some learning styles over the other, and thus, identification for improvement becomes an important exercise. This is how you can make your learning effective!

Quick Tips to Know and Improve the Learning Preferences:

You can easily identify your learning behavior with the help of these quick tips and scenarios.

  • Analyze your behavior when you complain about something. Do you want to see someone, talk to them over the phone or you just prefer beating the pillow? Know your behavior in different moods- angry, love, sad, disgruntle, etc.
  • Know your style of presentation. What is your perfect idea to reach out a person? Do you wish to meet them or call them?
  • Improve learning with formal training.
  • Be consistent with your learning exercises.
  • Engage yourself creatively with your style of learning (once you identify it).



A variation (or modification) of basic VAK model is known as VARK i.e. visual, auditory, reading/writing and kinesthetic style of learning.



Natural creativity comes from doing what we do naturally


Tell me what is your natural learning style? Go and use the Simple 3 minute discovery tool and tell me what your natural learning style is? Post your comments below.


Have the best day ever!!!!!!!!


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21 thoughts on “A Tool helpful in making values based decisions”

  1. this is an awesome post. our values are at the core of everything and its a great thing how you share on how it helps and affects our decisions. Also loved your video about the VAK. Thanks for sharing. this is great value.

    1. Hi ANDY

      Yes when we combine our values and how we naturally communicate, we make magic in any type of relationship wether it be personal or business or work

      Thank you Andy


    1. Hi Julie,

      Did you do the VAK test…. by doing that you will see what you are strong in and what you maybe want to put effort in.

      WE all have a portion of each in us.

      Love to hear how you scored Julie



    1. Hi Sandra,
      VAK is so simple and quick to use and life time knowledge to shape in a way that you wish to shape your communication and listening .

      Thankyou for your time Sandra

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