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What is Digital Transformation and how to take advantage of it?

You can always go faster than you think.
It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one most adaptable to change. – Charles Darwin
The only wrong move when it comes to digital transformation is not to make any move at all.

It was a cold winter windy night in Perth.
I pulled into our driveway.
My tears had melted my mascara and dripped down the front of my linen white shirt.

My frustration had morphed into sadness….
I had everything, a success business, two gorgeous independent girls, a husband I still adored after 35 years; I lived in the best suburb on the planet.
Why do I feel so empty?
Why do I feel alone?
Why do I feel so frustrated?
I hate the person I am becoming?

The questions swirled around my mind.
I feel trapped!
I feel hopeless!
I have no clue what I love to do any longer!
I don’t know what Im even good at!
Why am I doing what I am doing

The negative comments repeated themselves over and over again while I attempted to throw some food together for dinner.
I was searching for a meaningful way to live my life. I cracked open my heart that cold winters nights in Perth.  I was literally crying in my soup!

There are only so many walks in the park, restaurant dinners, swims at the beach that you can do before life gets boring and unfulfilled.  And…. I ran a busy company with staff, large corporations as clients that we had built over 20 years.  It was not as if I had nothing to do.I had been mentoring women and couples in business. I had run 8 businesses.  Why did I feel so incomplete?

I was unfulfilled.
I was unhappy.
I was frustrated.
I was not loving towards myself or my life.
I was not loving my family or my husband.

So rather than walking out on my marriage, or having an affair, or simply getting resentful or blaming other people for how I felt…  That cold winter windy night in Perth I cried and what came the next day, or so,  was a level of responsibility that has grown to shape my life like I could never have imagined it could be shaped.

I have spent the past four years studying the internet, how people use it, why they use it and how it is impacting lives. I have built a online business that has shifted my perspective beyond global.  It has given me more than global observation it has given me self observation that is seen in the form of workshops, international travel and speaking a best selling book and the best of all; a global family.


What is the digital world really doing to what was our world?
It’s giving us choices, yet most people don’t know how to make decisions.
It’s giving us more information than ever before. Yet most people have never taken the time to get know anything about themselves.

The digital age is giving us more opportunity to be observers of life. Yet many people do not place importance to observe themselves. Yet they spend time comparing themselves to others.

The depth to how we now look at ourselves has changed since the 1970’s.
Our expectations on living life is far deeper and larger than ever before.

The way the digital age is transforming us is beyond the norm of thinking and doing. Its way beyond the 9 to 5 rat race of selling our time for money.

We are being transformed by the digital age.



Now what I have just written the invisible aspect of digital transformation from my observations, which may of been too weird for some readers.

What are your answers to these questions?
How do you live a life that is fulfilled?
Do you even want a life that is fulfilled with a sense of being of value, solving problems for the planet, for people?

Can you transfer what you are doing to the digital world with not only the digital tools available but are you able to transfer what you do and what you know while transforming the lives of people globally?

Having a website, posting on facebook, in Pinterst, on Linked In, Snap Chatting, speaking on videos, has given everybody the opportunity to transform lives globally.

This is Digital Transformation.

Digital Transformation is connection with ourselves and others.
It’s the ability to take what we observe further than just observing.

There are so many people now using varying digital tools to debit our credit cards.

To truly transform lives with what we know especially for small business, the back bone of the global economy, we must be able to connect emotionally with a clear strategy, embedded visions and ongoing education.

I have talked about the invisible aspects of Digital Transformation, if you are intellectual and need grass roots tangible tips you may gain something from the next piece of this blog.

The 3 keys to digital transformation are:

Strategy + Connection +Education

1.) Strategy and Vision
It is essential that we know our own personal vision and your enterprise vision. However, as we are caught and entangled in our daily routines while paying the mortgage, we end up taking care of others’ values, and keep our own values and culture at the backbench.Shaping our strategy and vision according to our VALUES plays a pivotal role in the success of our business in the highly volatile digital transforming world. You as the business owner must have two visions as each one of us has two visions and we need to share them both with pride. The visions I am talking about are:-

  • Carrying out your personal values through your enterprise while developing and delivering your product and service.
  • Working in and on your system along side your strategies to deliver your message to your customers.

By having clear, precise visions by throwing more light within you, the outer world will become more illuminated for you and you will be lead to your intentions.

2.) Connection to your customers
As we are all aware that today social media offers a global platform where we can share our views, connect and interact with your customers. Having a connection with your target audience is very crucial. One can use social media to spread the message to the world. Read more about how to “Use the social media the right way to share your business story”. There are a few questions I want to ask you:-

  • What Images and videos do you use to translate your message?
  • How often do you connect with your customers with your valuable information for them to improve their lives with your product and service?
  • Who do you work alongside of for your ideas to be fleshed out fully for a clear and precise message?

It is important that we use effective strategies to communicate through videos and pictures with your audience to engage them and influence them.

3.) Education
With over 35 years of experience as a mentor for women in business, I have helped many people to turn their ideas into reality.  It is a must to know how to use what digital tools are available that are relevant to your message. Education is the key!

Not all digital tools are relevant for everyone. For example,chat bots are great for basic communication for a widget product but do not emotionally connect with your customer. To have an emotional connection with your target audience, it is a good idea to share about your personal life, how your life experiences helped you in gaining success, your success and failure stories. Believe me, they will inspire others. Don’t let your history be a mystery to others. Rather, share it with others. As I have said in one of my blogs:-

“Believe in your dreams, live up to your ideas, fail often, forget quickly, learn fast, and grow faster because… Your dreams DO NOT have an expiry date. Take a deep breath, and RELAX!”

I know that some of us find it challenging to explore and embrace this World of Internet,  educating our selves of the language of the digital dictionary is imperative and will keep you in good standing with the growth of the digital age..Learning the internet is complex, only until you explore it. So, shed down your fear and go ahead to get connected globally.Don’t just live under a mushroom!

So, in this ever changing world of digital transformation, we all have struggled and learnt the complexities of the internet, and sailed through to become Internet Ninja ….Tech Savvy….Share your story with me and your experiences.

Looking forward to hearing your views!


Hugs and love


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What is Digital Transformation and how to take advantage of it? | Di Downie – The Ideas Diva.Shaping your ideas into reality