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Define your ideas into a thriving business-Step 2

Do you know how it feels to be an entrepreneur?

A She’preneur!

Well, it isn’t about starting a business.

 It isn’t about what results you are getting initially.

Entrepreneurship is the way you look at the world as it all lies in the power of your ideas. Your ability to see opportunity, your ability to move around obstacles, and your strength to take the risk is supreme. It is what makes you an entrepreneur!



Last week, we started our discussion about ‘defining ideas into a thriving business’ and this week, I would like to take it further with introducing the second step in understanding the concept. I am sure you remember how we were discussing the unfulfillment that resides in many women and identifies the frustration that is there deep down within many women right now.  I call it the MORE epidemic. As a women entrepreneur – she’prenuer I wish for each and every woman and man to live a self-fulling, passionate on purpose journey through life.  However, challenges, expectations, judgements, education, believes, patterns simple get in the way.


I ask you to acknowledge the burning desire that you have as a women entrepreneur. Strive and persist yourself to be involved in the bigger picture of your dreams because this is what you need to change the planet in some or  other way. This is all that you need my dear friend!

“Shift off the river of Denial into the truth of your situation”

I hope my values tool would have really helped you last week in clearly identifying what matters to you. These tools will help you in expressing your values, that too without rocking your boat of life. It is very important for an entrepreneur to understand the worth of firmness in life.


“You cannot sail your boat smoothly in a dwindling sea of thoughts. Your thoughts must be as sharp as the image that is taken with aprofessional SLR camera to give the ultimate support to your values. Start to set a crystal clear image of your idea for your mind, only then, will be able to fetch the clarity in your daily actions”.


So without a further ado, let’s go on to define your idea and develop them in this blog piece.

  • Visualization:

“I often create a vision of what I want to achieve in my life. For if I can visualize it then I can surely achieve it. I believe it is TRUE”

You need to have clear images in your mind to define your ideas… especially, for your mind to set aside time every day to gain those crystal clear ideas is how we see, feel and hear our ideas to give us direction.

You need to acknowledge the power of obtaininga strong visual sense.

Take time in describing the colours, people, location, smell and feelings that surround you.

Be responsive to the change that is happening amidst you. Learn to accept and live to embrace. And trust me- nothing is going to happen overnight for it is going to take time and you have to give it the time it needs.


Routines :

If not overnight, then how will it happen?

Well, it will happen when we make crystal clear pictures and include those pictures while we arerunning the ‘routines’ of your life.

Start recognizing your desires and your wants so that your mind starts orienting you to the bigger picture of your dreams. I want all of you to stay focused to your image.

To surround yourself with people and environments that encourages and assists you to implant the picture in your mind. Your people will always motivate you to achieve greatness in life…they are the ones who will work as a driving force to your victorious journey.

“Bid farewell to all the odds, naysayers, myths and old believes in your life and rather, ask yourself some hard hitting questions.


Do I believe in what I think?

Am I working on my values?

Are my routines and rituals supporting my big dreams?

Being Watchful…Vigilant…Wide-AWAKE and off course, ALERT!

  • Consistency :

You have to learn the art of being vigilant and it is not something that you are only going to do for yourself, but rather, it is an effort for everyone who is somewhere down the line related to you.

Become super vigilant with yourself

as to how you speak,

how you relate to others

and how you speak to yourself.


As a women she’entrepreneur, we have to understand the importance of communication, both in the form of interpersonal communication (the one you do with others) and intrapersonal communication (that you do with yourself in your alone time).

Communication originates from the word ‘communous’ which reflects the idea of initiating ‘commoness’ with your thoughts and ideas. So you may not be thinking your thoughts but if you understand communication with self, you will know how necessary it is to comprehend and appreciate your own ideas and thoughts.


Your thoughts may come from anywhere- they may be coming from

a school teacher,

a parent,

a sibling,

a spouse, a friend,

and so on.

Take charge of your thoughts to build your own.


During the entire process, we may need to unlearn how to be ourselves.

Start to be aware of what is going on,

on the inside of your body,

talk to your body,

talk to your cells,

your muscles.

Ask yourself questions and wait for the answers, don’t be in such a rush.

Entrepreneurs are highly intuitive.

They also know patience.

Do you believe what you think?


  • Aim for Optimal Health

Your body is the only place where you have to live  and it wouldn’t be wrong to call health ‘your greatest’ wealth. Drink a lot of water and eat highly alkaline foods. Probiotics also need prebiotics to give further gut health and it is becoming more and more evident that all disease comes from unhealthy gut lining.

Keep your gut alkaline to keep inflammation down. I suggest you to do your own research and in fact, you can also check my blog on water kefir to have an awesome probiotic drink. Healthy lifestyle is a combination of healthy eating and exercise so make sure to move every day twice a day if you can.


  • Do what really matters to you!

You are a human being , not a human doing.

Do what matters and what does that mean?  It does not mean having s spotless house, the perfect garden , the dinner on the table at 6.30pm, the kids ironing done for school, being on time to pick up grandchildren.  Don’t get me wrong here.  All of these things DO matter!


Doing what matters takes time to discover what we love for our personal selfish fulfillment. Yes selfish at times…..

Step up to clearly identify your values and needs and use my simple proven process to give the required amount of clarity and strength to say what it is that is true to YOU.

Follow these 6 stable processes to define your idea! Your idea then needs to be developed into a concept so it can reside in a ever changing system. Read this blog as to what a ever changing system really is.

Take it and follow it- after all, this concept is your great legacy!

There are more than clues in this blog post for you to define your ideas into a valuable concept to change lives.

Tell me what your burning desire is.  You can email me personally at with a one liner of 60 words or less:  I’d love to do is:

By the way tell me what you gained from this blog post.


By the way if you have something to add to this blog post tell me!  Share your gains for others to gain

Hugs and love


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  1. Very well said. We need to define our ideas in order to achieve our goals. Entrepreneurship is a tool that everyone can imply in his or her life. Your guideline process is very helpful in determining one’s purpose of life. I wish you all the best in your life.

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