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The Core Foundation of a Good Brand

Products are made in the factories and they are sold in the marketRight?.

Do you know where brands are made? Well, it is all in the MIND!

Brands are created in the minds of the sellers for the buyers… Brands are not just a logo, website, color or a piece of literature.

Brands are rather experiences that you transfer to your customers. It is how you CONNECT with them!

I’m sure you have read inspirational stories of successful Brands.  Have you, like those successful brand makers struggled, manipulated your message, carved out your logo, developed your experiences, delivered products and learnt from less than a tweak of a colour or a word?

Today through this blog post, we are talking about branding and we all know that branding for successful entrepreneurs (be it a female or a male) is MORE than important. Why do we focus on brands? Since we often talk about our WHY’s here, let’s discover a different angle about what makes a good brand here today.

Understanding the idea of ‘Branding’:

Branding oozes authenticity that is felt by the people who receive it through products or services. It means your brand flows through your product and services and it is simply felt by the people who receive it. Branding is not just a color… it is more than that! Branding is not just a logo… it is more than just a graphical representation. A color or logo might ooze out the essence of all the things that you are doing in your company but they all together do not make up your brand (they are a component for sure.)The idea of a brand is to express itself in the wider market, where there are thousands of other brands in competition with your idea.

Component 1- Values and Need

How does a brandexpress itself?Every brand has a story to tell and every story reflects ideas. I will give the major credit to our values and routines that crafts the foundational ideas behind branding. Values are not only reflected through the way we present ourselves, but it is also articulated in the language we use for marketing, day to day conversations, open communication with the customers and so on. There are in fact a lot of components that make a good brand and there is a lot of integration taking place every time a brand is taking another step of development. I personally recommend you to take some time and research some brands and look for their values. Research the problems that your brand solves and more importantly why you want to solve that problem and why you need to solve that problem.  This pathway will define your brand and be the foundation for the delivery of your brand.

Component 2: System

The foundation of a good system actually comes from your values. Check whether you have got authentic values and policies for your business six monthly. Check whether your focus and intentions are clear. The development of a system is crucial and you can check your procedures as you deliver your product/services. The clarity of what you are doing and how you are doing it is very important here because the perception of a brand is all about how it is received by the customers.

Component 3: Color:

If not everything, the physical attributes like color or logo of a brand are important because it is what a person visually accepts before accepting your brand. In our society, we pay a lot of attention to visual learning. The entire concept of ‘action for attention’ is driven by the idea of visual stimulation. It is the reason why it is necessary to understand the roles of primary colors along with personal coloring for a strong consistent brand. I suggest to you to figure out all the tones of color that work for you. For instance, your skin color, your hair color, then consider key primary colors that talk to the audience on a subliminallevel!

Even when I am listing these three components, I know that the BIG brand story is not just an amalgamation of these three things… there is more to it! It is as wide as an ocean… as deep as a secret!If you are a women entrepreneur who is stepping through her dreams like me… who is in process of turning her business ideas into reality, then I am sure you will understand the sheer importance of developing YOUR brand. Large or small, it barely matters! What matters here is the promise that you have made to your customers. Your brand shall ever remain in a receiving state as it is what is received byYOUR customers. So if you are someone who is constantly working on brand strategy( and I recommend this) then here is my working suggestions for you.

• Have clarity about your values and needs, focusses and intentions.
• Frame your brand objectives around a system.
• Educate yourself regarding YOUR personal colours and how Primary colours talk to an audience.
• Analyze what people ‘need’ from your brand.
• Keep your routines and values aligned with your brand objectives.
• Be consistent in achieving your intentions.
• Research more and update yourself with successful brand stories through reading, audio books, conferences.podcasts, good private facebooks groups.
Find ways and give opportunities to your customers to feel your brand because this is how they will connect with your story. But above everything, focus on your WHY and your values to frame a brand that is a mere reflection of your ideas.

To discover your PERSONAL Values and your PERSONAL Language Give yourself time to discover them with my Specialized Defining YOUR WHY NOW Process. It is at a special discount for YOU!
Do you have an awesome brand story that you can share here? Don’t you think brands are more of a reflection of our own values, ideas and routine? I would love to hear them in the comment box- Share…Share…Share NOW!!!

Hugs and love


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6 thoughts on “The Core Foundation of a Good Brand”

  1. Hi Di, it was a long time before I realized how important color was to branding. I still don’t think I have pulled together quite right what I want but I have come along way by identifying what appeals to me and how the color on my blog now matches the feel and message I want to convey.

    1. Hello Lydia and Welcome to our community here.

      Colour has such a major impact to how we engage and not engage with people on and offline.

      Our brand does take time to come together like you say.

      Thankyou for your time Lydia.


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The Core Foundation of a Good Brand