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Etiquette Tips on Social Media

We live in a global village. No country can live in isolation of others like Robinson Crusoe!

Our world is nothing but a global village today and we are all are connected with each other in some way or another way. I feel inspired when I connect with people from my within Australia…and that inspired feeling is larger and special when I connect with people living across the other side of the world. Thanks to social media for creating the dreamy lane of social sharing and mutual understanding. Social media is certainly a blessing to all of us.

Personally speaking, I find myself in a love hate relationship with social media. I truly love the connections that I have made through the use of social media and I am honestly amazed with how social media helps us with so many useful tips on all types of skills in industries that we don’t even know about yet. However, there is a PARADOX too! I am also amazed that how social media seems to of set up more self comparing with others and in many ways more isolation. Social media has made the world a small global village. Our planet is more accessible for the modern day audience who are willing to share, engage and create relationshipsfrom authenticity.

As a women entrepreneur, I feel extremely happy to see how women across the world are connecting with each other through this medium. Social media is definitely a place that can help you to shape your ideas into reality. It is a treat for those who have something to share… something that can make our world a better place. You have to take care yoursocial media relationships just like all the tender relationships of your life.

So all my beautiful readers out there, no matter from which country you are or how you have been handling your life and business in the world of social media, here are some of my favorite photographysocial media tips that you can surely use while handling your social media activities. I have a golden rule here:

“When you are USING social media, don’t let Social Media use you”

#Social Media Tip 1: Act the way you’d want to be treated

I love people who take jokes on themselves in a good spirit and especially, when they enjoy it as much as they enjoy joking with others. Social media is a place, like everywhere else, where ‘what goes around, come around’ so be careful with the way you treat people and rather act in a manner in which you want to be treated.

#Social Media Tip 2:Think before tagging others

How would you feel if someone goes on a fanatic spree of tagging you in his/her posts without taking your permission? I am sure this would not make you a happy person!  If you feel the need to tag, ask permission or at the very least ask yourself if this is an uplifting post and if it benefits everyone, not simply you.

#Social Media Tip 3:Consider the tone

Consider the physical attributes of your personality.You can read, hear, see and even feel the person through their social media post. While using social media, try to keep your tone both humble and subtle. Social media maturity is utterly required.

#Social Media Tip 4: When using Pinterest: Pin what you have permission to pin.

Permission is a big word here and it makes a lot of sense in several ways. So if you don’t have permission, then never cross your line. Respect it and have gratitude for what you have been given permission. Be responsible!

# Social Media Tip 5: Learn the 3 tips for being a considerate social media user

  1. Be positive.
  2. Be polite.
  3. Be inspiring

# Social Media Tip 6: Ask and never assume.

You will meet different types of people on social media and they will have different needs, preferences, behaviors, desires and so on. Don’t assume their needs, judgments or their desires. For example don’t assume someone wants to be apart of your special group and just add them… ask them if they are interested in joining.

# Social Media Tip 7:Pay attention to your purpose when you use all Social Media Platforms.

We all have a mission for using social media- be it personal or professional. Stay close to your mission while using any medium of social media because this is how you can turn all your ideas into reality. Women entrepreneurs across the world are already doing it!

# Social Media Tip 8: Explore different mediums and platforms on social media

Facebook is only one of the well known platforms on social media.  However consider the below questions when using Twitter, Snap Chat, Periscope, Instagram, Pinterest and of course a blog post.  The list of platforms is longer than my two arms and legs.

So before you start implementing these 8 fabulous tips when using any platform, make sure to ask yourself these 12 no-nonsense questions. Here you go:
Ask these 12 Questions to yourself before using Social Media:
1. Is this really something I want to share, or is it just me venting?
2. Will this post add to people’s lives?
3. How many times have I posted something today?
4. Have I re-read my post for spelling errors?
5. Have I checked the tone of the post?
6. Am I reacting to the original post?
7. Am I simply living through other people’s lives by scrolling and not commenting?
8. Am I okay with everyone and anyone seeing this post?
9. Am I spamming with this tag?
10. Is it best to communicate this point in a private message?
11. Is my communication clear and precise or am I rambling?
12. Is this post about politics or religion? It is best avoid these subjects.

Explore, conquer and win in the world of social media. I am saying it because I know you can do it and if you are not able to do it right now, then I am sure you can LEARN it. I will be waiting for all your lovely comments this week. Tell me what your thoughts are about in the big world of social media? Does it make a difference to you???

Hugs and love


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14 thoughts on “Etiquette Tips on Social Media”

  1. Di,
    A great artcle about social ettiqutte and it helped a lot . I appreciate all the tips about tagging others. Thanks it is well documented. ALways a pleasure with your articles.

    Lori English

  2. I totally LOVE social media, there is no Hat whatsoever, what it has done for my brand I can only be grateful. I agree, the colours you use let others’ know about you! Socal etiquette shouldnt just stop offline, it should start within you! 🙂 loved it Di

    Julie Syl

    1. Yes I agree Julie, Social Media has created my brand and I love it for that.

      I do think there are people who spend time comparing themselves rather than living their life
      now and appreciating what they have now.

      Always love your comment Julie


  3. Awesome article Di on social media etiquette. One of my pet peeves on Facebook is being tagged in someone’s post. This happens to me a lot, I get tagged without my permission along with 50+ other people. It’s disrespectful, especially when it involves someone’s political views. Thanks for this great share.

  4. before i never really thought of the importance of etiquette online, but i suppose when you think about it social media is essentially an extension of you. Thank you for these questions, Di. They’re helpful in assessing how i want to come across in my post and how helpful it is for the people reading it. I too have a love hate thing for social media. lol.

    1. Thanks Keith,

      Yes I do have that love hate relationship when I think of how people are comparing themselves to others rather than being focused on their journey and their achievements.

      Thanks again for you thoughtful comment Keith


  5. Woow Di Love all these tips you must respect others ~~ so very important !!~ these 3 tips I am loving I always put positive post up !!` Wanting others to be up lifted ♥♥☺☺ I will remember your tip on asking to be tagged !!~~ i do tag but only people that tag me!~~ thank you !!~ enjoyable ♥♥
    Be positive.
    Be polite.
    Be inspiring

    1. Hello Sandra,

      Wonderful that you have taken away workable tips Sandra.

      Online business is no difference to offline.

      Respect with tagging is simply respect.


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Etiquette Tips on Social Media