What is a System?

Success might be a rollercoaster ride but it is always driven by a ‘systematic’ plan. So even in chaos, when the mind has fears and doubts and when nothing seems right… find the way and see a system in it. Believe in your values and the firm resolutions that you have made for yourself….because when they have a systematic approach, nothing is going to beat you. The sky will be the limit.

There were over 100 of these “Aussie” Swags to be created. We needed a system of doing them to fit the budget and for it to be simple and even “fun” for people to do them.

Today, when I look back at life from that very fine lens of experience and success, I find it nothing but a manifestation of systems. I want every one of you to understand what a system is because for you to realize and put into place your ideas, you actually MUST have a system, then systems within systems. Way back when I wrote about business through my blog post, I divided the systematic phenomena into four crucial parts of:

  1. Administration

  2. Operations

  3. Management

  4. Marketing

Doesn’t matter what the business might be, every single business will surely have these four crucial elements in it. So what is a system? Let me tell you what it is!

A system is a bunch of *THINGS* that connect to make up a whole. For example, procedures, rituals, methodologies, rules, are some of the “things” that make up a system to operate effectively. They actually work TOGETHER to create a WHOLE system.”

I talk here, in this post, more about the system itself and how you can profit in more ways than one by understanding what a system is. Please don’t give yourself the excuse of “ I’m not a system person” or something like “I know what a system is” or even the old lame of “I don’t have time to read this”. If you only get one part of this post you will be more effective. Efficiency is time and time is money.

Every single element within a system has its own system. For instance, the admin component in a business has its own system and so does the management, operations, and marketing. You must create your own system to bring your ideas into reality. Have a look at this blog to understand the process of developing an idea because an idea is all that you need to bring the best change in your life. Just like little babies, you need to nurture your ideas today for the construction of them tomorrow. And if you have ideas, you must have a system in PLACE to implement those ideas effectively. I will give you an example here. As you can see in my video, we are currently planning a big event that is about to happen in two weeks, at the time of writing this piece. To make this event a big hit, we have systematically divided the operations of the work into different components. The plan at my back (in the video) deals with what is in the big event and it is systematically fleshed out with its details. It explains to the team what exactly they are building for the event, what time they need to complete items, what the sizes and colours are etc. We have distinguished each part of this job through the use of colour for ease of training, checking off items and installation. The whole ‘operations’ wing is a small part of the big event plan and similarly, every element has an internal system running which is eventually contributing to the larger business system.

This event needs built items to create the Australian Christmas Theme.

What is a System?

A System is a natural and innate phenomenon of our universe because we find it in every single entity. You can take the example of a human body which is individually divided into different organs like heart, nervous system, kidney, liver, reproductive system, and so on. Each organ has its own role and its own independent system. Each organ is responsible for the effective functioning of the overall body. Despite having individual roles, each organ is interconnected to the other and collectively aims for the overall wellbeing of the body. This is one example of a system and this demonstrates how important it is!

System thinking as an approach, is very closely related to our habits, routines and ideas. As kids, we are often told to put things back from the place we have picked them up from. We are told to wake up early in the morning, to play outdoor games, to take breakfast on time, to sleep early, and so on. The idea here is to inculcate habits that abide a systematic even ritualistic way of living. Right from the foundational beginning of life to the professional decisions taken during the later stages of life, you will find self education on “what is a system” to be a very successful decision. For instance, there is absolutely no difference if you have a job or you have a business because when in business, you have to develop that system of wearing many hats and at the same time you have to do a good job as you are employed by your customer to do so.

Of course , fun must be apart of working. Here is Rob pretending to kiss one of the kangaroo statues that will be part of the Australian Christmas Event.

Open Your Arms to Change, But Don’t Let Go of Your Values~ Dalai Lama

Everything in this world is subjected to change but those who stay close to their values make their decisions to changes and transition to changes like a dream when compared to people who are clueless of their values! What really perplexes me in today’s time is that I find people not really putting enough value on routines and rituals in their personal time and their business time. It is the regularity and the efficient way regular routines are conducted that make up the system of your family, your business, your relationships… EVERYTHING!

Too many people are chasing that shiney ball or looking over the fence to see if the grass is greener!

Let’s take the example of family health here. The way we plan our family health- what food to serve, how to serve it and what time to serve it makes up our family health system. Every family health system is made of certain rules for example no artificial colors, good quality greens and bright coloured food daily, no gluten for a celiac, a diabetic having easy access to good quality regular food and drink, maintaining good gut bacteria with probiotics etc etc etc. It is being responsible for your individual health by developing a system that is synergetic to our personal values. By the way: check out how I make my own probiotic for our familys health.

I will give you another example, a business example: We all have to manage our money in some form- be it digital (Xero or MYOB) or other ways. You might use a excel spreadsheet, a shoe box, outsource work to a professional accountant, hand it over to your siblings, etc, you might not be aware but you have created a system to manage your money. The question I ask of you is “does that system have effective routines and does it add to your whole life in a positive manner?”. Be truthful to yourself when you answer that!

5 Quick Things you need to know about a ‘SYSTEM’!

1. We are all part of the universal System

2. A System is effective when it is based on what matters rather than created with add hoc spur of the moment.

3. Each system will have mini systems within in – Each system is only as strong as its weakest component .

4. An Effective System demands disciplined routines.

5. A systematic approach is the smartest secret to business success. Working in a system is doing more with less.


Of course the gorilla is not part of this Australian Christmas Event, However, operating an Events Production Company we have many wonderful Items that make up varying themes and are part of our overall system

Living in different countries, we all follow a particular tax system which has many small systems, large systems, visible systems, invisible systems, etc. within it. We live in a system every day, every minute and in fact… every second. Our body is nothing but a manifestation of a system. Use the principles of self discipline to create your own system and drive independence. Start with your own personal routines of eating, exercising, meditating, visualising, using clear communication.

Clear communication with rules and agreements are where you make your profit and they are the glue to the routines, the rituals, the activities, the procedures. Women entrepreneurs – She’preneurs will know that when I speak of profit I speak of financial profit and I also speak about emotional profit, personal awareness profit even spiritual awakening profit. I speak about profit in my book A High Heels Paradox; here is my author page if you are interested amazon.com/author/didownie

Hope you had a great time reading this blog post, maybe I have jammed way too much into it. It is always hard to judge, all the same I am quite sure that this knowledge is going to help your business in the best possible way, only if use some of the information in it. I’ll be waiting for your comments!

Be a She’preneur and tell us what the best bit was for YOU!!!!!!!

Love and Hugs


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14 thoughts on “What is a System?”

    1. Thankyou Keith,

      Systems are always behind and supporting all successful people.

      People can achieve great things without systems, but, not for very long.

      We must have effective systems for long term productivity and profit

      Thankyou Keith for you comments


  1. Di, i think your thought about system certainly has merit when discussing all things/activites in this world. Its nice to be able to recognize this and be able to apply logical thought process into our kives.

    1. Hello Brad,

      Yes its very useful to be able to recognise activities needed and how they connect to the big picture for a strong chain of activities for creation.

      Often I find people leave it up the “universe”, or live on a hope.

      We really need to design with systems, boring as it can be at times for us people who are not system type people

      Thankyou Brad


    1. Thankyou Diane,

      I love systems also, and I have grown to love them with appreciating the results of them.

      I love to create them and and now love to work in them even! Things run smoother with more fun rather than total chaos.

      Thankyou Diane



  2. this seems to have come at the right time. in certain areas of my business i’ve been working on putting systems together. this in particular isn’t an area i have. it’s interesting to learn that putting these four areas for sub-systems for a system as a whole for your business is necessary to create profit. it helps take the self sabotaging languaging and emotion newer business owners tend to put themselves through starting up. thanks for this.

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