6 Ways to Take your Ideas to Profit – Define your ideas

Most people don’t have a dream, they have ideas that they allow to rattle around in their head.

Most people create a life of busyness to fill their life of frustration.

Most people give up their passions for their children.

Raise your hand, put it across your heart and feel your heartbeat. Does it have a purpose? Ask yourself! Are you alive for a reason? Ask yourself. Are you forgetting your passion? Yes- ask yourself and ask until you get an answer!

In my 58 years, I have mostly done what I have loved doing and I am still in the pursuit of what I love and how am I going to do it. Don’t you think that is simply amazing? Yes it is but it wasn’t the same from the beginning. Just like most of the people in this world, even I was caught in the race of making money and it is certain, that I found myself in a position of forgetting about my passions. But then something happens. My miracle happened. My wake-up call! I got a healthy wake-up call that shifted me from frustration to freedom!

We all get Wakeup calls!

At some point in life, we all get wake up calls and I am sure that we all know of someone who has had a wakeup call- maybe a call on their health, a professional wake-up call, a death of a spouse or a sibling, a child or parent, a divorce or some other major life changing event  hashappened and they are all of a sudden either sick themselves, angry with life, negative to be around, simply apathetic or making excuses as to how bad their life is.  Life happens, bad things happen and it is difficult to get through what life presents to us.

Why is it that some people can shift through the wake-up calls and some people cannot. Why is it that some people can re-invent themselves where others stay the same and degenerate quicker?

Its all in the mind!

I see ideas rattling around in peoples head everyday.  I see those ideas in what people say and how they say it. Often what people don’t say shows up in what they are doing, their ideas are easilyseen rattling around in their thinking. And I know if  you don’t think you have ideas rattling around in your head you are probably sailing on the river of denial.

Ideas won’t stay with  you. 

They travel.

Your ideas will go to someone else when they are not taken care off. So the ideas that you have only belong to you till the time

you use them, grow them and share them out with the world.

Change the world with your ideas.


As a women entrepreneur who has dared to change the world with her ideas, I am proud to have implemented 8 successful businesses from my passion and thoughts. I know what I am doing and I know what I am about to share with your works. It all happens through a proven step-by-step methodology that I am about to share with you. Make them happen for you!

Secure your ideas to success – focus forget forge from Di Downie on Vimeo.

  1. Bring your ideas into pictures:

Visual memory has the strongest reinforcement for human beings. Once your mind creates a picture, it is able to orientate you to what you think and how you are going to plan your activities around the pictures. With the help of social media and the internet, now people are comparing themselves more often with other people filling their minds with ideas and dreams of others. I have a question here to ask. If your ideas are not unique and they are simply derived from others, then how will your business and activities be self- fulfilling? In the process of learning from the internet, please stay focused on your dreams and vision. Create your own mental pictures that have the essence of uniqueness.

  1. Write a small 12 page book with your pictures in it:

When I say write I mean WRITE… the old fashion way… with a pen and paper.  You might already have some of your ideas scribbled out in doodles on paper, or on a word document.  Go and buy a sketch book, one that you love. Place all your doodles, word documents, pictures in the sketch book.  I wrote most of my book A High Heels Paradox on Napkins, Post-it Notes, scrapes of paper, I recorded my thoughts on my smart phone.

Give yourself a project – write a 12 page book with your pictures.

  1. TRUST yourself:

Follow your soul and trust it.

In life’s journey, you will find people who will run with you but you may never find someone who will run for you.

So make it a point and lead your journey. Take care of your ideas and DO NOT COPY others. The number of blogs and excepts I read that encourages people to copy and simply re-write that copy, this strategy is not giving people permission to be creative and it does not allow people to share what they truly know from their experience.  If you have not experienced it and  do not have distinctions on that topic personally, then DO NOT STEAL IT and share it… If you share something that has come from someone directly credit where and who it came from.

4. Surround yourself with people who have done what you want to do.

Surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers, the believers and thinkers, but most of all; surround yourself with those who see greatness within you, even when you don’t see it yourself. 

Every successful person has had help; they have surrounded themselves with expertise that they have not had themselves.  You cannot be an expert of everything.   Choose people who you would trust your life with. Choose people who have skills that you want and need.  Choose people who can support you, not only who want to support you … but… CAN support you. And above all, surround yourself around those who see and seek greatness in you.

5. Work with people who love you and you love them.

It is really sad to see people working for money and money only.

Be driven by passion and people

Because whatever we do we might enjoy yes…. we might do what we do to save lives, to change lives, to make a difference in the world. Count yourself in the running to make this world a better place. Everyone wants to do that. Everyone wants to spend more time with their family, wants to travel, to see amazing places, and to be a better person. Don’t we all want that? Yes we do! The only people who get to do just one fraction of any of this are the people who work with people they know will appreciate and love their work and their results.

6. Exclude people from your life who are negative, steal your time, steal your energy, steal your ideas that you are taking good care of.

 I have seen people who spend most of their time in looking for the faults in others as they are more interested in stealing their time. But there is a funny conclusion to it. People who spend their time in looking for the faults in others spend no time in correcting their own faults.

Never let a toxic person rent space in your head.

Don’t hear those non valuable comments which might make no difference to your ideas and passions. These activities in turn snuff out your purpose, your ability to make clear and concise decisions for your future.


To sum it all up….!

1. Make your ideas into pictures

2.Write out your ideas

3.Trust yourself

4.Surround yourself with people who have done what you want to do work with people who love you and you love them.

5.Exclude people from your life who are negative, steal your time, steal your energy, steal your ideas that you are taking good care of.

Everyone in this planet earth is blessed with the gift of uniqueness. We all have dreams and we all have ideas but only those who dare to take their dreams a step higher can live the life of a legend. I have seen the easiest thing happening and I will tell you what it is.

The easiest thing in life is to be apathetic, an apathetic attitude leads to quitting… the difficulty is in continuing!Always remember-

Winners don’t quit… quitters don’t win!

Never quit until you reach the end. No success is worth a easy walk in the park, all the hard work and dedication that you are going to put into your ideas, will ultimately reward you with your personal self- fulfilment.

It is your decision to either choose self- fulfilment or compromise with frustration.

If you are still waiting for your wakeup call then consider this blog as your wakeup call and get set going. It will be my privilege to be your wakeup call 🙂 🙂

Share your inspirational story with us? It doesn’t matter that you have lost one battle or dozens of battles- life simply goes on! Be a warrior and a winner of your dreams…!

Hugs and love


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