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Values and how they affect us

This week, I was in chaos.

You know what this looks like right?

You make a decision to do soemthing, then you go off and start to action that decision. In this case, I had decided to take a trip to the U.S. for three weeks.

I had put a hold on some accomodation, had flight quotes coming in, had asked my cousins if they were going to be around in the week I was planning to be in their city. I went to click in  to pay for a conference I really wanted to attend.


What’s this?

I didnt click in and pay…. What the!!!!!!!

Two days I walked around that pay button.

Values and how they affect us!

It wasnt until I STOPPED and asked myself… “WHAT IS GOING ON WITH ME?”

Of course once I gave myself the space to get the answer I was clear.

The last time we went away, Chilli, my 15 year old Maltese Poodle fretted, was anxious and didnt eat for the week or so. I came home to my best friend not able to stand by herself, the soul in her eyes was gone and she was skin and bone!

Chilli, relaxing in her fav spot!

Now two months later she is up and running, barking, back to her old bossy self.

Her health and our friendship was much more important than this trip and this conference to me.  I had to come to the realization that this is NOT the time to leave her, even though I have a good support system for her, its not enough at this stage of her life and I need to respect that for her and for me.

I’m sure you have had this happen many times.  I tell a story in this video, about how in one of the courses that I use to build all our business, all of them, if we are not clear on whats really of value to us we can be in chaos, procrastination, time wasting whatever you want to call it.

 My Story: Values and how they affect us!


Trust you gained something from my story and I’d love to hear your recent story of when you found yourself in a similar situation.

If you are interested in the course I use all the time in all our business, all three of them, click through and check it out.

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Hi.... I'm Di  ! Nice to meet you!
Hi…. I’m Di !
Nice to meet you!



12 thoughts on “Values and how they affect us”

  1. Great video and of course Chilli was more important than anything else…. Good food for thought Di.
    I have been “;procrastinating” about several things also, for too long and so I made a big decision a couple of days ago and we will see where that leads. The shall I, shan’t I was driving me mad. Now I have done it and at least a step has been taken.

    1. Hi Diane,

      Isn’t it sooooooo “freeing” to make decisions and to make the next move that takes us to another step into another “unknowingness”.

      Our values are sooooo important to these decisions can be made easily and with grace.

      Thankyou for dropping by and commenting Diane.


  2. Hi Di,

    I know this feeling very well. My little dog had the same thing going on and we couldn’t leave her. She was doing this for a year before we had to put her down at the ripe young age of 20.

    I had to weigh so many decisions to leave her, but in the end, I knew what was most important…being with her, my best friend.

    This is a great analogy when it comes to business decisions. We have to weigh our options. We cannot make knee jerk decisions and go for the immediate road. We do need to plan out what specifically fits into our lifestyle, how much time we are going to spend on it, and how we are going to build it.

    The point being focus! Running our own business takes so many decisions. But as long as we have focus and keep on track, nothing will stop us!

    I enjoyed this video so much seeing you and your best friend.

    donna merrill recently posted…List Building With Social MediaMy Profile

    1. Hello Donna,

      Thankyou! you know, I have to say that your comments are so spot on and soooooo real to what is going on.

      The thing I learnt about this decision merry go around, is that once I was focussed, I stopped, asked the question of myself so I could make a clear and very self satisfying decision.

      I have learnt that to make decisions fast is a very powerful thing to be able to do, especially in our own business. This decision caught me unaware as I had so much emotion tied up in it.

      Do you have another doggie Donna?

      I feel so blessed to have Chilli, at this point I can’t bare to think of my days without her. 15 years is a long time hey? 20 years is a long time hey?

      True True best friends they are !
      Thankyou Donna

  3. Hi Di,

    Great to see you in the video and what an important message. I definitely can relate and sympathize with you when it came to this particular decision you were trying to make and whether or not to leave Chili.

    Kayla is my Chihuahua and usually when I go away she won’t eat for the first two to three days but she’ll eventually start. I’ve been very blessed that she now enjoys spending time at my brothers with her three cousins and they are finally learning to get along. She’s never been a big lover of other animals. So now I can go away and know she’s okay and she even sleeps with them in the bed. But in all honesty, I probably miss her more than she misses me but she’s my heart.

    It took some time though for her to get to this place because she’s adopted and I’m her fifth home so it’s taken her some time to get connected with everyone else. Her welfare means more to me than anything so I probably would have stayed home too if she would do what Chili does. It’s not worth it to me although the conferences I’m sure were worth the trip.

    I think you did good Di! 🙂

    Adrienne recently posted…How To Build A Popular Blog Especially If You Are NewMy Profile

    1. Hi Adrienne,

      Wow your little Kayla has found a very save home with you and how beautiful is it that she feels comfortable at your brothers house.

      I really appreciate how you heard me.

      Our dear furry friends play such a huge part in our lives, not only companionship. My doggies have taught me sooo much about unconditional love, acceptance and empathy.

      I know I made the right decision and I was “over the moon” when I STOPPED and asked myself what was going on with me, then waited and looked for the answer. It came through sooooo clear and precise that the answer has now facilitated further clarity.

      Thankyou for stopping by and sharing your story with Kayla Adrienne, our stories are really important!


    1. Hey Rob,

      Yes decisions line because we are aligned with our values and our purpose and yep when decisions are not so easy we often find that we are not aligned with a value or believe at that point of time

      Pretty cool stuff to know really hey!

      Thanks for calling by and yes that photo of Chilli is sooo cute


  4. Hello Di

    Values drive our behaviour, just like the accelerator drives our car.
    Chillie being the brake pedal to slow down and consider. Cherish that dog! I am awed by the way we know what is best even in that moment of hesitation. I trust that my buyers remorse, a result of a new home purchase will evaporate when I move in and enjoy it! I expressed to many people that I would know my new home when I walked into it. I did!

    Helen recently posted…2014 Planetary Message AprilMy Profile

    1. Hi Helen and Welcome to this Lifestyle blog and THANKYOU, THANKYOU for taking your precious time to comment and tell your story of how you relate to my story.

      Its all we have really isn’t it. Is our stories and how learn from them and they take us from point to another point in our everyday living.

      Chilli is a 15 year long story and I trust her story will go for many years to come, as I learn so much from her everyday!

      Just like you learnt how spot on your were when you walked into your house and knew it was yours. When we are clear on what is of value to us we “get” stuff really quickly, move on and have such an amazing and fulfilling life that is full of ease and grace.

      Have a great day Helen

  5. You inspire me DB. Our values are priceless…its funny how the more we experience through the years of age, we become truer to ourselves and our values become an integral part of our soul. To be able to make a decision on the basis of our values is a great feeling …it does clear the path for new opportunities or adventures for us to embrace…but it is both scary and exciting. I do Love your piece on Chilli and the bond of love that you share with your precious voiceless furry friend. She may not be able to speak in words, but her silence coupled with her demonstration of unconditional love and trust is golden ~ as is the chain of friendship between all living beings. Thank you for sharing your story. I look forward to reading more! Huggs

    1. Hi Jo,

      Thankyou for swinging by and saying hi and giving your perspective on my story.

      I think the more we grow and the more aware we become the more we live from our values. Im not sure its about how long we have been walking on the planet any longer. I am learning from some very open minded and highly well read and experienced 30 year olds. Yes they are only just experiencing children and what its like to create a family and there are many other aspects that I see they are learning in their thirties. I also see now, and its probably the first time ever, that this young generation can teach us some very valuable lessons from what they can learn so fast and they seemingly are very wiling to learn from our experience. From the ones that have walked on the planet for more than 30 years and are able to share in a way that can be heard.

      As for our dear Chilli, she has improved soooo much in the past few months. I am over the moon! At the age of fifteen she certainly likes her routine and is very vocal with her needs and our friendship has deepened since Buddy left us one year ago, and 8 days ago, which of course you would expect, but is something that we wouldn’t think about.

      Well I have rambled a lot here Jo

      Thankyou once again for taking the time to comment and to add value to the blog post.


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