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What to do in 4 areas of your life for MORE happiness and profit

Happiness is both… having sunshine in your soul and identifying the glimpse of that sunshine in yourself. All because when you have ‘one’ life, then it should look exactly the way you want it to look- be it about celebration, adventure, inspiration, money, love, intimacy and everything that it is!
Take care of your happiness – grow it – design it!

HAPPINESS AND PROFIT is a lifelong process!

I have LIVED a lot of years in my life and I know this statement might confuse many of you out there! We all think we live our life at the fullest… don’t we think so? Uhm… maybe… but the truth is slightly different here. Most of us restrict the flow of natural happiness in life by burdening it with the history of our struggles and day-to-day challenges. We lose our focus from the goodness of life, in knowing how life can become more graceful in the pursuit of happiness. Being a woman entrepreneur, a mum, a wife and an individual, I know that choosing this focus isn’t always easy but there are many strategies out there that can provide an ‘influential’ boost to your life.

Understanding the four areas of your life for MORE happiness and Profit

I have said and written a lot about my experiences with daily routines and rituals through my blog and as I have already said, this topic is proven, making it important to me in several ways. If you focus on these four areas for your routines and rituals, then I am sure it is going to transform your life for MORE happiness and profit. So let’s have a look what these 4 areas are:
1. Personal
2. Family
3. Work
4. Community

Personal: Your personal routine starts with you as an ‘individual’ and it is what you do for your overall wellbeing. For instance, it is a trend to do of Yoga or Pilates as one personal routine for your physical body. I recommend you to have a separate routine for my spiritual, intellectual and emotional wellbeing. You can read more about personal routines through this blog post to get a fairer idea about the topic.

Family: Family routines and rituals are activities that bonds family together. For instance, what is our family Christmas routine, what food do you plan to eat to keep your family healthy, how do you eat food as a family? what is the ritual for family holidays, etc?  There are many activities to enhance and strengthen communication for a family, the way you discuss minor things with your kids (encouraging them to be engaged). It wouldn’t be wrong to say that our personal and family routines and rituals are the base of our work routines and rituals.

Work: Both personal and family routines and rituals set the foundation of work systems, in my blog I share the different departments of any business administration, management, operations, and marketing. Within each department of any business are your procedures, policies, agreements, ethics which are simply formalized routines and rituals.

Community: Do you know what the similar link between community and communication is? Yes… ‘Commonness’ is the word that binds them together! It is imperative for human beings to behave like social animals, adhering to the norms of community and society because just like the need to breathe and eat, communicating with the fellow members of community is a fundamental requirement to us. Thus, it is important to have community routines. What you dofor and in your community, how do you tithe, how do you donate your time, how do you invest and how do you spend your timeengaging in your localcommunity, etc.

The Happiness Strategies- 5 Things you can do to be MORE!

Be MORE than what you are right now- MORE happiness, MORE successfullness, MORE prosperity, MORE content and MORE proactiveness in life… because this MORE is going to take to you very FAR…. Turning all your She’preneur ideas into reality! Life’s good 🙂

I have a list of 5 quick things or activities that you can do today to BE MORE in life. If you are already doing them then it is fine but if you are not doing it, then PLEASE start doing this from day onwards. I am sure life will reward you in the most beautiful manner.

  1. Write down 5 thankful pointers everyday addressing the goodness of life… that how life has surprised you today. List how you think life is being good to you and repeat this exercise every day.
  1. Give a call to someone who you love. Take time for people who are close to you and make sure you tell them and they know how important they are in your life. Make being thankful your best attitude in life.
  1. Take time for yourself. Invest your time in hobbies and routines that you love doing. For instance, I love preparing water kefir for my family because I believe in this healthy habit.
  1. If you don’t have a to-do list in life then make it and if you already have one then convert it into a ‘GET-TO’ list. Start achieving your dreams.
  1. Embrace positivity in your attitude… because if you can believe it, then it can happen! I want all of you to have that ‘go getter’, “never say never” attitude in life.
This is me,, out and about taking time to “gel” my thoughts, allow the process to evolve and plan ACTION

Women entrepreneurs across the world are making a big difference and I am seriously not surprised with this. I believe that good rituals and routines  make the difference and all we need is the consciousness to accept the positive progression towards life. Often we focus on being perfect rather than progressing. Often we are busy for being busy…. Stop to speed up!!!!  Choose routines and rituals that “fit “ for you.  Like food, experiment with food so you know what is GOOD for YOU.

Tell us:  what are your secrets of having MORE happiness and Profit in YOUR life? Don’t you think both happiness and profit is a long term process and I know both are influenced by our daily routines and rituals?   What are your thoughts?  Tell me in the comment box. In the case that you agree with me, share my article to your social media accounts.

Hugs and love


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15 thoughts on “What to do in 4 areas of your life for MORE happiness and profit”

  1. Hi Di,
    your post’s are really lovely one on the whole blogosphere, you are right happiness is the real profit of the life, what if you have wealth but not happiness? every person struggle to earn wealth to make himself and family happy to survive in the world but sometime people become greedy and left their real profit one side and start running behind the useless wealth. Oh.. you can understand what I mean.. Glad to know your thoughts

    1. Hello Junaid,

      Yes I do think people chase the money and forget about their family and their own happiness and yet its the happiness they are striving for.

      People get caught up in the rat race of money rather than focussing on their routines and rituals that will bring happiness then the money.

      Great comment Junaid


      1. Jodi, thank you for contributing to our community here and helping to bring “sunshine” in lives that are focuses on getting sunshine.

        It is very cool how we can share what we know now through the internet

        Thankyou Jodi


    1. Hi Keith,

      Yes money gives us our experienes and our experiences come from our routines that we have a choice as to what we set up

      Always love your comments Keith



    1. Hi Sandra,

      Im wondering what routines you do have in place of your week Sandra

      Being busy can be a pattern rather than being productive with routines

      Have a great week Sandra


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What to do in 4 areas of your life for MORE happiness and profit