The 7 secrets to your own personal rituals for personal happiness and profit.

Do you know what makes humans the most superior living beings of the world? Just like other animals, we can breathe, express, work and survive. But unlike them, only we have the consciousness to act, the potential to change, the ability to grow and the attitude to transform with the best ability to solve problems with our minds.

Don’t you think we are LUCKY???


Year 2016 has gone and if I am not mistaken, then probably this is the time, when all of us (or at least once and for all) think about the year we have just wrapped up. We are more in our planning phase- a phase where we are willing to transform our future, where we are willing to improve our lifestyles, we want to become more productive and more certainly, we look for ways to improve ourselves. Then why don’t we start from today?

I have a great WINNING plan for all of you, which you might use this year (or even in the coming year). I love admitting the fact that my life as a success women entrepreneur is nothing but a manifestation of the rituals and routines that I have followed throughout my life. It all starts with a system and it all sums up in what you do in your life. And thus, I am sharing this awesome plan of 7 successful rituals that you can use in your own work to become more creative and successful. You know what the BIG little secret in these rituals is? Well, well, well- I have personally tested them and believe me, all of them are FANTASTICALLY effective in bringing the best results. So here is a New Years gift for you- a video that you can keep as a free gift from me.

Wishing you an AWESME 2017!

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The 7 Rituals to Follow:

The 7 fabulous rituals that can transform your life to a beautiful tomorrow are simply inspiring and all you need to remember is this little winning formula. This formula has largely influenced my life in a phenomenal way and once you put them together in your life, you will see how it is going to transform your life. I am not saying that there is a set way or time for doing this in your day, except we human beings are really good at having rituals and doing them in a ritualistic way, certain times of a day.

Y E F O B A G”

  • Y= Yoga

Bring the essential breeze of peace, health and mental contentment to your life with the gift of YOGA. My morning routine starts with the practice of Yoga and I highly recommend a few modalities like Pilates combined with a Yoga routine or even some Qui Gong. I think doing something like yoga regularly with your body delivers another level of vibration. It is indeed the best morning gift that you can give to your body.

  • E= Exercise

For me exercise is something that you do outside like swimming or jogging, it inculcates your interaction with the environment, it makes you feel fresh (for instance, when I walk and my feet touch the grass under my feet, it facilitates connection), etc. When I exercise, I take the particular notice of nature that surrounds me, environment which connects, and enjoyment that the entire exercise routine brings in. Even when your exercise is just for 15 minutes, take notice of your environment and energy to make the best out of your exercise routine.

  • F= Furry Friends

It is such a joy to have a pet in your life…such a BIG joy *Touchwood*!!! Have your furry friends (may be a rabbit, a dog, a cat, etc. anything that can make you feel accomplished) and in case you cannot do that, spend time in your local park or pet shelter homes. I am sure you will discover the gift of selfless love.

  • O= Organic

You might live in a different part of this world where you may or may not grow your own organics! If this is the case with you, then depending on whatever organics you can afford, BUY them, BORROW them, be a part of a community project, and try to get in maximum organic food and water to your body.

  • B= Breathing

Just don’t breathe into your chest and try making it deep down to your glands. 12 – 15 Deep consecutive breaths will benefit your whole day and become part of your daily routine.! Do your own research on Google, Watch many videos and adjust to experts recommendations, Attend classes to again make your own judgements along with learning breathing techniques.

. AND – Action one of these steps AND YOUR LIFE COULD CHANGE to MORE!

  • G= Good Night Sleep

Never and Never (for anything in this world), hamper your night sleep! I have personally seen people in their 20’s and 30’s (and even in early 40’s) facing a lot of issues with their sleep time, and honestly saying, it is a sincere matter of concern. Mental stress can be one major issue that can hamper your sleep peace so try to control it.

Choose your morning yoga routine, follow your exercise regime, eat organic, breathe right, cuddle your furry friends, and spare time for a complete 8-hours of deep sleep to live a fuller, productive and active life. Mind my words here- a good night sleep can totally CHANGE your perception in a positive manner. Now this is the idea that can turn your ideas into reality.

Enough of motivation and inspiration for today because it’s time for the NEW YEARS PARTY….YAYYYYYYYYY!!! Get ready with your dancing shoes and tell me what you are planning for the big party day. I am waiting for all your inspirational comments.

Hugs and love


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2 thoughts on “The 7 secrets to your own personal rituals for personal happiness and profit.”

  1. Hi Di..

    These rituals are amazing am feeling refreshed now. I am totally agreed with YEF, Yoga and Exercise make brain sharp and stronger the body, friends make you happy and support you in any situation. Glad to know these seven secrets.

    1. Hello Junaid,

      The 7 secrets are really secrets.

      I have developed this line up of rituals from over 30 years

      I know they work and I know the benefits of them

      They need to fit a persons life and personality



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