Christmas Routines- How They Become a Part of Your Family Traditions

We derive the foundation of our faith, the circle of our strength and the wisdom of our thoughts from our family. Don’t you think family traditions and routines are just a beautiful way of garnishing a tender soul?

How wonderful it is to have them… and how wonderful is to see them beingre-inspired from one generation to another?

Do you have a lot of Christmas routines and traditions in your family just like me? I simply adore them all! In fact, most of the time I wonder how plain and dull our lives would become if we stop furnishing our routines with our family traditions. Christmas won’t be Christmas, my kitchen won’t be the way it is and my kids would never remember what values their parents have for them to choose. I think the entire circle of routine and tradition is based on the concept of ‘giving back’. It is something that we have not inherited from our great grandparents or parents- because I think it is something that we have taken in lease from our kids. Nurturing them into responsible citizens who have the gift of family values is more like a responsibility of parents. Our kids inherit it from us, and their kids in future will inherit it from them… it is all but a CIRCLE.

The 35 Years Old Cake Recipe- My Christmas Routine:

Yes… you have to believe it! I and Rob have been taking forward our family legacy by preparing this wonderful cake for so many years now. The recipe of this cake is 35 years old and it is my original recipe that I have now changed to organic iningredients. I am extremely proud to have this yummilicious and healthiest cake recipe and mind you, it is one of my priciest possessions…YAAYYY!!! It is an honor for me to share my original cake recipe with my lovely readers.

My Stained Glass Cake:


Other Ingredients that you can add!

From past few years (as our kids are now older), I use 1/2 cup of brandy in the cake. I also use organic nuts and flour nowadays. I generally like using my hands to mix this together for extra love and making sure everything is coated.

How to Prepare the Cake:

  • Prepare a loaf tin or a round tin (20cm), line it with grease proof paper ( I still like to use the old method for this cake) for tradition. I will often make a couple of extra smallones like you see below for everyone to have a taste before Christmas.

  • Prepare your oven 120 degree Celsius cook for about 2 hours. I often don’t put my decorative fruit on the top until the cake is out of the oven.

Our Other Christmas Traditions

I personally believe that women entrepreneurs all across the globe know the art of making ordinary into extraordinary to build legacy and tradition that flows from home to business. Now this is the power of being a She’preneur… a ordinary woman being extra-ordinary! I remember sharing my family tradition of making pesto a food routine with you and today, I am sharing all the Christmas routines that we have in the family (yes apart from the original cake).

Apart from the traditional Stained Glass Cake, we follow the family routine of hanging our Advent Calendar, moving the bear every day getting a little closer to Santas Claus day.

Our lovely patchwork Christmas stockings wait to be filled with trinkets to carry us through our year. Filling the stockings till Christmas morning, the little child in us still waits for Santa to visit our home with a lot more exciting gifts and magic.

Every Christmas morning, we start our day by going to the beach.We are Australians. Being able to hang out together is a joy and is a time we all prepare for and save our funny family stories for. Often Christmas night is full of laughter as we play a board game over champagne or some Aussie beer.

Our food is simple, seafood, salads, fresh fruit and breads creatively

decorated usually in a theme. This year we are having a pink theme with a surprise element to it.

By following the family routine and traditions year after year at Christmas, we honor our family values. I think it is the best way of bringing your friends and family closer, especially when every single phenomenon around us is rapidly changing. Very few things in the world stay the same and family is one of them. This is the beauty of having a family.

The most common reasons why people across the world prefer having a family routine and traditions for Christmas are:

  • Because it reminds them of all the facts that make their family SPECIAL and UNIQUE.

  • Very few things in the world do not CHANGE. Family is one of them.

  • It is the best way of sharing the essence of family values and cultural heritage.

  • Everyone in the family feels connected.

  • Repeating traditions and making them a part of your routine helps you in making long lasting memories. I call it ‘nostalgia repository’- the finest way of creating and maintaining meaningful family traditions.

While understanding the family ‘tree’, we all must know that the root of this tree lies in the foundation of its traditions. If you want your family tree to prosper and grow with winning colors, help it with the nutritious essence of daily values. Only then the tree will bear sweet fruits for you (and also for the broader society).

Christmas is around the corner and I am sure you must be ready.. What are the family traditions and routines that you follow every year? Share your lovely feedback with us in the comment box.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas in Advance!

Hugs and love


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16 thoughts on “Christmas Routines- How They Become a Part of Your Family Traditions”

    1. Hello Keith,

      Yes Christmas is what we make it and I agree Christmas can be very materialistic and it can also be time for hanging out with people you love and care about simple for fun and building deeper connections.


    1. Hello Kenny,

      Thankyou for dropping and say hi and enjoying a look see into our families rituals.

      Rituals are such an important aspect for living a life of enjoyment.


    1. Thankyou Chondra,

      Christmas can be tough for some people.

      It used to be tough for me, so I love to share how fun it is now.

      I trust you enjoy making the cake. its so delicious


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