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Patience produces Passion- In Conversation with Elizabeth Olagunju!

“You can call patience BITTER but you wouldn’t disagree that the fruit of this patience is indeed SWEET. After all, patience is not in the act to wait. It is rather is the ability to foresee a bright future ahead.”

Do you know how it is related to your passion?

Patience is passion tamed. Believe it or not- both patience and passion are the basic ingredients of success. 

Nothing in this world inspires me like a woman with a mission does, and each day when I meet some of the most outstanding women entrepreneurs of this world, I strengthen my belief in the most unanimous manner. And honestly saying, I saw each of my words and beliefs turning true when I first earned the opportunity to know Elizabeth Olagunju- a woman entrepreneur, philanthropist, coach and writer. Elizabeth does a great job of inspiring people, especially women into action to take them to the next level of their own evolution.

In Conversation with Elizabeth Olagunju

Patience produces passion”- a great thought to believe, accept and embrace in your professional life! Well, in conversation with Elizabeth, I came across several such ideas that have similar resonance in my mind too. I love social media that almost eradicated the 13 hours of distance between Perth (where I am sitting right now) and Florida (where I found Elizabeth) to let both of us come together to share our minds and hearts through this conversation. Coming together to share our minds, we both agreed to the fact that it is co-operation that we are doing here… co-operating and facilitating women with the level of confidence to co-operate to share their passions.

Understanding Co-operation in Entrepreneurship:

“We need to co-operate and work together because as women entrepreneurs, we cannot do each and every job (be it minute or large) by ourselves. You can wear ‘multiple’ hats yet might still find it difficult to perform additional duties. There has to be a sense of dependency on someone as you need ‘people’. You need somebody to help you in business. And guess what, we are also standing on the shoulders of those who have gone before us and therefore we cannot keep everything upon us. We must co-operate and work together to make our workplace a better place to live and work”, said Elizabeth.

I firmly believe that women today are ‘burning to share what they KNOW”. They are burning to know and learn more and this is the most beautiful part of their she’preneur journey.

The best attribute to have is ‘Patience’

Patience is a big-big word to know and even when I look at patience, I want all of you to know that I was not always patient in the past. I learnt my patience, I learnt my growth and I learnt how to grow my patience. Our level of patience might differ from one another but with experiences, challenges and personal struggles, everything changes. I always hope that something was going to happen, I learnt it is not SPRINT, and I learnt life as a MARATHON. We must never quit, you must always think positive, you must hope for the best, and there should be gratitude in your attitude towards life. Never and never quit and make it possible in everything- be it personal life or professional front.

Know Your WHY

The biggest source of motivation that will make your way in bringing the best in you is FOCUS. Have the ability to stay focused on WHY you are doing what you are doing in your life. Don’t take your focus out of your why! Keep that ‘belief’ in yourself that whatever you are going to do, you will do. Stay focused on your goals and don’t quit easily. Living in the practical world every day, you have to learn to meditate. Sing songs of praise and learn the art of gratitude. Be a reader and analyze your actions. Do it for yourself and most importantly, do it for your happiness! It will give you a positive attitude in life and you will begin thinking it as no problem in your life. It will give you the power to turn your ideas into reality.

Meditation is a ritual

Connecting with people who are better than you is a beautiful ritual to do. I would insist all the readers to have that instinct to learn and upgrade you! The process of developing patience need a lot of flexibility and it is all about the flexibility to learn modify and change according to the circumstances.

Elizabeth’s Golden Tip for all the She’preneurs!

Don’t Give Up

I couldn’t agree more with Elizabeth on this because I  aim for  the ‘never-say-never’ attitude. I think this is the beauty of being a women entrepreneur that no matter how different your surroundings might be, your ideas still have resonance and similar passion and zeal. I think everyone can learn how to co-operate, share what they know from their passion, and make a profit while they do it whilst being on a global playing field simply with a computer, WIFI and some new skills.

Elizabeth’s free E book, “Three steps to Fully Living” will inspire you to action. Go and grab it for a good quick simple and informative read:

Often Free E-books are there on a website to simply get your email address. They are there for a commercial purpose which is far from any personal gain and encouragement to the readers. But Elizabeth has a different take with her e-book. With her e-book, she has some great tips regarding the 3 pillars of life.  I also learnt a little more about Elizabeth and that she is the oldest of 7 children through the book, a position in the family that often facilitates skills in leading from the back.

Now you are down to this part of the blog post what is PATIENCE TO YOU? In your opinion what  makes a woman She’preneur? I will be waiting for your answers in the comment box- share your heart!!!

Hugs and love


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16 thoughts on “Patience produces Passion- In Conversation with Elizabeth Olagunju!”

  1. What a lovely Interview. We indeed cannot do everything all by yourself. Also money, abundance and prosperity is a flow of energy between people. so we really must connect. Globally. Love this connection between two awesome She-prenuers across the oceans. Patience is Passion calmed down wow. Its a sign of passion and iots not waiting, but a vision what! AMAZING.

    Thanks for sharing Di!

    1. Thankyou Julie,

      Yes Elizabeth is delightful and a very successful She’preneur and a master of patience, a skill Im have not yet accomplished very well…LOL!!!!

      Yes don’t you love the term Patience is Passion calmed down

      Thankyou Julie


    1. Hello Renard,

      Thankyou Renard for admitting that you need more patience.

      I know I have to admit the same, its that admitting that is the
      beginning of being able to do something about it


  2. Thank you Julie, Sandra and other She’preneuers.
    I had a great time talking with Di. Talking to her reminded me of her vitality and love to help women. I was a witness to that during our engagement in Dubai. The miracle of technology made it possible again. Good job Di, keep on sharing.

    1. Elizabeth you are one of the most humble people I know and you clear concise simple, yet quite complicated message came through strong, defined and so worth listening to you.

      You energy is ver y grounded

      Appreciate you and a very big thank you for adding such a awesome message to the people who are wake enough to “get it”

      With love from Di

    1. Hi Kathy,

      Being patient is such a key to develop our passion as is meditation and as Elizabeth pointed out for her , her singing is like a meditation

      Loved having you here Kathy



    1. Thankyou Joan,

      Wasn’t Elizabeth Awesome… yes her great tip of patience and developing patience is such a skill.

      A skill that is needed for developing our vision

      Love your comment Joan and thank you for your time


    1. Hello Sarah,

      I will check out the blog Passion Sunday and yes Elizabeths distinctions around patience and passion I loved.

      Thankyou for your time and your thoughts here


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Patience produces Passion- In Conversation with Elizabeth Olagunju! | Di Downie – The Ideas Diva.Shaping your ideas into reality