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Women in the World of The Internet

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams… it belongs to those who are open to learn the new yet most difficult chapters of their life… who are skeptical yet future-ready…who are both developmental and ever-evolving. It belongs to women who say yes to the lessons of internet learning and growth. 

It is very easy to carry a one-sided biased perception about women folk that has its own prejudice and pride and somewhere down the line, I think women across the world have also accepted this attitude. After all, we cannot change what people think of us. True… we cannot change it but we can always evolve to grow and develop our own selves.  Don’t you think it is simply amazing to learn a new art or a culture in life?

The world in the web, its usage and access has been ideally considered to be adopted by men as a new technology and platform. I was quite a surprise to read the outcomes of a recent research that was conducted by University of Lodz in Poland, which stated:

  1. Traditionally, men receive more encouragement while pursuing digital endeavors. For instance, running an online business or going for digital marketing.
  1. As men have more time to spare at home, they can explore new things and devices.
  1. Unlike women, men are expected to communicate electronically in the public sphere. 

Unlike the popular belief, women can anyhow take the advantage of the internet. I was reading the amazing statistics shared by Stephanie Holland in Sheconomy that stated the different aspects of marketing to women and although this article is from The United States, women are no different here in Australia.  The world is a small place and women are the same the world over. I believe all women are innovative and are upskilling so they can bring their passions online, share what skills they have and deliver their passions to make the world a better place.

Do you know how women are taking the advantage of this network age or information age as some call it? It is in 3 simple ways:

  1. Educating:

Understanding the virtual world of the web and its potential in growing your business reach! I personally think that the internet world is one of the best ways of acquiring digital audiences (or ‘user acquisition’ as we call it in marketing). Quick, effortless and ever-evolving, the world of  the internet can help to stimulate your ideas and business routines with new strategies and working framework.

  1. Socializing:

While men are more interested in looking for information in the web world, women are keen to connect with each other. Yes- the popular survey that I was discussing earlier has this to say. Socializing is an important aspect for She’preneurs.

  1. Inspiring:

Do you think there is any other platform apart from the amazing world of web that can simply connect you with millions of people living across the world? And that too with just the help of a few clicks and no shuffling of locations! Well, the world of  theweb is flooded with inspiration as it is ready to inspire your life, ideas, values and routines in the most amazing manner. There is a new set of skills to be learned from graphics, writing, engaging, marketing and (not to mention) a whole new language to learn.  Approximately 15 years ago from today, who would  of imagined that  the internet in coming times would have it’s own dictionary?

I will give you an example here! Do you know what Snap Chat is or SEO or MAP? Most of us have heard of a hash tag but do we know how to use them? Most of us know how to make “friends on Facebook but how do you unfriend people and why would you do that? I’m sure your eyes glaze over when you read or you are in a conversation that includes such topics as enabling “SSL for local hosting using MAMP”. BLAHHHHH… too much information overload! *HA HA HA*

Often the non techie person is bamboozled by a  twenty something tech person, and have no idea of what questions to ask when they are setting up a website and SEOing it, or have no clue as to what “platforms” to use to their advantage.Technology can be a pain sometimes but then… there is always a way and you can choose it to make your way.


I am in  the world of the internet and through my experience; I can see that there is a system attached with the entire concept of web educating, marketing and socializing. Well, here are my quick tips for non-techie She’preneurs-take a quick look!

  1. Have clarity of your personal values for your business procedures and identify your needs for your objectives. Otherwise you will be distracted.
  1. Educate from what you know with a service or a product that can help to solve a problem then use a strategy with multiple platforms. For instance, if you are designing a website, choose an IT studio that can provide you all the services for designing, development, hosting, email marketing, digital marketing, and so on.  Build a good relationship with that person in that company.  OR  if you already know what you want search and sift through people to find individuals with the skills you need to develop your IT strategy.
  1. All Social Media depends on good photographs. Make the professional and relevant to your service and product.
  1. Attend events that can improve your understanding to learn a new world. A simple way to learn is to engage in private Facebook groups for example. Follow someone you love, model them. DO NOT COPY!
  1. Invest in education, yes, pay money to learn your skills and your strategies. This internet world takes money to understand it to take advantage of it. Ask people with experience, not your friends.  There are many people out there who take a course and simply repackage it and say they know. They might know from a intellectual level but do they know how to get results.

One of the most amazing things that I have read while compiling this blog post today is this:

“Female Tech Users Do Not Mirror Female Tech Workers”

I am happy that women across the world are enjoying their ‘unique’ identity. Unlike most of the male entrepreneurs, they do not imitate each other as they all understand the beauty of unique ideas and endeavors.

What do you have to say about this? I am eagerly waiting for your comments this week- YaaaaYYYY!!!

Hugs and love



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10 thoughts on “Women in the World of The Internet”

  1. Di,
    Great post and so informative it is so important to engage with others so when you want to ask a question you have people to go towards. In this day and age, social media is constantly changing and we need to stay on top of it. Thanks!

    Lori English

    1. Hello Lori,

      People who don’t engage online often don’t engage offline.

      Engaging with like minds certainly creates change for everyone.

      Lori always love your comments



  2. A great post, Di! It’s now Women’s History Month, a great reason to focus on empowerment of women even more – time to level out the playing field! Thanks!

    1. Hello Chandra,

      Women are empowering the globe in many ways and they will continue to do that in their own way and in a way that has never been done before.

      Isn’t that so exciting

      Thankyou for your comment and your time Chondra


    1. Hi Renard,

      The internet is not going anywhere, it will keep changing and evolving and its will be the ones that are evolving with it that have a slower ride and more enjoyable ride.

      Thanks REnard for your time


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Women in the World of Internet