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Define your idea into a thriving business

Satisfaction is not always the fulfillment of what we want in our life. It is the realization of how thankful we are for what we have!

The art of ‘being happy’ is to be ‘Thankfull’ …as satisfaction lies in the effort,  not in the attainment.

The art of satisfaction comes from a mental picture painted in our minds daily.

Remove the busyness, remove ourselves from the river of denial.

It has to do with the river of living.

Many women are sailing happily and not so happily on the river of denial and more or less, it is something which affects them deeply. I have often believed on the fact that the journey we all live in our respective lives is never a straight line from A to B and I have talked about this in my book A High Heels Paradox. Yet in many ways (may be through the society or through friends or through our very own family) we are taught there is such a thing as straight lines, setting our expectations for immediate and ‘straight ahead’ results. If you are doing this to yourself, then STOP. Stop right away to embrace your reality. Yourself acceptance is the only weapon that will shift us from the river of denial to our true path of least reisistance.

With brave wings we fly… After all, we are all winging it  and that’s what angels do!

Understanding ‘The More’ Epidemic:

There is an epidemic right now and it’s called THE MORE EPIDEMIC, There are more and more women waking up to a feeling of unfulfillment, frustration and even a feeling of being unappreciated.  Due to our thought of “we must go in a straight line”, “we must be busy”we often do not take time to experiment. It is in fact a rat race where everybody seems to be following a ‘misfitted’ idea of perfection and acceptance. Rather than progression and individuality.

As a successful women entrepreneur who is chasing her dreams and rightly turning them into reality, I have learned and accepted the power in making mistakes and honestly speaking, I am not even ashamed of acknowledging this. There is no shame in making mistakes. There is no shame in accepting it. There is only shame in hiding your reality. We must take the time to make mistakes to learn what that burning is inside many of us is right now.

In my free E Book I tell you the results from nearly 200 women being interviewed, they say they want MORE. They want more money, more love, more passion more independence, more good health, more clarity in how they think and feel.  Some even clearly said they wanted to be of more value to the planet to change lives.

You maybe be asking why is she banging on about











To have a Passionate driven thriving Business/ hobby, life, you must change lives in a good way to leave a legacy for the planet, for the people you change and your family.

Here are my Proven DISTINCTIONS:

  1. Clarity:

Clarity in thoughts gives way to the clarity in action. You must check with what you are thinking.  Ask yourself “is this my thought?”.

  1. Start Acknowledging:

Acknowledge that you are not clear on why you have this burning to be MORE and ask yourself questions as to what THAT MORE might mean to you. For all the answers that you are searching in the outside world, will rest in you… deep, down and quite calmly you have to look for them to ignite your passion and put out the fire of frustration.

  1. Acceptance:

I want you to have that kind of acceptance for yourself that you surely deserve- Acknowledge that you may not be as confident as you would like to think you are. Acknowledge that is it okay to be less confident. Acknowledge the uniqueness that you have in you… the uniqueness that no one else in this world has like you!Accept the NOW.

  1. Get out of denial

No human being living in this planet earth deserves a state of denial because we are surely much more than that. It’s all that sometimes, we miss the eye to see our own self. We miss the eye to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us. See your reality for what it is, this removes you from your sailing ship on the river of denial.

  1. Don’t see negativity in others

DO NOT walk out on anyone or everyone and DO NOT make everyone wrong because you feel unfulfilled. Remember the old gold lesson that says,”beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. So when you feel your beauty you will see the beauty in everyone. This does not mean to say that everyone and every situation is good and one you care to be involved in.  Choose from your intuition not from your thoughts… your thoughts may notnot be yours!


  1. Move away from toxic people:

Move away from people who do not or cannot support you to acknowledge this you may shift from life in default to a life of design. Move away from negative people especially when you are about to brew a new idea or you are ready to start a new business. Rather, stay close to people who are there to support your values.


  1. The simple notion:

Shaping your thriving idea born from your values and your true self is always about the relationships you build, the bonds you have and the bonds that you will make. The science behind successful ideas and business is all the same and interconnected.

  1. Ideas and routines:

If you are formulating an idea, it is not about the idea of the product or service. It is about your good routines and relationships and how you make decisions. The consistency in maintaining routines and rituals of life is the most influential aspect of nurturing a successful idea.

  1. Know your values

Be super clear about your values. Use my Values Tools to clearly identify what your values are, take your time to choose your words carefully from your heart, expand those into sentences, from your heart.  These values are why you make certain decisions. It is these decisions that create your life from default to a life of design.

  1. Start visualizing your idea

Visual memory is the most influential sort of memory that we have! You must begin to form a crystal clear picture in your mind for your mind to start orientating around that picture.  That’s how our mind works and that’s how it works effectively.

  1. Repeat

If you have read these 10 steps, DO one of them to change your position and start defining your idea. It is worth the time to define your ideas rather than just jumping here and there because it costs a lot of time, energy and money.

I really hope you are going to have a great weekend ahead! Drop your comments here to share your ideas on how to define idea into a thriving business.


Hugs and love



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8 thoughts on “Define your idea into a thriving business”

    1. Hi Renard,

      Often the river of denial is hard to get out of when we have so much invested in what we have.

      WE can have everything when we recognise it


  1. great post overall Di. such rich content packed with value. I have heard a lot of speakers and training courses mention the fact that we need to be clear. Until recently I came to understand what true clarity and defitnitness of purpose meant to our overall hapiness and fulfillment in life. Thanks for sharing. Great value

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Define your idea into a thriving business - Di Downie - The Ideas Diva.Shaping your ideas into reality