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Why is there so much Change now

CHANGE- Hard at first, messy in the middle and transforming whilst on the journey !


Change is the most constant phenomena of our life as no matter how often you ignore it…it will still take place in your life at its unpredictable pace! And truly speaking, it can visit you in all the major and minor forms in your life. You might be sitting there…working, ordinary and unprepared and suddenly a devastating tragedy may take place, you may have an epiphany you may have to a choose between a difficult choice, the pain of a broken relationship could take over you, or even new opportunities might bombard your routines in their own way- there are so many and in fact countless ways in which CHANGE can happen in your life….


This past 20 years has seen the most change happen on the planet.

There has been a tipping point in human thinking.

We live in a small world of internet connection.

The only constant thing in life is CHANGE.


So what have been yourtriggers for Change?


I am a simple person, a country person, a Homemaker, a Women Entrepreneur, a Wife, a Mum of two,defining what my triggers to change have been have given me clues to my future.


Here I have included an Except from my International Bestseller: A High Heels Paradox – Di Downie


Never was it brought home to me as clearly as it was in 2015, when one of my best friends said to me on his deathbed…

I felt he looked into my soul and said

“Di”……………….. His look pierced my soul as our eyes locked…. “Is this what it comes down to”?

That very night while I was stalking on Facebook, I saw my favorite Aunt in a picture from a few years ago astride a Harley Davidson motorbike. The picture came from a post shared by her son with a caption ‘RIP Mum’. She was my favorite aunt… the one who introduced me to me and showed me a part of where I came from.

She was my favorite aunt and my aunt is now in my memory only!

I know how I felt at that very moment. My heart sank to China. I didn’t get to say thank you. I didn’t get to say thank you for everything she gave me and she had left. She left without me telling how I felt for her… or what she meant to me. My misery also came from the fact that I was too busy and occupied on the treadmill chasing my rat’s tail. I was in the process of running left to right inside my fence of life like a dog trapped in a pen.

We don’t talk about this stuff much.

We tend to ignore the stuff that really matters in life!

We really do ignore it! In fact, the easiest thing to do is to have an opinion derived from media’s agenda setting theories. We easily digest things which media serves us. For that matter, you find it quite easy to talk about lady who went missing last night from the city bar or to have an opinion what the umpires called on Saturday night’s footy game. It’s so easy to have an opinion on what the economy is doing and what that politician said last night.

It’s so easy to repeat what we hear in the media or that reality TV show! Media on the other hand is doing the duty in the way they want it done. The information sharing is a very selective process in media as what becomes news and what becomes viral is always in the hands of media. And you know what is funny about all this? Well, the funniest part is that we think we are well informed. The reality is that we only know what we are informed…we don’t know what we SHOULD know! But still we enjoy the process!

We enjoy being the sideline judge of TV shows for example “Who has Talent”.

Sometimes playing the martyr with a sob story that can take some time to tell over and over again with different situations will keep a 20 year old relationship going for 30 years or even 40.

Are politically correct conversations taking over real living and sharing?

Talking with some people is more like boxing than sharing points of view and experiences.  This results often in depleting natural creativity and authenticity, rather than co-operation and ongoing acceptance of each other.


We no longer communicate to understand… we communicate to respond!



Coming back to what triggers I had that created change in my life; Hope it is going to make your life better in some or the other way! Let’s have a look at two of the triggers that I have taken advantage of to create the life I have now.

#- My first instance with entrepreneurship

One of my first memorable triggers in my adult life was when my mother-in-law walked into our house on a typical Western Australian windy dry hot day . Rob and I had been married for a year and were in our first year of drought.  Chris, my mother-in –law, gave me a book about how to weave wheat, it was joke as there was little wheat to weave.


That day evolved into the first enterprise where I could help to food on our table from being creative with an idea.


#My experience with self – truth as a Mum:

Little, tender and so so soft…  I remember standing with my baby daughter in the kitchen while looking down at my five year old daughter.  I think at that very moment, I made the biggest decision in my life and it is where I started my journey on the road of self discovery. There was a sense of desperateness in me. I decided not to live my life angry, feeling frustrated, in overwhelm and often feeling unappreciated. The most gracious gift was there with me I wanted to be the BEST role model of them. I wanted to turn each of my ideas into reality. I was hungry, I was STARVING to be the best role model EVER!   I wanted MORE…yet….. Was I prepared to go and have a look in that desperate darkness of myself? I was ready to embrace change for the betterment of life.  Change, no matter even if it came as a lesson from my own darkness, was acceptable to me. After all, this is how I learnt to enhance my value based decisions.

I have already discussed the MORE epidemic that is affecting women of all ages and in all corners of the planet. The MORE epidemic is affecting women more aggressively than men. Women today are awake and kicking to express themselves MORE than ever in history.

I am sure you know you have a passion to share, I trust this blog inspires that passion MORE! If you relate to any part of this blog post you will want to send me an email and tell me why you want to apply to be a part of my private Facebook group, then let me tell you one thing clearly- I don’t take everyone.  It is only people who recognize they want  MORE and are prepared to engage in conversations, who are willing to see their triggers, who are willing to contribute and co-operate with like-minds to create the life they want to BE living.

Here are some questions I have learnt to ask myself and will be covering in the next few weeks in my blog and videos.  FOR YOU!

These questions are for YOU to create YOUR life.

Am I who I want to be?.

Am I doing what I want to do?

Do I collect my ideas Everyday?

Do I take time for myself Everyday?

Do I surround myself with people who will accept my change!

Do I have a crystal clear picture of what I want for my kind?

Ask yourself these questions that I’ll be going into deeper in the next blogs. Watch for the next blogs they are for you to change your life, from what has worked for me and others I have worked with. I am confident that the entire process will help you in making some excellent value-based decisions in life!

Hugs and love



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  1. Great post Downie , I completely agree to you, the only constant thing in life is change. And we tend to ignore the most important stuff in our life. Plus, we need to define our ideas into clear and mental pictures for our mind. I got some very good lessons from your blog. Thank you for sharing,
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