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What is important to you?

Asking ourselves important questions everyday, asks our brain to stop and be aware of where it is taking us. We can be on automatic pilot from what we have learnt from our teachers at school, our parents even the subtle messages in our society through TV, radio newspapers the internet.

What is important to you?


what's important to you
What’s important to you…. Something in one of these videos might shed some light on what i’m talking about here

  1. Bob McDonald – Values Based Leadership

    Influencing people and myself, is be the most fulfilled way of living I know
    Bob Mc Donald asks us:  do we speak to people from what is not working or from what is working and what is important and take what is working and influence people from that.

Whats important to you?… you might resonate with something here……

  1. Dr. Wayne Dyer: How to Stop Sabotaging Yourself

    Wayne Dyer talks about what’s driving your boat and often we expect it is what we have done, he talks about the wake of the boat and we often look behind and think that’s what drives us. He goes on to give a few tips on respect not only of ourselves but of others he talks about commitment and how that influences our thinking to what is important to us.

The late Buckminster Fuller main message was to think for yourself.  We might think we are… but  are we?????


  1. Do Your Own Thinking: R. Buckminster Fuller

    Buckmintser Fuller is one man I have studied over the past many years.
    He asked himself what have my experiences taught me. He says “I have to give up all my believes”  Bucky, in many of his videos and writings explains that he made a decision to give up his believes that he  learnt from his schooling, his parents, his society and really start thinking from his experiences and trust what I had learnt.
Words like purpose, freedom, goals, passion are bantered around in the personal development, leadership quadrants even parenting courses…. what are the meanings of these words. From my experience they are part of a language that keeps us away from what is really important to us.
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Di and Joopy at our beach
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What is important to you? - Di Downie - The Ideas Diva.Shaping your ideas into reality