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12 Speaking Tips for the Entrepreneur

“All the great speakers were bad speakers at first.”
“Words have incredible power. They can make people’s heart soar, or they can make people’s hearts soar.”
“The art of Speaking is the language of Leadership.”
“Do not be afraid to speak your mind”

Developing my speaking style has not come easily to me although people tell me that I come over clear, precise with a light heart. Learning how to communicate with what you are passionate about is a skill, and one that is needed if you truly desire your message to change lives.

I travel the world speaking with people and audiences and have been mentored by some of the most skilled speakers on the planet.  Two to mention are Joel Bauer and Mitch Carson, both I believe are among the best on the planet who transfer their message to their audience. In my twenties I studied with Robert and Kim Kiyosaki with Blair Singer being one of their trainers at that point. I took away many skills that I implemented in our businesses for the next 20 years, also while mentoring She’preneurs.

A tipping point for my speaking “career” was when I realized I needed my self esteem fully intact to stand in my desire to facilitate my dignity, clarity and style for all to feel and not only see.

In this digital age we all have the biggest opportunity ever to observe how we react from our history. Our history when we cannot embrace it will and does hold us back;it does affect our self-esteem. This digital opportunity can be self- empowering yet many people are caught up in the self -comparing mode often diminishing their clarity, their dignity and their style.  Read my blog to gather a full understanding for you to take full advantage of the digital opportunity rather than it taking advantage of you.

In my book A High Heels Paradox, in chapter Two, I speak about Sisca and how she builds her business from what matters to her.  How she speaks with her family is the same way she speaks with her staff.  It is also the same way she speaks to her audience.

Excerpt from the end of this chapter is here:

“It makes no difference where we live, what  our  religion  is,  what  color  our  skin  is,  what languages we speak we all want to do a good job, and we all want to be loved.”

There is an entrepreneur in every woman that just needs to be awakened and mentored in the right way. My blog, “What makes a Women Entrepreneur” has been widely read and hugely appreciated by my Raving fans.There are 6 Tips I share in the book to be a great communicating She’preneur:

1.) Personal Contact – Don’t let language get in the Look people in the left eye for personal contact. Give a smile to everyone, anytime,anywhere.

2.) Build relations – Talk to someone you don’t know every week of your life.

3.) Enjoy life – Ask yourself, “Did you laugh today?” It is an essential part of our daily routine, yet we tend to forget about it.

4.) Explore places –Once a week: Go somewhere you have never been before or drive a different way to work. That might be going right to work rather than going left to get to work.

5.) Learn new languages –Keep learning different languages as it’s the only thing that separates us all on the planet.

6.) Keep learning new subjects –Be interested in various new subjects and become a lifelong learner!

A High Heels Paradox: Be interested in other people, it makes us more interesting and the world more interesting.

My 12 Tips for SPEAKING to become a successful Entrepreneur comes from my own journey, from what I have learnt and what works for me. I have been mentoring women in Australia, America, Europe, The Middle East, Japan and Asia to turn their ideas into reality, turn their dreams and passion into purpose. Tell me in the comments what works for you when you are relating to a person, two people or a thousand people.Let me share with you my secret of success and what helped in becoming a successful women entrepreneur and an International Speaker travelling around the world.

1.) VALUES – Know your values; have a clear sentence written for each of them. Base your communication on the outcome of this value-based tool. One of my values is to have fun.  I know I can be serious and nervous and anxious. When preparing my presentation I always ask myself how can I and the audience have fun.

2.) PLAN – This is common sense, of course! Plan and Practise to keep to your time with your key points being precise and relevant to your audience and your big picture message. Use mind maps to plan out your presentation, use photos for your mind to remember your main points while you are practising.

3.) PASSIONATE – Be interesting from being a lifelong learner. Your audience will pick up on your ability to address their needs rather than being rigid to your singular topic. Show your passion for living rather than simply presenting your information.

4.) JUDGEMENTS- Eliminate them! Ladies you are not there to show your cleavage or your thighs. Unless you are going to talk about them… maybe… Remove as much possibility for people to judge you. You want them to hear and feel your message. That’s what you are there for.

5.) KEY WORDS Kinaesthetically practice your presentation. Use your body to remember your keywords, to keep you on track, to make an impression on the mind of your audience.

6.) STYLE – Present with your personal style not only verbally or with specific tools. With clean manicured nails, light make-up (Yes guys too!), shiny shoes, wear deodorant. Know what colours suit your skin tone; enhance your brand even your logo with your style.

7.) CLARITY – Not only practise your presentation, have healthy food, body and mind routines in place for your energy to be natural. Hype, hand waving, jumping up and down, NLP techniques are simply tools to confuse people and the space you are talking into. You may want to confuse your audience for them to rush and buy your products. I don’t!

8.) DIGNITY – Observe how you react to situations, people, comments, smells, food, and lights. For our dignity to facilitate confidence we must know ourselves and our message. It is essential for all of us that we know our why! Read here to know your why. Observe yourself when you are anxious or when something doesn’t go to plan.

9.) CREDIBILTIY Write a book, a good one. A teaser E book is a great way to start for you to know your message and for people to gain a sense of who you are and what your message truly is. My book “A High Heels Paradox” is an International Seller. Refer to your book when you are presenting, have people who have read your book tell the audience what they have gained.

10.) PROPS – Your book maybe your only “prop”. Mitch Carson is a genius with Props and how he uses them in his presentation. Props will give your audience minds pictures to link to link to your message.

11.) YOUR NEEDS What do you need from speaking and communicating? Are you offering something, be clear on that offer. Why are you speaking and what does that give you emotionally. Know more here.

12.) AUDIENCE NEEDS – What does your audience need? People will buy from what they need. People will buy if they know they can contribute if that is one of their emotional needs. This area of presenting is never spoken about and is the most invisible aspect… It is the elephant in the room.

To sum up, while speaking to your audience it is a must to ensure that your speech is powerful, persuasive and compelling. People will usually forget what you said and did, but will never forget how you made them feel. So, when you speak, forget that the audience will look at you, just think about what value you will add to them.Women need to believe that their words have great power and they can use them to inspire and motivate others as well. When I speak unapologetically, I feel at peace. Who knows that in future, even you can become one of the best motivational, inspirational speakers in Australia and around the world? You may want to simply share what you know one on one. You may want to teach a technical skill to small groups.  You will want excellent communication skills.

I would love to hear your comments and stories. How do you share your message to your market?


Hugs and love


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