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Food for Thought: Daily Eating Routine

Let food be thy medicine and medicine by thy food~ Hippocrates

Do you know why we say ‘food for thought’?

Like, how FOOD and THOUGHT comes in one single sentence that reflects the whole meaning of goodness, inspiration and motivation? Let me tell you my definition here! Our food becomes the centrifugal force of our thoughts, driving all our ideas and inspiration in/fromour mind. So if you are going to eat well, you will definitely have more opportunity to feel well.This is how food is related to your thoughts- this is why daily eating routines is so and so IMPORTANT…!!!

Successful minds have a successful secret- they all believe in one simple fact which is “eat healthy, stay healthy”. I believe, all successful long-term women entrepreneurs or ‘She’preneurs’ that I have found in my life, have distinctions on the food they eat and the drinks they drink. Happy, delighted and excited, today I’m sharing my food routines as it is right now in fact, I’m always looking for ways to tweak my routine in the healthiest way if possible for my own individuality.  And yes I love chips and butter the two things that I have been mindful of eating too often.  Hey life is for living right?? Yes- it is! Just like all of you, I too believe in living my life to the fullest. I have my fun schedule… the hours that I reserve for self pampering and peace and I enjoy every bit of it.  But mindful eating and following a ‘healthy’ eating routine is something that I always have in mind.

Try following my healthy eating routine and make sure you go slowly into it… make sure you love the tastes.  If you don’t, change it slightly so you DO love what you eat with the aim of less sugar, less salt or less acid content.

Here is my everyday food routine for my lovely readers:

Wake up drink: I prefer starting my morning with a  glass of warm water with a good squeeze of lemon and a cap full of apple cider vinegar into it. My aim here is to have a good amount of alkaline intake. You can take this drink within half an hour of waking up.

Breakfast: Do you love having seasonal fruits? In my family, we also prefer consuming a drink containing spinach, cucumber, carrot and banana or berries or pear (depends on the season), coconut oil, cayenne pepper, turmeric, gelatin, spirulina.  For the liquid I use my Water Kefirsecond ferment or coconut water or rain water!  We make enough for a snack at morning tea time or some other time during the day. So it is something that you can easily find in your refrigerator, having it anytime of the day.If I’m away from my office with access to my fridge I’d take my drinks with me in a small esky when I’m organized.

There are two golden rules with healthy eating which says,

“Break your meals into small multiple meals in a day and stay hydrated”.

“Never be hungry”.


Lunch: Almond milk  withvanilla drink, green soup or a salad – you can choose any of them for your lunch meal, these are my personal favorites.   You can have a look at this Almond Milk Recipe, once you have done it a few times have fun with it. Change it, make it yours! Add favorite ingredients.


Golden secret:I always carry almonds and water everywhere I go.  I never go hungry or thirsty. If I’m into more carbs I’ll take good organic crackers with me so I’m never hungry.


 Afternoon Tea time:I only have it when I am hungry! Afternoon tea time, for me, is mostly about having another cup of Almond drink or Kefir second ferment, or maybe a tea.  ( See below for my recommendations on teas) If I ate somethingit would be something like nuts or a apple or crackers with almond butter.

Dinner: During the super time, I love enjoying warm food which is either mashed pumpkin and or potatoes( Potatoes are acid, I love them and would only have occasionally) with Salmon and a salad with warm pumpkin in it or hot hard boiled eggs. Sometimes, I might also have a yummy Dahl or fried rice or Sushi. My salad dressing is good virgin olive oil, apple cider vinegar Cayenne Pepper, fresh chili, sometimes coconut oil.  I like to drink warm water; I will rarely drink iced water.  You can have a quick look at this article to understand the good effects of warm water over cold.

If I want something sweet I might go for a nut and coconut Muesli and a bit of organic honey and if I have some yogurt I dab a bit of that in the mix. Check out this simple yet amazing recipe of preparing muesli– you are absolutely going to love it!

Bed time:

I am a big fan of dandelion root tea so it is what I generally take before going to  bed. Dandelion Root made into tea has always been touted as perfect for Digestive Ailments. It has historically been used to improve appetite, and relieve constipation.  We all know someone who has had or has the Big C. Check this video by Dr. Siyaram Pandey to unravel the amazing benefits of Dandelion Root steeped in hot water to make a tea.

Alternative drinks:

Hibiscus Tea is one that I love over Green tea, of course we all know both have high antioxidant properties.  I like to drink the Hibiscus over the afternoon and Dandelion Root at night.  I also love to make them both cold and hot, depending on the season, Turmeric Lattes ( hot or cold) are also yummy: have a look at the recipe. I also aim to keep myself hydrated with a lot of water.

I’d recommend you experiment with your food and drink intake.  Do your own research. Research costs nothing when you have a internet connection.  Do your research well, don’t go off  trying something weird and wonderful only knowing half the story.

Research, experiment, look for your own changes.

Research, experiment, look for your own changes.

Research, experiment, look for your own changes.

So my lovely readers, here is everything that I do for my individual health and I am sure you too will love it. Come up with your amazing words and comments and share your food routines and motivation here. We all need to be inspired and to be apart of a larger cause and our individual health is part of the global health cause!

Hugs and love



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15 thoughts on “Food for Thought: Daily Eating Routine”

    1. Hello Lori,

      The benefits to this type of eating is many and I especially love the clarity of thought that comes with it.

      Always love to see you here Lori.


    1. Hi Keith,

      These ideas that work for me in more ways than one.

      Apart from eating and drinking from knowing why I eat and drink this way I gain other health benefits and clarity benefits that I love

      Thankyou Keith for your time


  1. I love the morning part, I also snack a lot eat more little meals as opposed to large bloat causing ones. Unless I go for a party lol! Right now I am holding a spiritual fast. So eating is after 6pm after a day of…ell fasting!

    1. Dear Julie,

      A Spiritual fast, Im sure you learn more than your eating habits Julie and thank you for sharing.

      I do very well and have awesome results with jet lag, any aches and pains with my eating routine as I have outlined in this blog.

      Thankyou for your time Julie


  2. Hey Di,
    This is a wonderful routine you have daily! I need to start to eat “smaller” meals all day long as I am in menopause and the weight gain really sucks! lol I work out at the gym 4 times a week which helps my metabolism as well as making sure I eat right every day! I am going to take my cue from you and start eating smaller and eating more fruits 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!!
    Joan M Harrington recently posted…The Secret To Writing Persuasive Sales EmailsMy Profile

    1. Hello Joan,

      Thankyou for your comment. Yes smaller meals is a good routine and brightly coloured vegetables in your juices is better than fruits although I love bananas so I always have a banana in my drinks. YOu might love berries.

      I have been through Menopause and have had small meals for many yeas now and for the past 10 years, or so , have made the small melas into juices for easier and better absorption for my body.

      Im so excited that you can take just a small piece from my blog to improve your wellbeing. Food, for me, was the gateway to my personal transformation.

      Have fun with it Joan.


  3. this is a great reference. and it’s good to know that some of my routine overlaps with yours, yet still a work in progress. i’m starting to get into the habit of adding baking soda to my morning lemon/water on an occasion, especially the morning after eating a ton of meat. i’d love to get more into teas. now, why hibiscus over green tea? just curious. i do love the fragrance and taste of hibiscus. need to get that and try dandelion. i like that if you’re having a sweet craving you are inclined to have muesli. i do as well, however, now and then i’m a bit naughty with ice cream.

    1. Thankyou Regina,

      I trust you can use it as a reference.

      We are all a work of progress.

      Hibiscus Tea has a high anti oxidant effect than the well known green tea from further research I have done, I drink Hibiscus and Dadelion Root in the afternoon, after my Almond Milk which is so Alkaline but has high protein. I f I put a banana in my almond drink Im less likely to want any sugar later in the day… just me though!!!!

      I love Muesli, a good one, no sugar and no carbs.. I can get a brand called Forage here.

      Im naughty with chips and butter… ha ha ha

      Thankyou for your awesome comment Regina


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