Watch These 13 She’preneurs in 2017

When magic happens to you… you stand there …awestruck, happy and satisfied!!!

The year 2016 has been special to me in terms of professional achievements, personal life, family, and peace. And out of all the goodness that this year gave me, being a part of the TV show called BRAND IT is my most favorite memory.In fact, it is not just a memory for me. It is much more than that! It is about meeting my counter souls- knowing women who have a similar passion for their lives as I have. It is about knowing how fantastic the word ‘She’preneur’ is and how it completes a woman in its own way. It is about visiting New York once again to revive all the old gold memories of life. It is about earning the place to stand next to the most watchful 13 She’preneurs in 2017 and yes BEING ONE OF THEM! Whaaoo!!!

Meeting some of the finest women entrepreneurs, knowing their story of achievement and failure and learning the ultimate lessons of life is a wonderful feeling. Thank you BRAND IT for giving me the opportunity of knowing some of the most influential She’preneurs around the world. BRAND IT is a TV show run by the Bon Bon Networks in the City of New York. The TV show was a brain child of Rhonda Swan and Bonnie Bruderer, two enthusiastic and heartfelt She’preneurs with a vision for a handful of women willing to step out of their comfort zones. 

I remember I asked Bonnie what she gained from this incredible experience. With her usual enthusiasm and love of life Bonnie shares:

“This past August I was part of an incredible, world-class event called Media and The City and the filming of the BRAND IT television series. I had the incredible honor of being surrounded by 14 entrepreneurs for an entire week. This included my partner and Co-Producer Rhonda Swan and 13 entrepreneurs from all over the world.

Now, the one thing I noticed is that we were all the same. Let me explain, not physically, not geographically, and not even that we were in the same line of work. The one common thread was the drive to support others in creating success.

As one of the producers, I have spent close to 50 hours now, with the footage of this event. Each interview is more impressive then the next, as these women pour out their hearts and souls of what went into building their business. But what most people don’t get to see is what went on behind that. The entire event was filmed and photographed and I have never seen such palpable support. The looks from the other in the group when one is speaking, the encouraging smiles, the hugs, the tears.

I believe that each and everyone one of us knows what it takes to create success as a female entrepreneur and during this week, you could literally see and feel that common thread that ties us all together, no matter where you are from”.

Rhonda, Bonnie, Livia, Patty, Di , Leysa, Jodi, Erica, Inge, Christine and Liliana.

Of course Rhonda had her own experience being the co-producer of the Brand-it Show. Rhondas inspiration, love of seeing people grow along with her online experience shows us who she is from her personal insight:

I’ve been so madly lucky to have several incredible women who have mentored me in my early years, they taught me never to be afraid to share my ideas, and when it comes to brainstorms and big ideas, to be fearless. I was gently nurtured to speak out which was critical to my success, and I will be forever grateful. I bring this fearless attitude to all my business endeavors especially while we filmed BRAND IT.

Working with this divas group of women during the Media and the City Event and filming BRAND IT was powerful, when I see women doing incredible things around me; I’m inspired to do the same. Having a critical mass of women is crucial for peer mentoring, sanity checks, and solidarity. I believe when women believe in each other, and support each other, they can change the world.” 

Rhonda, Patty, Di, Christine, Bonnie, Leysa, Inge, Erica, Liliana

The thought of presenting your She’preneur ideas with the wider world out there was always overwhelming and as I said, I enjoyed every bit of the experience.But what really struck me in the BRAND IT show was the fact that all of these women know and demonstrated the significance of ‘collaboration’. Collaboration is the key to change that when we share what we know only then change happens in the world. Our planet needs it… we all needs it!

Know these She’preneurs as their expertise comes from relationships, food, nutrition, spirituality, personal development, business, and so on. Know how they differentiate between having a job to having a business! Watch these She’preneurs in 2017, follow them, comment on their blogs, know what does social media do for them and engage in their programs as they will be the ones impacting people’s lives in the year 2017.

Here you go with knowing these amazing ladies… the Watchful She’preneurs of 2017:

  1. Tonya Pearson

Tony is one of those people you know you can trust and confide in. I hung out with Tonya a bit while in New York and loved her simple style of being her. This girl is AUTHENTIC! Tonya is a freedom fighter helping people to control their finances rather than their finances control them. Tonya’s financial blueprint re-organizes peoples finances, personally or in their business. Tonya’s passion is to see families to come together with their financial power to live and be free and be how they are. “Do something about your life” says Tonya, “I’m on a mission to re-defining the family’s dream for families to become financially free”Learn some good, sound financial skills that everyone needs. You might not want them! You NEED THEM!

Meet Tonya :YouTube and Facebook

  1. Darviny

 I love Darviny! Darviny is simply one of those people you fall in love with. Darviny has created her dream life with her lifelong partner and daughter in Florida USA, whilst establishing her cooking show with The Ask Bon Bon Show. Darviny helps women who have lost their sense of playfulness, their love for their bodies, and their belief in their own radiance to reclaim their inner spark so they can indulge the pleasures of a life well lived.

Meet Darviny:YouTube and Website

  1. Patty Alfonso

I knew Patty would have a unique way in answering the question of  “what is a She’preneur to you?’ “A new way of being, a new way of being with your body and a new way of being in the world”! Patty created her Pole Dancing for Consciousness program while shifted herself from who she thought she was to who she is now, consciously! “What do you want to eat” What does your body want to wear” are some of the questions Patty asks. “How does it get better than this” is a great question Patty asks to give profound shifts for men and women’s lives”.

Meet Patty: YouTube and Website

Erica, Di Christine, Liliana, Jodi , Inge
  1. Liliana Aguirre

Like I said in my video, all these women are authentic, they are real. Liliana is no exception. Plus, I love her accent. Don’t you just love accents? I asked Liliana what a She’preneur is to her, she described herself of course, she is spot on!In my opinion, a She’preneur is an independent and driven woman who believes in herself, someone who exercises initiative and who is ready to make a difference and a positive contribution in the world. A She’preneur is a business leader, an innovator and a decision maker who is able to successfully execute ideas and projects in the business world”.

Meet Liliana: YouTube and Website

  1. Erica Kristene

 Erica is passionate to assist people with life’s struggles, she will inspire, motivate, “get you over the hump”. This is Erica’s purpose. I know that Erica can and will do this, as I have spent these five days with her and witnessed with my own eyes her tenacity, her empathy and have been privileged enough to have had a glimpse into a this amazing lady’s past. Erica lives a life now full of her dreams and is passionate to share how she does this. “You can be anyone you want to be” says Erica.

Meet Erica: YouTube and Website

  1. Dr. Lesya Anna

 Lesya is from a family of doctors, she has explored her own limitations and now works with people in the least invasive way to assist people with their health in her retreats. When people tap into their own purpose they become incredibly abundant from a holistic point of view. Her vision is to create a world of collaboration bringing people together for peace and joy. She loves to work with people who are interested in willing to learn, take a risk, to step out of their comfort zone.

Meet Leysa: YouTube and Website

  1. Jodi Harman

Jodi is the author of The Forever Girlfriend. Jodi helps women to stay in love with their husband or their significant other. Jodi tells her story of how she changed her thinking which changed her marriage. Rather than looking at her husband’s problems Jodi changed her own problems, which changed her marriage. Jodi’s book has down to earth tips with communication that has bought more intimacy and passion to marriages. “Take 100% responsibility for your relationship” says Jodi. Jodi is another person who walks her talk, she is married, and she knows what it takes and is sharing her secrets with you.

Meet Jodi: YouTube and Website

  1. Christine Robinson

 Christine was my roommate whilst we shot the Brand-it TV Show in New York. You get to know a person when you “sleep” with them for a week or so. Of course we had separate beds…LOL!!!! Christine is that person I think of when I think of that old say “The Glass is half full”. Christine always has a suggestion is thoughtful and knows her stuff when it comes to getting a Author to a Best Seller on Amazon. You did that for me and I love you for doing that and I love you more for being you! I loved rooming with you Christine and I now consider you as one of my real friends from around the globe.

Meet Christine: YouTube and Website

  1. Livia Caudell

 Livia is full of energy; her enthusiasm will give you a jump start. I asked Livia what is a She’preneur? Her reply was clear, forth right and definite. A woman, who is able to see powerful a vision for her life… she has the ability to lead and make things happen for herself, so she can maintain a prosperous life for herself and her family… she is powerful and strong and can create anything!

Livia is inspiring, if you love living, you will love Livia!

Meet Livia: YouTube and Website

  1. Kalpna Suthar

Kalpna is one of those unassuming, gentle souls who we rarely meet. Kalpna is the perfect person to write a book called Never Judge a Book by its cover. When I asked what a She’preneur was to her, she gently and clearly says: “She’preneur – This is an empowering lady that not only mentors and coaches other but also educates them to be their best”. She is not afraid to think for herself and voice her opinion. She is there to make a difference to the world, genuine and keeps to her word. She doesn’t allow all the negativity influences her and persists in achieving her goals and vision to make this world a better place for everyone. Ultimately she is a LEADER, a positive role model and dynamic!

Meet Kalpna: YouTube and Website

  1. Inge Hart

I have spent time, real time, with Inge, her husband and their two gorgeous kids. When you sit around the breakfast table a few times together, visit each other at home there is not much that gets missed. Inga, her husband and their kids are real and they are putting into practice what they are learning about food, nutrition and living…like really living. Just to listen to Inge’s passionate personal story you will know that she the type of person who walks her talk. I think is a typical down to earth “Inge” comment: “It’s about finding out what is good for you, a process of trial and error”.

Meet Inge: YouTube and Website

  1. Karen Louise

A gorgeous blonde bomb shell, Karen has 3 children and is the CEO of Health wealth and Balance. Karen’s story has shifted her into helping women to be independent to feel safe and secure. Karen put her and her children’s life into her husband’s hands, circumstances changed and Karen has had to learn how to be secure, she shares this in her work.

Meet Karen:  You Tube and  Website

Here are a few of us at our farewell breakfast. Keelie ( front left) assisted us all with aaaallllll our details, things like, special food, how to get the Hotel, she collected our photos for our TV show, that you see in the You Tube Videos. Keelie you are AMAZING!!!! You can also see here: Liliana, a piece of Jordan ( our producer) Jodi, Inge, Patty and maybe thats Christine behind Keelies hair.

In a Nutshell:

What makes a She’preneur?

It’s a new way of being, a new way of being with your body and a new way of being in the world.

Independence and self driven

She believes in herself.

Someone who exercises initiative.

She is ready to make a difference.

A business leader.

An innovator.

A decision maker.

Able to successfully execute herideas

She has a powerful vision.

She makes things happen for herself.

She can create anything.

She is an empowering lady.

She thinks for herself and voices her opinion.

She is there to make a difference to the world.

She is genuine and keeps to her word.

She is a positive role model.

She is a lifelong learner.

She shares her PASSION!

She makes a profit from what she loves to do!

She is always working on her authenticity!

All of us were “airing” here! HOW AWESOME IS THAT!!!!

Helen Keller once shared a beautiful thought about women. It says:

When we do the best we can, we never know what miracle is wrought in our life, or in the life of another.”

I completely agree to this! A good woman entrepreneur has all the capabilities and capacities to outshine anything in her life. Contrary to the traditional beliefs, she is not just made of metaphors. She is much more than your thoughts and even more than where the thought ends. This is the power of being a woman… a She’preneur… Women Entrepreneur!

With the zeal to turn their ideas into reality, I am sure these ‘Wonder-She’preneur Women’ will be able to make the most out of their lives. Feeling inspired by someone? Want to know more about how to be a She’preneur? Have Queries? Have Ideas? Drop your questions/ideas/thoughts in the comment box and I will answer them. Ask me anything!!! I have a wealth of knowledge at my finger tips. Between the 15 of us, we would have most topics covered. Ask Away in the comments!!!!

Love and Hugs


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      Thankyou Keelie and thank you for taking the time to come here and comment


  1. What an inspiring post…. Especially around this time of year, when we start the process of looking back at 2016, doing some sprints before the year ends and unconsiously start the process of setting intentions for 2017. This post has so much inspirational information and gives acces to so much knowledge that it will enable women to get into action mode and consiously contemplate on their purpose, how to realize it and what to do to get it. Di Downie your investment in this post is a great contribution to all women out there!

    1. Hello Inge,

      To review our past years, as you say Inge, is best to start way before the end of the year. This gives us time to not only reflect but also to make some course changes for the next year.

      I trust this post does inspire other people to take action and share what they know from what matters to them

      Inge thank you for your time


    1. Hello Carol,

      Thankyou for your encouragement Carol.

      Yes these women are powerful, clear and taking action creating for themselves and changing the planet in a big way


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