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What Makes a Good Women Entrepreneur?

There is absolutely no denying the fact that ‘women always multiple and amplify things that they get in their lives’! Give them groceries and they will give you a meal, give them love and they will give you a family, give them your kids and they will shape them into some well-groomed citizens- but above everything… ‘Give them a vision and they will show you a winsome career’. This is the power of being a She’preneur.

I have seen this world closely- quite convincingly! Through my experiences of life, I have traveled across continents and countries to explore and learn more and there is one thing that I firmly believe today. I believe that women across the world are different yet they are so theSAME! No matter in what conditions, professions and choices they live, there is one thread of similarity that runs in every single woman. The thread is of essential SKILL and TALENT that is inherited by every woman. I believe all women are entrepreneurs or what I would like to name them is ‘She’preneur’. We, women, win the art of managing, juggling and negotiating multiple things. We all are creative- we all have that eye for detail- we master love, perfection, and fear at the same time- and we can conquer our limitations with just a flick of a smile. This is the women in the 21st century and I am so blessed to be one *WOHOOO*

The Making of a Good Women Entrepreneur:


My visit to Bali became more insightful and fun when I met these two amazing ladies named Sisca and Thea from Theanna Resort and Spa in Bali. The beautiful resort was a product of Sisca and her husband’s collective vision for their business. As a women entrepreneur, Sisca has exceptionally contributed her best ideas, skills and vision to the business. To me, she is a women having multiple insights into her personality. Through an exciting conversation with Sisca, I have learned some of the most phenomenal secrets of being a She’preneur. And here I am sharing them with you this video and blog.

  1. Being a good mum:

Just like a child, a mother is also born and here comes the BIG lessons of learning. Sisca chooses the role of being a mum as her favorite as it matters the most to her. I think the role of a mother comes with a phenomenal sense of responsibility and obligation and it is the most common feature of the She’preneur. We do things in a mothering way- quite natural with women!

  1. Use your heart:

Organizing everything that you have with a heart of a mum is the greatest secret of success for Sisca. She plans to put her heart in everything that she does i.e. whether it’s her relationship with the husband, her business, her kids and even her staff members. Use your heart to look and listen to foresee problems.

  1. Treat your staff as your children:

I personally think that it is very important for a She’preneur to treat her employees as her own kids. We, human beings, are driven by the desire to love and understand each other. The personal element in work can be a great motivational boost to the employees. They can go beyond the conventional rules and mindset to dive down and contribute their personal extra to add value.

  1. Encourage good effort:

Negativity breeds negative energy and it is harmful to the business. Being a She’preneur, you have to encourage good efforts and work of your team. Even when the team is making a mistake, encourage them to do better and try great things.

  1. Trust:

Sisca believes in starting her day with a silent ritual of prayer as she trusts her life to her God. Her trust in her God is evident in her face and energy.

Be curious enough to ask questions- as much as you want to ask! Women entrepreneurs have this endless curiosityfor analyzing questions and asking for solutions. Trust yourself and ask questions. “It’s always better than we think” says Thea.

The course of interviewing people and knowing their ideas is very interesting. Over this short journey, I have realized that it certainly takes skills and talent to do a good job. The  best thing is to add is ‘vision’. Put a clear vision and mix it with your skills for becomes a successful women entrepreneur. Probably, this is the best way to turn your ideas into reality. Remember- all women are entrepreneurs: She’preneurs.

I sincerely thank Sisca and Thea for sharing their unique ideas on women entrepreneurships. It is women like Sisca and Thea that become the true role models for other working women globally.  Sisca’s tips are valuable and very similar to most women who run a business, run a house, are in sexual relationships, have children, have friends and so on.

I would love to celebrate my idea of womanhood with this beautiful expert from my book ‘A High Heels Paradox’. I hope you will love it too!

I believe all women manage, juggle, negotiate, have an eye for detail, look from the big picture, are intuitional, creative and are busting to be more. Some women are floating on the river of denial while pretending to be happy, without wanting to rock their boat in fear of losing what they have, or are in fear of someone not loving them, or in fear of not doing “it “correctly. I want to assure you, you can have everything.

 You can have your cake and eat it too.

You can be any way you choose.”

You can go and order your copy of A High Heels Paradox here:

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So what makes a woman She’preneur? I will be waiting for your answers in the comment box- share your heart!!!

Love and Hugs!

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16 thoughts on “What Makes a Good Women Entrepreneur?”

    1. Thankyou Keith,

      Yep us girls do rock…. not men don’t!!! LOL

      I loved this chat with Sisca and loved how she expressed how she trains her staff.

      Thankyou Keith.. always love to hear from you


    1. Hi Michael,

      Yep its a great skill for many women and its the very one that can sabotage us if we do not manage our multi skilling.

      Thankyou for your visit Michael


  1. I absolutely love this post Di. Womanhood is a gift from God that no body can quite understand. We women can achieve a lot with very little and can endure a lot. And Yes, to the best of my knowledge, women make the best entrepreneurs. They are top in every Network Marketing Company you can find out there. Women Rock. Thank you for sharing and those lessons you shared are priceless. Love them.

    1. Hi Judith,

      Thankyou Judith.

      Yes I loved what Sisca says and how she expresses herself. She speaks from her heart and shares what we all do naturally and sometimes
      ignore or forget.

      Women are behind all great businesses, not only Network marketing Companies. Often we don’t see them in offline businesses, but they are there, silent, liasing silently from their heart from what is important to them.

      Love your comment Judith and I Appreciate you


  2. Great blog and yes girls are awesome mule-taskerss
    Theanna is a beautiful place. Sisca and Thea have done amazing work with the gorgeous staff

    1. Yes didn’t you just love hearing Sisca speaking from her heart and sharing how she has built her business life… from being a mum

      I love this lady and the way she expresses herself.

      Thankyou Diane


  3. Wow I love this Post, We Women Rock, And We rock even more when we have a Team we can Mother, Love and Encourage…I love Us, I love the term She-preneur… Same as Mom-preneur but includes women who may not have biological children, and yet still mother the nation! Thanks Di for sharing!

    1. Thankyou Julie,

      Yes we all rock and women really rock! And you are spot on when us girls have a team we are so incredibly powerful.

      Thankyou for you time and your she’preneur thinking Julie

      Appreciate your time and you


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What Makes a Good Women Entrepreneur?