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What does social media do?

Necessity is indeed the mother of ideas- when you need something essentially, you find definite ways to achieve it! I will tell you how my circumstances of necessity brought my ideas into reality.

Over the period of time, the world has changed in many ways. As I analyze it today and I move back to recollect my journey, I see change as ‘one consistent’ phenomena that is evident in practice. Sometimes the change is good and sometimes it is bad- well, there is no doubt that it is indeed a process having two way consequences. And this is how life is! You might find many paradoxes in life, you might love them all or you might hate them completely.

#My Story



I have had a very special relationship with my ideas and the foundation of this relationship was fed on trust. I trusted myself…even during the hour of crisis and it was a beautiful decision to trust myself. I still remember the golden experience of my life that came out of our financial necessity. In the first 5 years of marriage when drought struck us in the wheat growing area of Western Australia, I learned how to weave wheat and decided to teach the craft of weaving wheat to people living in the surrounding country towns. I use to drive to country towns to demonstrate the art and craft of weaving wheat. Following my passion, I even wrote a book on wheat weaving. And I am proud (in fact very PROUD) to say that this was the idea which brought food to our tables. The child in me was taught to live a life of discipline…she was brought up with the rules of earn a living, to work as hard as one can, to get good grades in school and above all, to be a good girl and do what you are told to do.Some of these rules have kept me in a healthy lifestyle.
I was told I’d get married, have children, and If I worked hard, looked after my husband and children society implied I’d be taken care of.

By the way I’m not very good, and have never been very good at being told what to do.

The Lesson Learnt!

Life teaches you some of the most fantastic lessons but then they never come in a day or two. The learning phase is endless as even after 30 years of thejourney; I believe I am still in the learning mode. During these 30 years, I have spent countless moments on myself through various learning resources like personal development programs, business learning sessions (coming from the wealthiest on the planet), studying a variety of health therapies, and so on. I was fortunate enough to specialize in natures principles from Buckminster Fuller’s writings and lectures.

The Enlightenment:

Sometimes, I am so amazed when I look back to my life’s journey that I find it really difficult to pour it into words. From being a young passionate girl to a devoted wife and super caring mum, I played almost all the crucial roles of life until 4 years back when I decided to start the second innings of my journey. It all started from the realization that said “I cannot keep doing what I was doing in the manner I was doing it”. At that point of time, our girls were independent and happy leading their own lives. I knew I needed to get my life back for me- all because I started missing it dearly!

BUT … I had a few challenges now!

#Challenge 1: I had forgotten what I loved to do.

#Challenge 2: I kept having negative thoughts and thoughts like

#Challenge 3:“I don’t need to work this hard any longer” “I don’t want to rush any longer”
#Challenge 4: “I don’t want to listen to people who come to me with a, I owe them, or a poor me energy”.
#Challenge 5: “I know what I DON’T want”
I knew I needed to make some major changes in my life.
#Challenge 6: I believed that I would not be only the female feeling empty, trapped, frustrated and at times not liking the person I was turning in it.
#Challenge 7: I had forgotten what I loved to do and how to do it.
#Challenge 8: I knew I wanted to be free,
#Challenge 9: I knew I wanted to spend more time with my husband, Rob!
#Challenge 10: I knew I wanted to feel happy, connected and love myself again! I knew I wanted more quality time with our girls! 
More time with likeminded people! 
More time for me……
AND …#Challenge 11: with more elegance! 
I knew I wanted more fun! (Read my full story in my free EBook  KNOW YOUR WHY

The Breakthrough:
I went on another journey and spoke with over 200 women asking them what they wanted. I researched the internet on how I could share what I knew. I had operated 7 successful businesses, brought up children, juggled my personality in my marriage, travelled the world, re-educated myself and yet I had no clue what I really loved to do. There were 4 outcomes from my second most largest latest journey, here they are:

  • I knew I was not the only one who was clueless as to what I loved to do.
  • I could see that Social Media had changed the planet.
  • Women told me that it is time for us women to be human beings rather than human doings.
  • Change is the only thing that is stable.

Those 200 women told me what they wanted. I can see that people who can live with the change, social media and the Internet generally will be the ones who will live as fulfilled human beings. These women told me:

  • They wanted to be a part of something bigger than themselves.
  • They want to feel and see that they are adding value to another person.
  •  They want to feel they are in control of their destiny. Like me, most said they hate being told what to do.
  • Theyneed true support for who they are, not for what is expected of them.
  •  Women want a have purpose in my life.
  • To have direction in their life”.

Speaking in Bahrain and Dubai was a humbling experience for me. It was a complete pleasure to meet some amazing women and She’preneurs through this experience.

What have I Learned from Social Media????


My relationship with social media is direct- I simply share what I do and how I do it through Social Media. Women are ready to be more, and they are ready to be from what matters to them. I think social media matters to me as it is nothing but my extended family. It is a place where I meet new people, a place where I nurture my old relationships, a place where I share my inspiration and above all, a place where I turn my ideas into reality.

How do you find out what you love??

1. Start to be aware of what you think:

Have that natural appetite for social media awareness and focus your attention on things that really matters to you. How do I want to present myself when I am online in front of millions of people? What are the ways in which I can present my ideas? Is my message reaching the right set of audience? These are a few questions that you have to ask yourself.

2. Begin to catch your ideas, you will hear a pattern in your head of what you love:

Start implementing this golden rule! Follow your heart, catch ideas, hear the pattern in your head and adore what you love. Social media will be the best outreach channel for you this way.

3. Surround yourself with people who allow you to experiment with new activities:

You need to surround yourself in an environment that allows you to grow. A progressive constructive platform where sharing of ideas, discussion and open communication is naturally encouraging! Learn new experiences through your social media journey. Find people you can “chat” with. Join Facbook groups that are of interest and allow you to experiment. Join Linked forums where you can learn and grow.

4. Surround with people who are doing what you think you might love to do
Nothing in this world is more encouraging and heartening than a few humble words that come from another person- yes, human bonding is by far the best reward that one can get and give. Reward yourself with friends and followers that share similar aspirations like you.

5. Re-educate yourself

Never and never stop yourself from learning new things in life, especially when you can afford to have a curiosity of a child. Educate yourself, learn new skills, polish old achievements and add more feathers to your caps. READ , LISTEN, WATCH!

6. Up skill yourself to be of value

In this fast pacing world of stiff competition, it is important to up skill oneself for being a value-added asset. Just keep stirring that fire in you to learn new things in life and I am sure success will meet you in the most fantastic way.

7. Read and listen to inspiring people who are and have changed their lives. EVERYDAY

Learn your finest success lessons this way and stay motivated. Even during the hour of trouble, have that faith in YOURSELF and keep going. All because “when the going gets tough, the tough gets going”!

8. Include personal rituals in your life like Yoga, meditation, eating Good food.

Share goodness to get goodness in your life. I am sure you will be able to attract a likeminded social audience this way!

It wouldn’t be wrong to call social media a miraculous invention of human interactions. Many women entrepreneurs today want to be more and through social media and the internet, we can give them that MORE in their respective lives. All because they deserve every bit of it!

Love and Hugs!

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9 thoughts on “What does social media do?”

  1. Di,
    A great encouraging article that was well written and I loved the part where you are spending more time with loved ones.Include personal rituals like yoga is another one of my favorites. A good Post!
    Lori English

    1. Hey Lory

      Welcome back and I love to read your comments

      Yes I love my personal rituals and I think these types of skills, rituals, are so important for parents to teach their kids

      Always love having you hear Lori


    1. Thankyou Demetri

      Yep, I often hear negativity about what social media is doing. I think it has changed the world and created world connection and education
      that is immeasurable

      Thankyou for popping over today


  2. Pow Wow Wowww Di,
    What a powerful message! Congrats on your book what a woman! I can tell you I resonate with a few of your challenges. I always thought I knew what I wanted until I didn’t know it. Social media has been my saving grace. I have learnt a whole new Trade, Skills, Lifestyle and LOVE IT, challenges and all! I know for sure that feeling when you coin a book to help others get stuff done. Kudos to you from an Author too 🙂 This is what I love to do, Travel the world positively impacting lives by sharing my story and hat I know to help others get out of the rat race and live heir lives by design!

    Loved it
    Julie Syl

    1. Hello Julie,

      Social media is such a great tool for us to get out what we are passionate about and to make AMAZING connections GLOBALLY.
      How AWESOME is that.
      Yes Julie, this is truly a tool for us to get out of the rat race and help others to do the same



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