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The Difference between Having a Job to Having a Business

Have you ever seen a juggler?

Let me tell you what juggling is!

Juggling is an art of manipulating multiple objects at the same time, and it is  usually performed by a juggler.

Juggling is when you are able to hold and manage multiple roles with the same  dedication, pace and commitment.

Sound familiar?


Being a boss is not all about being bossy- the role has more layers to it. When I say that having a business is different than having a job, I simply mean that both of theseroles can be tough and challenging. I have often seen people being highly excited about starting their own business ventures and to be honest, nothing inspires me more than such declarations. However, while sailing the business boat and taking it on shore, it is a sad reality that not all are able to make the most of the daring opportunity. Very few get to their cruise…very few leave a mark…very few make their success.

So what could be failing for you? Well, I have the answer! You are actually failing to understand some fundamental differences between having a job and having a business.

What having a business is all about!

When you are managing any business, there is one thing that you have to understand for sure:

“You have to wear many hats for managing a business and as a business owner, you need to have the ability to change hats to the different departments that a business has”.

This is one of the fundamental difference between having a job and having a business. In business, your working domains are never limited as you are more often responsible for multiple or rather every department. A business owner cannot afford to shut his/her ties with the domains that don’tcome under his or her expertise. For instance, even if I have to manage the administrative jobs of my business, I still have to switch my cap from an administrator to operationsor marketing to a managerial decisionfor ensuring the overall success of my business. A business owner also needs to be having skills that they are good and I’d recommend they do what they are good at and I trust that you love what you are good at.You can read my blog about ‘what is a business’ to understand the founding pillars of a business.

What having a job is all about!

Being an expert by taking a particular job is a different situation on its own. It is more to do with things that you are good at doing, and again I’d trust that you love what you are good at. Mastering your job is necessary because it influences the turnover and profit of any business. For instance, if I am working as a financer then my sole responsibility is to master the art of managing finances of that company to benefit not only the owners, also the customers, the team and remember your suppliers. But if I am a business owner and I am completely clueless about how to manage finance, then I can choose to outsource the task to a dedicated financial firm or individual depending on the size of the business.

The BIG Difference

I personally feel that the biggest difference between having a job and having a business is that most business owners aren’t there just for money or a typical 9-5 work environment.

The second BIG difference between having a job and having a business is that as a business owner (depending on the structure of your organization) you have to understand  how you make soundagreements to the best advantage to the customers, supplier and off course the team of people who you work with.  These agreements make up the fundamental profit gained by the business. Now as a job, we know that we are taxed before we get our money and all we need to do is to be smart and educated enough to use/invest that money in a sound direction. Quite contrary to this, business is related to making the profit which is driven by the agreements that we make in the business. A business owner needs to be experienced/educated/smart enough to add to the business, add to the suppliers, add extra value to the customers, also add value to the team.

Living in this generation today, you will definitely come across some professionals who are pursuing both the ends of their career i.e. having a job and simultaneously running a small business (or may be freelancing) in their career. No matter whether it is a job or a business, make sure to feel your personal values are includedin your professional setup. Be clear about your values and articulate them with your customers, clients, employer and employees. A successful career is all about having the ability to take advantage of those winning value based decisions. This is the way how the best women entrepreneurs (she’prenuers) work all across the globe!


This reminds me of a beautiful excerpt that I once wrote for my book ‘The High Heals Paradox’while discussingthe topicwhy do we need to profit and what is it”– have a look!

Most weeks I take myself down to my favorite health food store.

At the time of writing this I think they make the best turmeric latte in Perth.

There as on I go there is not only for the turmeric Latte.

I go there for their culture,

I go there for their ambience.

I go there for the buzz

I go there for the excellent product knowledge,

I go there for the quality of products available.

I go there for the quality of the service”.

(Read more, love more and succeed more buy ordering your copy of The High Heels Paradox today from Amazon. Here you go with the LINK)

So what do you think about having a job or business? Don’t you think life is exciting and challenging both either way? I am eager to know your opinion and story on this thoughtful topic. Post your words on the comment section- get, set, going with the sharing of your thoughts!

Love and hugs!


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26 thoughts on “The Difference between Having a Job to Having a Business”

    1. Hi Keith,

      I think you could still be building your own dream by having a job when you are educated and smart with the money you get in their hand, and smart with the way you spend your time educating yourself.

      The two fundamental differences creates a very different way of thinking and being when we take advantage of those two aspects

      Always love your thought provoking comments Keith

      Thankyou for you time


  1. Woow !!~ Great post Love the analogy here juggling Beautiful !!~ Become the juggler !!~ thank you much appreciated !!~ ♥♥☺☺

    1. Hello Sandra,

      I feel like a circus juggler many times in my days.

      Yes I do drop a few balls, and I pick them up and put them back into the air again.

      Thankyou Sandra for your comment and Im over the moon you gained from this piece


    1. Hi Renard,

      I think there can be a right and wrong attitude around having a business and having a job. Both are beneficial.

      I believe it is the way we use both positions to the best advantage that makes both well worthy of persuing.


    1. Hello Shelley,

      Yes I feel like Im in a circus juggling show some days,

      Those hats can be a bit tiresome if Im not aware of my routines and structuring my time in my businesses

      Thankyou for your time Shelley


    1. Hello Judith,

      Some of my friends work in jobs and have a salary, they work very long hours like I do. I think its how we use our money for the exchange of our time, no matter if we work in a job or if we work in a business.

      I appreciate you thought provoking comment Judith


  2. I love taking advantage of value based decisions, I did probably go too hard in the corporate world, rubbing people the wrong way…! Thank goodness entrepreneurship is a wee bit different 🙂 Awesome Post Di!

    Julie Syl

    1. Hi Julie,

      You have obviously work on your self Julie. You could still be rubbing people up the wrong way in your own business and have obviosulsy found a way for you to work from your values, and make decisions from them, to make you a happier person

      Isn’t that what its all about hey Julie

      Thankyou Julie


  3. Di,
    Great article on the difference and there is a huge difference with a buissness and the structure. I am in both at the moment, but realize the difference in the planning and being able to maintain relationships is an important part of the buissness which I love. Great Post!

    Lori English

    1. Hello Lori,

      Yes I think people often forget the structure and how to take advantage of the different business structures then often forget that suppliers and our team are very important people to consider. Often people focus on the customer only to make a business or a job a success.

      Great comment Lori and I appreciate it


  4. Well said, Di. A few things struck home — perhaps the most poignant for me is the lask of 9 to 5 work environment for the business owner. Owning a business is part of “me” and is not relegated to certain hours. Furthermore, we need to think of the whole picture — not only ourselves, but the customer, other vendors, team members, etc. Thought-provoking post.
    Carol Makowski recently posted…Increase Your Leads On Instagram Part 5 of 5My Profile

    1. Hello Carol,

      Yes considering the whole business is important for the whole business to succeed.

      I have caught myself in a job mentality whilst running my own companies, at times not taking total responsibility in areas that I needed to.

      The way we think is always the key in everything we do and I have caught myself out many a time in a 9 to 5 thinking process…. fascinating how I then kept an eye on my thinking to encourage it to be more responsible.

      Appreciate your comment Carol.



    1. Hello Demetri,

      You know very well the art of juggling Demetri,

      Some people are too fixed on being perfect and having all the their duck in a row to make a change.

      Some people don’t what a change, they are totally happy with what they have.

      To run a business and to have a job, then to have both at the same can be an enormous effort in juggling when we are aiming to fulfill
      our dreams.

      Love your comment Demetri


    1. Hi Michael,

      I think both having a job and having a business could suck if we don’t use both structures to our advantage and make a difference while we are doing a good job.


  5. Di! Is that you in the zorb?

    It’s a really crazy transition going from your “job” life to your business life. I almost feel like you can get stuck in a “job” in your business because you have to juggle multiple hats. Often times it’s hard to see the end goal in the midst of this transition.

    How do you keep yourself on path without bogging yourself down in “job” mode in your business?

    1. HI Regina,

      Love that you have came and commented and no thats not me in the Zorb. I took the shot of a young girl having a ton of fun.

      Yes it can be a whole new realisation, when it comes, that as a business owner I was in a job mentality . Not taking total responsibility and at times working away like a beaver and not taking time out to plan, to think, to meet up with other like minded businesses owners, to analyse and to be a real owner of my business destination.

      A business is like a baby, it must have nurturing and time to build its values and its thinking and its systems.

      really appreciate you coming over REgina


    1. Hello Andy,

      Yes having a job or having a business is a blessing, there is no right or wrong to either.

      It is how we think in our job and business and how we take advantage of either or both

      Great comment Andy.


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