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Taking time to think

Taking time to think, for me, has been a big lesson for me to learn.

Not sure about you but I grew up with the believe that if I was not doing something I was wasting my time.

It is has taken me some years to listen to me. Most of my living has been taken up rushing to do the daily living, working to earn a dollar, taking care of the kids, rushing off to the next appointment even the relaxing in front of TV now seems to of been a thing to do that was expected and part of “living”.

I personally think that women have an advantage over men when it comes to listening to ourselves. We are lucky enough to have more go on in bodies with pregnancy and our monthly cycles that automatically forces us to listen to what our bodies need and that often leads women into listening more to our intuition and our bodies.

Take time to think
Take time to think

Love to hear from you guys as to how you take direction for yourselves!

My tips on staying on track to who you really are is:

Which of course leads to doing what we love to do:

Take 20 seconds each day, twice a day, to thankyou your body for being healthy AND in that 20 seconds breath in fresh air and visualize it going through your whole body. When you breath out let go of everything!

I was lucky enough to have had a dear friend who reminded me of this during the week.

Time is all we have. Make a conscious choice as to who, how and what you spend your time on. You really are creating your life, no-one else is.

One of our league footballers signed up for another long period with his existing football team. I heard his comment on the radio, he said something like, “I have now ticked off that distraction”…. Great reminder that we all have distractions, but, are we ticking them of?

We can only tick off distractions that we can control. I mean hey! Life is life! If we cannot control our distractions we must be able to reframe them so they are set up in our life differently in our minds so they DON’T steal our most precious commodity —– our time.

Take time to think! Consciously take time to watch the thoughts that go through your head. Take time to ask questions of yourself. There are many many great and inspiring people who have written books, made videos and who run seminars that teach this stuff .If we remember to keep retraining ourselves we will have new habits. We can use our brains rather than our brains using us. Take time to think EVERYDAY!

Get out into nature. It’s already a known fact that people who exercise daily are healthier and fitter. There is also the belief that the people who get themselves outside and enjoy nature and breathe in fresh air without the pressures of phones, kids, work demands are more positive and clearer in their thinking and emotionally happier. I hold this belief and see it amongst my friends and people who I hang out with.

Take time to think
Take time to think

Laugh. Not sure how it happened, but, it seems life is waaayyyyy toooo serious for many of us. Laughter changes our endorphins, changes our thinking , it changes our emotional state… Plus its fun…. Who doesn’t want more fun and laughter in their life?


Then there is a bunch of other ingredients that I think make up the ability to take time to think and those are; eating fresh foods often during the day, hanging out with inspiring and loving people, listening to new and motivational audios and videos, reading, travelling, learning something NEW everyday. For many of us, and Im reminding myself, remember to let go of being so prefect and rock with the rythym.

Taking time to think, for me, is the facilitator. How about you?

How do you stay on track?

Love to hear what works for you!

Have a great day!

Hi.... I'm Di  !
Hi…. I’m Di !

Photos were taken with my Nikon D700

P.S.  If you want to experiment in building a lifestyle of fun and doing more of what you love to do, check out how I do it.


15 thoughts on “Taking time to think”

  1. Love love love what you wrote Di. I agree we are soooooo busy rushing around…..I am speaking personally here….. that we don’t have time to think. I love thinking. My best time is when I am barely awake and my brain switches on and goes crazy and I breathe and meditate on my day and how I want it to be and attempt to slow my thoughts down. I heard a great one recently… a very good friend said that before you go to sleep at night you need to go through your day and imagine a filing cabinet and working backwards choose 5 things and file them away (in order from bedtime to morning). Then the next day do the same 5 and add 5 from that day and do it for 5 days. She says it is an ancient teaching that allows the mind to be clear and the dreams to be less bitty and more profound. I love it. Good reminder about exercise and smelling the fresh air. (don’t do enough of that myself. Today I had the most divine lunch, quinoa (black) with roasted capsicums and roasted baby beets and walnuts and feta. Yum. My body loved it. Great blog Di, thanks.

    1. I love that exercise Diane, Im going to do that later and see if I can do it for five days in a row.
      Im sure it will help my thoughts to be more in order rather than jumping all around the place and often putting me into confusion.
      Your quinoa lunch sounds yummy!!!!

      Thanks Diane

    1. Hi Robert,
      Oh I forgot the dolphins, how could I do that????
      I have even been forgetting to look for the dolphins this week..good reminder Robert
      Thankyou Robert

  2. Hi Di

    I am like you and lived most of my life being busy. I actually felt (and sadly sometimes still do) bad when I was not busy. It was how my parents were and like you what was normal.

    And yes we all need time to think. David Wood who we both know sets aside time each day to think. I have heard numbers between 1 and 3 hours. I just use him as we both are familiar with his amazing clarity.

    A great message Di – thank you.


    1. Hi Sue,

      Thankyou Sue for brining Dave Wood onto the Post, I was so busy getting the blog up I didn’t put in the piece, which I have written somewhere, that Dave Wood “thinks” for 1 to 3 hours every day. Yes he is an amazing young man and one, I hope, to keep learning from and being reminded of many great “forgets” in my thinking. Appreciate your comments Sue.
      Thanks Sue for taking the time and adding more value to my blog!

  3. thanks Di for the beautiful messages and reminders…sometimes we just need something like this to get ourselves back on track.
    Love your writing style xx

    1. Thanks Jess for taking the time to comment on this piece.
      Yep I think we all need reminding, in our busy lives of today, how important the invisible stuff is that really does create our life.

  4. Hi Di,
    Like you I have strong patterning telling me if I’m not doing something , not accomplishing something then my time is wasted. It’s taken me many years of yoga and meditation practice to discover that doing nothing but being in the present moment sometimes leads to the most clarity. We can get too caught up in what’s coming next to enjoy what’s happening right now.
    When I catch myself saying ‘when this….is finished then I can….enjoy myself, relax etc.’ I try to remind myself to pause and enjoy this moment. Because after all we never know if there is a next.

    1. Hi Pam,
      It is amazing how that patterning is soooo common and often not recognized and yes it is the very times of “doing nothing” that gives us our light bulb moment that can shift us from one direction to another. Or that spark of an idea comes through and changes your WHOLE perspective.
      AND… YES Pam how often have I caught myself saying……. when I finish this or that or even when the kids have done this or that….. then…. I can do…. whatever if it is for me at that point…. Fascinating how our patterns keep coming up and challenging us as to what we know now. The challenge for me is can I live my live from what I know now rather from my old believes and often I can only see that AFTER the event. Taking the time to think, for me, is the facilitator only to the challenge! xxxx

  5. Hi Di,

    I use to be a workaholic when I was in Corporate America. Because of that though when I got off work I didn’t want to do anything, I was beat. When I came online to create a business for myself all I ever heard was that you have to give years to this business in order for it to grow so that meant working morning, noon and way into the night. I did that for years but I as spinning my wheels with a lot of this because I didn’t know what I was doing.

    I finally got to the point where I was just exhausted. I quit beating myself up if I decided I was tired and needed to take a break. Some people would try and make me feel guilty because I’m suppose to LOVE this so much all I should want to do is stay online because it doesn’t seem like work. Granted, it’s been an enjoyable experience now that it’s fallen into place more but my brain can only take so much and whether I like it or not I’m tired darn it.

    So I take those breaks and I don’t feel guilty about it anymore. Shame on those who are trying to make me feel bad too.

    Thanks for sharing this, we all need to just take some time to ourselves. That will keep us enjoying this as we go.


    1. Hi Adrienne,
      Im not sure I have broken the workaholic trait Adrienne, and for me it has not been about what other people have said to me. For me, it has been, and still is, my own insecurities, my own determination and often destructive actions that drive me to the ground before I an see ..wow…. why did I push soo hard to make that happen, Yes it has given me the distinctions of how not to create situations and I have heaps from that and find that I am able to create this business in a very different way.
      So, like you, I do now take those breaks and enjoy my hobbies and give myself space and time to think and to enjoy the roses along the way.
      Thanks for coming over and sharing your thoughts Adrienne.

  6. Di, I thoroughly agree with you that women’s bodies facilitate our ability to listen with greater intuition. We have menstruated, birthed our beautiful children, and grown accustomed to the rhythm of the cycles that run through us. What we find a tad challenging is to take time to attune to that amazing intuition that lies within us. Time out to simply ‘be’, enables that to become second nature. That is what three months in hospital did for me. I don’t recommend the bed rest, yet the end result is life changing.

    1. Hi Helen,

      Yes to tune into our intuition to share and direct us is a tool that is invaluable to us all. Thankyou for the reminder of this last week Helen and your distinctions from your life changing inspirational recovery. I can’t wait to see your system out in mainstream assisting everyone to health on all levels of living and enjoying life for life changing communities.
      Thankyou for taking the time to come over and making this blog your first ever comment.

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