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changes of the 21st century

I’m sure you would agree that living with the changes of the 21st Century is challenging and exciting all at the same time.  Im not sure that, thats possible but some days it feels like it!

I received this promotion video from Creative cloud earlier in the week. (The first 20 minutes is interesting)  It really confirmed what I wrote about last week and have been thinking about for some time. These guys carried out research  that told them that there have been more changes on the planet in the past five years than there has been in the past 50 .

It mentions how technology and the people who are skilling themselves to use technology are not only influencing but are apart of the strategy  for the direction on how business is being done on the planet now.

The promo, I think, is addressing some of our thoughts about the changes of the 21st Century. It also includes comments that I resinate with, for example change comes from experimenting.  Unfortunatley experimenting is not how we are taught in school how to learn. Experimenting, in our work hard for a living world, takes courage and trust. Just in my humble opinion! AND…. in my humble opinion…. experimentation is the way to learn.  (That link is a video I shot awhile ago about change and experimenting)

Changes of the 21st Century

It is predicted that by 2015, 15 billion devices will be connected to the internet, When this prediction was made, 2011, the population was only 7 billion. Does that mean that for every man women and child on the planet will have two devices… Incredible changes hey! (this info came from)

In 2004 the BBC says that we spent 1 hour everyday connecting to people over the internet. If you want to read more. Now we apparently spend a staggering three hours and 45 minutes a day , socially, not work time, talking via landlines and mobile phones, texting and e-mailing. This is not work related time!

Most of us are on Facebook, 68 per cent of Facebook users, use it everyday, and 86 per cent use it every week.

The internet was used for browsing in the 90s, and searching in the 2000s, to a tool for “discovering content and discovering things through the lens of your friends”.

Facebook accounted for 43 per cent of news sharing and 80 million people played Zynga’s Farmville game because it revolved around people and interaction. ( These pieces come from)

That last sentence is fascinating to me, because, as much as we all know what each of us are doing through sharing photos, videos, tweets, comments through various media options. More and more people are hungry for community, for real life conversation, for real people contact, for fun, for laughter. The family and our real friend communities are becoming more and more important to us who spend time running businesses of all types, working in jobs of all types.

I took this photo in The Wilsons Carpark in Murray Street in Perth.  I love it.  It says to me that everyone wants to be part of a bigger purpose!
I took this photo in The Wilsons Carpark in Murray Street in Perth. I love it. It says to me that everyone wants to be part of a bigger purpose!

Love to hear your comments on how you live in the 21st Century and how you gain a balance between taking on the changes, enjoying your time to yourself, enjoying your time with family and special people you love. What do you do to stay healthy and eat what your body needs rather than what is at hand to eat.

Even a pot of chives can add to a window sill or patio.
Even a pot of chives can add to a window sill or patio.


What do you do and how do you do it?

Last week I wrote a piece on Taking time to think, this is what I like to do to assist my amazing lifestyle!  I work from home now, like many of us, we can work from anywhere with these technological changes. Of course there are many challenges that come from the working from anywhere lifestyle. Might go into that another time, maybe while I’m in Bali next week lazing by the pool!!!!!

Have a great day!

Hi.... I'm Di  !
Hi…. I’m Di !











Come and enjoy the changes of  the 21st century!

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14 thoughts on “changes of the 21st century”

  1. Those stats are very scary, bit like change really but they are happening and we need to do it (change!) So here’s to change and doing it with ease and grace. I am having a change today…. off the computer and out for a bite of lunch at the beach. Now that is CHANGE for this little workaholic!
    I love love love the concept of saving a few dollars by redirecting money. Makes sense and again it is about change… changing how we think, changing where we shop for the same things and changing the fact the world through helping the planet and helping kids.

  2. the numbers of devices is amazing – everyone everywhere seems to have at least one! – most including me have more (3) but then I don’t have a 2014 car or an internet fridge!
    Yes change is a constant, and keeping up can be challenging and frustrating!

    1. Hi Jeremy,
      Hadn’t thought of cars and fridges as being devices…ha ha ha ha

      I was just thinking thats A LOT of phones, IPADS, etc etc and Im sure there will be “devices” for us all every week!


  3. Hi Di

    It is amazing how much our lives have changed during our life time. I remember back in Money and You days when we were learning about Buckie and his predictions about this technology that would tie us together. I often wonder if he foresaw it like it is today.

    I have not watched your videos yet but got them there for tomorrow.

    It is exciting to be part of these times Di – well I think it is anyway:-)

    Thanks for some great information.

    Sue Price recently posted…Bouncing Back from Hard TimesMy Profile

    1. Hi Sue,

      I was thinking about Bucky when I put this blog together. His insight and articulation about this world communication connection web was spot on.
      The video is very very short and step one…. and Yes these ties are soooo exciting Sue!!!!!!!
      Have a great Sunday Sue!!!!!!

  4. Hi Di

    What an interesting and very thought provoking post. The stats are a little staggering. I’m all for change but only hope that in using modern communication techniques we don’t lose the ability to truly connect with one another.

    1. Hi Kerry,

      Thankyou for your kind comments and yes the stats are very exciting. I personally think that our technology is facilitating more connection for us on many levels as we know from day to day what we are doing. When we do meet up the logistics and daily “what have we been doing” has been handled. I find that many of my conversations as “realer” is that a word!!!! Im sure you get the gist!!
      Enjoy your travels
      Di xxxx

  5. Hi Di,

    Yep, things definitely have changed haven’t they? I remember being in corporate America and the only time I used the internet was to search for something. I was still pretty intimated by it when I came online for my personal use in 2007.

    I still have a landline today mainly because of the conference call feature that I needed to have plus I hated to get rid of my home number which I’ve had for well over 30 years.

    Technology continues to change with each new day but I never realized it was that much within just the past 5 years alone. Wow, that number is staggering. No telling how much more it will evolve but I’m sure it will continue down an uphill climb.

    Adrienne recently posted…My Favorite New Addition On BufferMy Profile

    1. Hi Adrienne,

      We keep a landline so we can have our internet bought into the house. Once we have cable, we will loose our landline. Even my 93 year old uncle calls me on my mobile. I think that is the point I saw in my last blog, mentioning, even my 93 year old uncle calls me on my mobile – even though we have had such a rapid burst of change in the past five years for the people who are interested, they have been able to keep up with the effort they have put into keeping up.
      Im sure we will continue to soar with the changes in waves of development and learnings for us all and it will interesting to see if it plateaus over the next five years and what causes that plateau!

      Have a great day Adrienne.

    1. Hello Emmanuel,

      Thankyou for having the interest in reading the 21st century blog. I would not of guessed that the last five years has been the fastest with the changes, but when I look at my own learnings in the past 5 years, I have had some steep learning curves.

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