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Three Tips to Make Change Happen- New York Dairies!


Change has a little secret of friendship, and it is ready to become your friend for life. There is only one little condition! Focus all your energies on NOT fighting the OLD but to build the NEW. All because ‘Change’ is the ultimate ‘Law of Nature’ and everything in this world is subjected to CHANGE.  Yet this law is the very one that 99% of people do not focus on and embrace.





I am here in New York,  shooting Brand it the TV show (first TV series of its kind where 12 women entrepreneurs will be sharing their work and vision, what they do, how they do it, why they do it and in short EVERYTHING that covers their  umbrella of learning, sharing and work success).

During this whole Media and the City experience, I have been observing common threads from these 11 other amazing entrepreneurs and how they have embraced change in their life to create the life they have now and are stepping out to create now.

By the way, I call these women She’preneurs.

There has certainly been common steps that these She’preneurs have taken to get to where they are now and I’ll share these with you. She’preneurs are natural collaborators however when the environment is set up to collaborate She’preneurs thrive. when a collaborative environment is encouraged , you have the ability to create magic, off course it is values that meet up. So the people you click with, are people who have similar values to you, often their why is similar to yours creating magic that can be unimaginable.

TIP 1- Surround yourself with people who will ask more of you than you do of yourself.’

There is one thing very important here and that is that if you really want to meet the challenges that change facilitates you MUST be more. The only way you can be more is to ‘Surround yourself with people that will ask more of you than you do yourself’. Why is this the only way to meet then changes and embrace them?  We cannot see outside of ourselves. We must have honest experienced authentic people who are will to speak up around us.

TIP 2- Take Action

You must make a  decision when an idea or an opportunity is presented to you. You must stop and ask yourself if this is a sign post that you want to follow.  If you don’t, the idea, the opportunity will go to someone else who cares to take notice.  Nothing would have happened if I didn’t take notice, didn’t make a decision then didn’t get myself organized- organize my  business, organize my family, get myself to New York and be present enough to take advantage of what we are doing. You must to take action, recognize the steps to taking action to fully live from what matters to you. It’s how we take action when we see our why and our values operating in everyday living.


TIP 3- You have to be real

Ideas and opportunities will ultimately pick you if you are real and authentic. You actually have to be present as to what is going into your mind and what process in your mind. Do you believe what you think?  Are you clear on what you are thinking? Are you clear on what you are doing? Are you clear in how you are communicating with people? Being real and authentic takes time to develop.  Give that time to yourself and surround yourself people who are real, who laugh a lot and always give more than they take.

So whether you want to live better than what you are right now or want to witness any kind of change in your life, use these three tips. Be real, be authentic, surround yourself with people who push you to do better in life, and take action to improve your situation.



In my journey, and it is a journey, of embracing CHANGE, I have lived and enjoyed each and every moment to the fullest. I am excited to be here in New York and more (in fact MOST) excited to introduce my new book “A High Heels Paradox”



I am pre-launching it so that you can buy it today for .99c. We will do a full launch in about 2 months for you. So if you find yourself unable to feel that you are truly doing what you want to, and worse, are actually clueless about what you really want to do then go and grab your very copy of my new book at a special price… YAHHHHHH

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Hi.... I'm Di !
Hi…. I’m Di !

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Three Tips to Make Change Happen- New York Dairies! | Di Downie – The Ideas Diva.Shaping your ideas into reality