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Why well-being works for business

The healthy, the strong individual,
is the one who asks for help when she/ he needs it.

Sometimes you need to step outside, Get some air and remind yourself of who you are and who you want to be.
You cannot buy your health; you must earn it through healthy living.
The greatest wealth is health.
Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.

What does the word well-being mean? It is carelessly bantered around with gay abandon without a lot of thought put to it.

If you were to look at Wikipedias response to the meaning you would see words like, inter-connected dimensions of one self to include:-
• Personal development
• Self acceptance
• Purpose in life
• Autonomy
• Good relationships with people

Carol Ryff also includes environmental mastery in her six factor model of Psychological Well-being.
It is a complex subject and one people often do not associate with business – online or offline.

I have further understanding to the Wikipedias description from my own .

experience while online mentoring women in business and working with people for over 30 years through family, friends, 8 businesses and a Coaching Academy I operated long before coaching was anything other than a football coach.

Through mentoring people now online and offline these distinctions have assisted people to find their purpose, accept themselves, have autonomy and even be more organized with a tidy home and work environment. This all takes developing oneself every day. Personal routines and rituals show up in any business environment through the systems of delivering products and services.

Questions are the key to a good sense of well-being:
• Why are well-being skills important for business… any business?
• Who should take responsibility for the work environment well-being?
• What are well-being skills that can translate to profit?
• When can well-being skills be used?
• How do we know we have good well-being skills operating in our life and business?

Those questions, in themselves, are well-being questions. When we ask ourselves questions and wait for the answers we will gain autonomy and have more intimacy with ourselves and others around us.

The four essential well-being skills for interconnecting our inner worlds to our outer worlds from my experience are:

We get busy in the daily chores of our life like paying the mortgage, taking care of the needs of others, or facilitating the values of someone else. Values are very crucial in our life as they make us able to live out what is important to us every single day. This means translating our values to our actions to shape what it is that we truly want in our life… personally and for our working life. From my experience this by itself facilitates us to live our purpose. There is no point in having a wonderful peaceful lifestyle living off the land, not having anyone bother us with their problems or anxieties if we have to eat spinach every day because we can’t afford to explore wonderful places on our planet, buy beautiful fabrics to cover our bodies, be with people who stimulate us. In this blog I have shared why it is actually important to know your WHY!

I spent much of my childhood on the Western Australian wheat belt in a family of three younger brothers and my parents were honest and hard-working farmers. After my marriage with Rob-my soul mate, I started teaching the art of Corn Dollies or Wheat Weaving. I wrote a book – The Art of Corn Dollies. This little business was the beginning of building my confidence ann showing me that I was an entrepreneur. Today,I operate my Mentoring business along side a events production company.I mentor people and women in business through online and offline processes to turn their ideas into reality. So, you need to flesh out your time. Know what you are good at and know where you have come from. Accept your history, stop making it your mystery! By sharing it with people, it will heal yourself and others. You can know more about other she’preneurs in 2017 in this blog of mine…and YES I am one of them, because of my professional achievements, personal life, family and peace.

Your health and well-being is the major contributor to your healthy business. To put in more hardwork, efforts and reduced stress levels, it is important to prioritise your well being routines. If you have never experimented with your food, meditations for your mind, emotional healing modalities, spiritual practises.. START NOW!!!!. The internet is at your fingertips. I have many blogs on planning good food to eat good food, with specific recipes for a healthy gut. There is no excuse any longer to not have good routines for your mind, body, emotions and spirit. Yes it is a challenge to reshape our time to focus on oneself and our well-being. In my blog “Time is all you have” I have discussed how we can make the best use of the precious gift of time. Follow a stable routine. Remember, money can’t buy you health, but maintaining a healthy routine can definitely help.

When you are living out your values, have fleshed out your history and have stable routines that come naturally to you, your communication changes from confusion to clarity. Communication is not only speaking it also how we listen, how we act and react to situations, people and our every day environment.Believe me, it is more important to be a good listener than to be a speaker, to be successful and be loved and respected.. When we are living out the first three points we are able to engage on social media, at the dinner table with our family, at the board room table from who we are with a clear message. We gain the support we want and need that seemingly comes out of the blue. PLUS the bonus is we have FUN and laugh A LOT!!!!!!

In a nutshell we are designing our day, our week, our month, our life rather than covering up hurt feelings, unsaid words. We are filling up our time with actions that positively feed our brain, body, spirit and emotions. By being physically and mentally healthy, we can reduce the medical expenses and insurance costs and focus on our business chores in a better and dedicated manner. Thus well-being is directly related to your business productivity and efficiency.

That’s why Well-being works for business development. Well-being gives us dignity, style and clarity like never before that is seen and felt in our brand.


Hugs and love


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Why well-being works for business | Di Downie – The Ideas Diva.Shaping your ideas into reality