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Welcome To My New Blog



This is my first blog on this website.

You can check out some of the blogs I have been doing on the automated blogging platform I use.

Through that platform you will see me practising how to use the platform and sharing how I have made the changes and “fitted in” daily tasks to make this change really come to life in my everyday living.

Don’t know about you, BUT, I was already busy!

Running a business, running a household, family, pets, extended family, friends, exercise, travelling etc etc etc and etc!!!!!!

I knew that I needed a change. I knew that it was groundhog day for me.  Don’t get me wrong I still love our bricks and mortar business, it is challenging, its creative, here are some of our work this year just for interest.


We, my husband and I, don’t want to be in a bricks and mortar lifestyle when we are 60 and 70 and 80.

Time to move on, time to make the change, time to take the plunge!

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Have a great day



3 thoughts on “Welcome To My New Blog”

  1. I agree with Peter way to take a chance and build your “brick and mortar” online way proud of you and your husband taking this risk that will obviously pay off. Cant wait to see how it goes and where it takes you both.

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Welcome To My New Blog | Di Downie – The Ideas Diva.Shaping your ideas into reality