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What is a vision

A few days ago I read Sues blog about Vision , I realised my Vision isn’t written as clear and concise as I would like it to be to maintain a steady boat ride. Life is good when its good and life is challenging when obstacles come across our path. It got me asking myself What is a vision?

We all know we have days when everything seems a challenge and other days that flow without hiccups and days that are so amazing everything just fits and are exhilarating.

What is a vision: It will facilitate faster decisions when they are needed and clarity of thought when you need it fast.

So back to the drawing board I went to break down my goals and my mission to see why my current vision is too long and too complicated to facilitate decisions easily and with grace.

What is a vision:  I think Lifelong learning facilities a strong compelling vision.  A concept I learnt from Robert Kiosakis seminars many years ago. Being clear and having the appreciation of clarity for me come from the yearn and the ability to keep that lifelong learning strong.

Dave Wood from Empower is also, always, banging on about life long learning and the benefits of it.

A  comment that I heard Robert say:

“If you think education is expensive, you should try ignorance.”

The reason I’m off on the tangent of lifelong learning is that from my experience a clear vision comes with self educating, listening to audios, ready books, watching educational videos  Not to mention hanging out with people.  I mentioned some of these ways in a few of my previous blogs .

As I love photography I thought I’d demonstrate through a simple photograph what a vision looks like for me.

The vision, for me, is always that sparkle of light that shows me the big picture. It makes decisions easy!



I still have heaps to learn. To be able to create the photo I have not only had to skill myself with my camera,  have also had to continue to learn about myself.  For me its important for my learning  be done in a variety of areas with  the aim to facilitate the space for daily rituals giving the ability to see the unseen. To see what is really going on, to feel what is really going on then have a clear vision to make timely and effective decisions.

So  …… what makes a Vision

Vision – short sharp action statement  that is bigger than us. Measureable and ongoing. David Woods vision is to create 100 new millionaires a year.  Sue says this very clearly in her blog.

Rituals – are daily – DO NOT DISTURB ME TIME – two for the body exercise and breathing, one for the mind, one for the spirit and one for your emotional self… Yes can sound airy fairy but its that simple and there are heaps of seminars and courses out there and some AMAZING people who out there teaching life changing skills.  I highly recommend Diane and Robert.  Both are the most committed and integral people I know, they offer not only hands on practical personal development programs.  Their programs  are jammed packed with their own life experiences AND specific essential living skills on a real useable level and on a level that is not seen. Of course have mentioned reading, daily listening to audios!

Surround yourself – EVERYDAY with positive people, and, realistic feet on the ground people. Who are really supporting you…. That means telling you their perception sometimes in a way that you can hear it.

LAUGH —— EVERYDAY —– TONS OF TIMES – use the changes….. go on You Tube and find something funny if you work alone. Laugh everyday.. have fun..life is way too short to be a Nigel no friends serious grumpy bum! Ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!!!!!

laughing is not only fun,,, good for YOU also!!!!


Keep having fun, and it you’re not, take a look at how I have created an exhilarating lifestyle for myself and my husband.


Hi.... I'm Di  !
Hi…. I’m Di !








How have I created an exhilarating lifestyle with more fun.

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6 thoughts on “What is a vision”

  1. I love your post Di, vision is such an important thing. I agree we get caught up in “stuff” and for me the thing that drives me when I am wanting to quit, or wanting to slow down or not knowing which way to jump is to hold tight to the big picture which is my vision of peace through education and ending hunger so the next generation can be “different”. Education is the key as you said for us, also the key to ending war I believe. The steps to achieving the vision then become more of a simple step 1, 2 and 3 and culling the unnecessary.

    1. Hi Diane,

      Thanks for swinging by and commenting. I really liked the way you explained the bit about “not knowing which way to jump is to hold tight to the big picture”, it sounds so simple hey! and yet what I discovered my vision was to long, it is now short, sharp, endless and of course bigger than me… 1, 2 and 3 and culling the unnecessary has been sooooo much quicker this last week!
      Have a great weekend Diane

  2. Hi Di

    I am glad my post got you thinking about your vision. 🙂

    I love how you have said if it is clear enough it will facilitate faster decisions. That is so true.

    I too believe education is life long and ongoing. I can hear Robert’s voice saying that quote you have given. I often hear his voice 🙂

    Awesome picture you have used here you take great photos. I have never been all that interested in taking pictures of anything but people until very recently. Now I love pictures like you have here.

    A great post thanks Di.

    Sue Price recently posted…Belief : Believe in YourselfMy Profile

    1. Hi Sue,
      Yes your blog did make me stop and think and go and get my goals and mission and vision out to re-read. I have my Vision clearer but not as clear as Daves or Huberts, short , concise and ongoing.. I will leave it and allow it to happen.
      I often see Roberts smile when he said stuff like that. He would often say that he would smile to allow people to hear what he said so it had more chance to last longer for them..something like that. So true!
      I think my photography is more like art and seeing into the invisible and making something from nothing. Thankyou for enjoying my photos Sue.
      Have a great Week Sue

  3. Hey Di,

    Sue’s post was really good wasn’t it! Glad you got something powerful from it and knew you had some things to revisit yourself. I think that’s the power in learning from others.

    My vision varies from month to month at times. Not that I’m all over the place but I’ll be on a road to one thing and then will be introduced to a better way of doing it and then things just suddenly change. Sometimes the end result ends up being the same while other times it’s not. But the way I look at it is that it’s happening for a reason and I’m headed in the right direction so I’m going with it.

    I also have my morning rituals as well and I have certain things I do before I ever get on the computer. It think it’s an important to start the day and help me stay focused.

    Thanks for sharing and to me your photography is awesome.

    Adrienne recently posted…HELP: My Blog Is Being Attacked By BotsMy Profile

    1. Hi Adrienne,

      Loved your comment – and knew you had some things to revisit yourself. I love it when I read things that triggers some action and then I see the result… Love love love it!
      Those morning rituals are so important aren’t they? I just started a gratitude book, something I have not had or actively done for about 20 years. It is another I do and takes time but it is making huge difference in my thinking for the rest of the day.
      Thanks for enjoying my photos. I love taking them then I love to put a interpretation on them
      Thanks for swiging by Adrienne
      Have a good week!

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