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Travelling blogging and sharing

The last few days of the 3,000 kilometre trip was just as exciting and interesting as the excitement to arrive .

Going to visit Karijini is a must for your bucket list.

If you don’t have the time to take the drive, you can do a fly and drive package great value. Fly into Paraburdoo, hire a 4 x 4 stay three days fly home. Stay in the eco tents have your food prepared and just EXPLORE!!!!

Here are some speccy photos from the last few days.

These two photos are from Mt Sheila.  Awesome view, especially with a storm coming towards us. You get a 360 degree view from the top of Mt Sheila, about an hour north of Tom Price.

clouds a long way away_1 clouds a long way away


The next day we did a 700 kilometre trip over to Carnarvon leaving Karijini National park

We had another storm

It was like driving through a movie theatre of rain storm clouds, rain AND a dust storm



Its only about 4.30 pm and NOT normally dark in Western Australia ….. AWESOME view

dust storm2


The dust storm to the right side of our road.

If you drive past Carvarvon….EVER….. you HAVE To zip in the Quobba blow holes

quobba blowholes

The next day we were in AWE again with this sunset in Gladstone.  The colours were like they were painted by a very very enthusiastic artist.

gladstone sunset


I couldn’t resist taking an arty farty photo of this boat with the final light on it.


gladstone with boat


In a way I was looking forward to getting home as I had some  internet connection challenges, even though I was able to keep up with the basic of the blog and our business.  I missed letting some  people know early enough of an awesome launch that closed on Saturday.  BUT… thats life…. sometimes we can’t have it all ways.

My next project is to improve on all round internet connection.

Have an Awesome day!


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Travelling blogging and sharing - Di Downie - The Ideas Diva.Shaping your ideas into reality