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Travelling and working

You may know and you may not know.

The aim for this blog is to travel and share how I’m doing it.

This last trip was a trial, gauging how , what and when whilst driving, camping and glamping.

This is glamping at The Eco Village in Karijini

We are set up to stay anywhere with fridge, shower, tent and 4 x 4 vehicle, plus all the charging requirements for 2014 for technology.  All received a big tick.

Had a few issues with consistent strong internet, had to get over my addiction of being on top of everything regarding emails, blogging and uploading.

Over the next week or so I have made my game to upload a blog everyday linking to a few spots of where we went and some of the distinctions I have gained in making the change from bricks and mortar business thinking to more a internet business thinking system.

I learnt heaps just by gong out and doing it from the small amount of knowledge I have about blogging.

A stunning piece of artwork in Meekathara
A stunning piece of artwork in Meekathara


Talk to you tomorrow and have a fabulous day!



8 thoughts on “Travelling and working”

    1. Hi Peter, WE are still relying on our bricks and mortar business right now. I am building this double pronged internet business. Like any business, it needs to be built. It is paying for itself so far… Im so excited. This trip really showed us that this is for real!

  1. Iam jealous sounds like an awesome trip reminds me of my husband and I’s safari in Kenya. You get really disconnectedwithout technology lol. Thanks so much for sharing.

    1. Hi Tanya, We were in Africa last year. Our country is similar but we can get out of our cars here!!!! ha ha ha ha.

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Travelling and working | Di Downie – The Ideas Diva.Shaping your ideas into reality