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Time is all You Have

Everyone wants change.

If you think you don’t want change……. you are in denial.

Denial can be comfortable and it can be frustrating,

often overwhelming whilst attempting to create that change.

If you are comfortable with your life you are lying to yourself you are shutting down and

you will make others wrong for wanting to be better, for wanting to BE more. That’s the Tall Poppy Syndrome right there, making others wrong for wanting to change.

Take notice of who you are surrounding yourself with.

Are they striving to be better,  are they thriving on doing

 a better job every day. Are your friends and family loving what they love to do and are they busting to tell you their new break through and learnings everyday?

Who are your friends and family and associates asking you for advice for mentorship or for an ear to be heard.

Who are the people you can advise and be mentored by?

When we have people around us telling us their personal needs, their

Passions, what they have learnt and excited about it we know we are sure making the best use of our more precious commodity – TIME.

We all have the same amount of TIME.

The key reason why we cannot make the most of this precious commodity

Is because we waste it.

Wishing we had more

Wishing we could do better

Comparing ourselves with our friends,  who need us to stay the same because they don’t have a dream.

Wanting for approval from our parents or brothers or sisters, they are the last people who can assist your time from a higher purpose.  They see you as you were.

When you have woken up from the numbing down from society

you MUST join the journey and be the change that you wish to see in the world around you.


The past 20 years our planet earth has seen the most change take place …… in history….. The most change has taken place EVER…! The world is a different place today and it will continue the rapid journey of change. It will witness more development and more growth.  Are you willing to engage in it or be apart of it from your Passions?

You will be apart of this change if you like it not?

Your engagement with the change is up to you!

Are you willing to create your dream and embrace the changes making your 24 hours every single day valuable with planet changing work.

It is no wonder we are wondering what the heck we should be doing. No wonder many of us are seeing many global possibilities. No wonder we are having a hard time choosing what to do with our time, our energy, our skills, our past education. No wonder women and some men can see its time to stand up and make the world a better place. Change is inevitable are you willing and are you able to fully embrace it.

To fully embrace time and its changes we must be able to see and take full advantage of where we have come from,  we must  have a clearly defined dream otherwise how do we know what we are achieving?  AND we must be able to BE in every single moment.

Time and agreements:

We concluded our last week’s discussion on understanding the stance of agreements in change . Agreements are something which originates and resides within us. It is important to see agreements as something that we have with ourselves to enable change for ourselves. If you missed our blog last week, then you must go through it to unravel the significance of agreements in our life. Tell us what type of agreements you have with yourself and ask questions to yourself. As a women entrepreneur, I realized the urgent necessity of both time and agreements in my life when I was a teenager.  I had agreed to not go in a car with others just to be apart of the crowd. I was living in a small country town.  Many of the kids ( 15 to about 18) would drive to the neighbouring town to go to the drive-in or to go for a drive simply to kill time. I had 6 of my best friends die in one car accident due to wanting to be apart of the crowd.  The killed more than their own time they killed their parents and friends time to not keeping agreements. Start to look for the effects your agreements have on your time.

I have a small story here to narrate. I am sure you will get what I am trying to express!

The TIME Bank Account:

Have you heard of a bank that credits your account with $86,400 every morning? Yes, I am not kidding here! There is a bank account that credits a huge amount of $86,400 every morning in your savings account… but then, there are certain conditions as followed.

The conditions are:

  • You have to spend all the credits on the same day.
  • None of your credits will be carried forward to thennext day.
  • Next morning, the bank will automatically delete your pending amount.
  • No overdrafts… no nothing!

It means you have to draw each and every penny on the same day as you cannot afford to waste them. Do you have the same thought as me- thinking how lucky are those who have their account in such a bank?? WAIT… here is a twist. We all are lucky as we all have an account in the same bank.

The name of this bank is TIME. Every morning, your account is credited with 86,400 seconds and it completely depends on you to utilize or waste the time.

Time Management and how it is related with Agreements:

Time in everyone’s life is an important factor as it is how we create and prosper all the relationships we have in our life. I personally feel that as women, we are quite precise about our understanding with time. Women manage time in the most artistic way. Their friendship with time is based on the excellence of effective use of time.

YOU MUST make agreements with yourself and those agreements must include:

  • What you are going to do
  • Who you are going to do it with
  • When you are going to do it.
  • Where you are going to do it.
  • Why you are going to do it.

When you know why you are doing it and you have those vision pictures that I talk about in my book A High Heels Paradox, you will make clear agreements as to the what, how, when and who.

If you are flip flopping around as to where you live, who you hang out with, what job you have, if you are constantly looking over the fence comparing what you have with the person over the fence you are not clear as to why you do what you do and you do not have clear agreements with yourself and your time will slip through your finger tips, then wait. You need to stop it right here and evaluate yourself. I am sure your routines and rituals will help your values to have acceptance for change.

How to make the very most of our precious commodity – TIME:

So here my lovely readers- have a look at some of the thoughts that I have compiled for you to make the most of your time and change management in life. I’m sure you are going to implement them in your life.

  1. STOP scrolling Facebook to compare yourself with others
  2. STOP surrounding yourself with people who are in denial.
  3. STOP judging other people.
  4. STOP eating food that is simplyfilling you up.
  5. STOP wasting your money on shopping.
  6. STOP putting off cleaning up your bedroom, your office, your garden.
  7. STOP blaming your parents, your aunty, your teacher, the dog for the way you feel and the way your life is.
  8. STOP listening to people who do not have good results

Before wrapping up this week’s article, I have a couple of questions for you!

Do you give your time away because you feel needed by someone?

Do you help every person who needs help?


Tell me what are your thoughts about it and I’m sure we can discuss it in details in our next blogs. Share your comments and engage with like-minded people.  The more you engage the more you will have engagement.

Hugs and love


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