Promising Business Trends for Women Entrepreneurs in 2018

Behind every successful woman is herself.

I never dreamed of success. I worked for it.

There is no limit, to what we as women can accomplish.

With 2018 in full swing now I feel so excited not only by the growth in 2017 but also because of the opportunities and trends that I foresee in 2018 for entrepreneurs and especially women entrepreneurs. Last year was a great year for female entrepreneurs globally and it is evident from the fact that a lot of organizations today are supporting female entrepreneurs. This suggests that there is a broad recognition of the growing opportunity and increased awareness that change is happening and will continue at a expodential rate.

I started my first business teaching the art of Corn Dollies. I had no clue why I started this business I knew I loved what I was doing and loved what I received from my customers. It was in the year 1981 that my mother-in-law gave me a book by the name of “Country Crafts” written by Anne Dyer, Lettice Sandford and Zena Edwards. With over 30 years of experience as a successful women entrepreneur, today I have owned 8 successful businesses. Apart from being considered a successful she’preneur, I have also grown into a renowned international Speaker, a mentor for those who want to turn their ideas into a new reality for themselves and for some that is a profitable and passionate business. I am sharing all this because I strongly believe that it is important that we accept, reveal and share our history with others for us to empower ourselves. When we accept where we have come we can can accept who we are.

To have a successful global business in today’s world of digital transformation it is essential that we have precise intentions in order to have precise results. We find many people sailing on the river of denial or suffering from the tall poppy syndrome. With over 30 years of running more than 8 businesses, I have realised that women who stay focussed on their visions yet are life long learners are independent and co-operate rather than compete. The woman who cane manage these parodoxes turn out to be successful selfullfilled women often in their own enterprises.. Shifting our awareness of our intention from competition to co-operation, both sailing on the river of denial and the tall poppy syndrome sink away and are replaced with clarity of thought a supportive network of humans like minds. To have a self-fulfilled and self-directed lifestyle it is important that you consider the following tips:

  1. You must be able to transform the life of the people with your product or services, with today’s world of digital transformation.

  2. You must have solid routines and rituals to flow through your days for your personal well being to ooze into your working time either in your business or in a job.

  3. You must be able to grow and learn alongside like minds and have the right Entrepreneur Skills from your mentor.

  4. You must be able to influence people with your Art of Speaking and sharing your message.

  5. You must be able to enhance the life of your customers though solving their problems with your services and or prodicts with your online precence.

  6. You must be global and that means you must be more than aware of cultural differences and accept varying attitudes.

With decades of experience in business and mentoring female entrepreneurs globally, I have shared my views and listened to what other She’preneurs have experienced to reach the desired scale of success. There are four attributes, that most of us; successful entrepreneurs have in common, related to our dreams and vision.

  1. Problem Solving

Solving our problems on our own and making value-based decisions. Whatever actions we take and decisions we make, leaves an impact on the outside world. In today’s world, where social media plays a very important role and interaction with your customers is mostly through authentic and honestly written articles, vlogs, blogs, videos, posts on social media online business. The customers today are completely tech savvy and educated today, in the information age and take quick decisions. People want connection and they want their problems solved fast by someone who cares and who has excellent product knowledge to back up the details to solve that problem. There is no straight line to solving any problem.

  1. Strong foundation of Routines

It is important to follow personal routines and translate them into business systems. Persoanl well being makes a strong business as it is the mind of the owner that creates the business system. Our thoughts grow from what we feed our mind on and how we nurture our emotions.. Today the internet allows us to do business from anywhere and at anytime. But only if we follow a regular well planned routine. For example a personal routine goes beyond the green smoothie in the morning. The personal routine expands into what we read, if we meditate or not and what we meditate on. How often we travel and with who and why we travel. The personal routines include the degree of stimulating conversation that are had daily not to mention good planning of food and drink. These personal routines are the basis of healthy clear and stimulating blogs on your website every week, or sharing your views everyday on social media platforms, like Facebook, twitter etc., . Persoanl routines reflect how we communicate on and off the internet and good personal routines help greatly in attracting and motivating our audience. Time must be used profitably to make your business a success and for us to be self fulfilled.

  1. Effective decision making

We must be self empowered to make effective and value based decisions for the direction of ourselves and our business. We can make effective decisions only if we know what the current language of the online world is. It is easy to spot effective decision makers as they believe in implementing their ideas rather than have rattling around between their ears. To build a strong bond and connection with people, it is essential that we take fast and effective decisions through self-questioning along with having good listening skills, along with the ability to place ourselves amongst people who know more than we do.

  1. Abiliity to Choose the right Mentor and follow through with that Mentor

It is a simple basic fact of life that no-one can do anything by themselves. All of us need to be mentored properly in order to achieve what we really wish for and in order to turn your ideas purpose and passions into a new reality. There is a difference between a coach and a mentor. A coach will instruct you without being actually in your place and without experiencing what the real scenario is. Rather a mentor will guide you by sharing her own experiences with you and helping you sail through the hurdles that come across in the path of achieving success in your life and business. I have been mentoring women through my online and offline female mentoring programs so that they can bring their passionate dreams into reality by being on purpose.

To read more about “Entrepreneur Skills for the Information Age”, read my blog.

Travelling globally, I have monitored the trends for the coming times and the year 2018 holds promising trends for entrepreneurs. The rules of business are changing and women entrepreneurs are at the forefront of this transformation. To help our business ventures succeed, the following trends are going to play a very crucial role in the success of business and also the degree of self fullment that has never been experienced before. The following upcoming trends in 2018 will definitely aid to the growth of women entrepreneurship:-

  1. Increasing Funds for She’preneurs

Today, women are seen as capable entrepreneurs and they are able to launch high growth oriented businesses due to more than their ability to effectively manage multiple tasks. Investors, both men and women are taking note of it and funding women-led businesses as they foresee tremendous growth. Investing firms and women-led organizations are supporting more and more funds for women-led businesses.

  1. More Resources

There are more training and learning opportunities that are available for female entrepreneurs. With more and more communities formed for women to connect around the world, be it online and offline. These communities are proving to be effective in making deeper, stronger ties to grow long term business relationships and joint ventures. This further helps in dealing with the ongoing anxiety and improves the business landscape.

  1. Wider Networks for Support

More and more organizations are re-tooling their programs with online and offline tools and processes to provide a better focussed support to independent, ambitious and passionate women entrepreneurs. Tools like webinars, bots, booking software help at critical phases of business development and further helps them in upscaling their business in an effective way. So, together with the relevant guidance from experienced mentors and support from successful organizations, there is a plethora of opportunities for people thriving to be independent and global.

  1. Less Hierarchical Businesses

Over the years, businesses are becoming less siloed and prefererence is given to flatter hierarchies, which is another added advantage to women entrepreneurs. Henceforth, women are expected to be in a much better position and they will be able to take decisions and make more personalized work plans and have a better control of their work/lifestyle integration.

  1. Choose the right mentor

It is very common that to have the fear of starting your own business. All of us have our dreams in our mind, but we often can’t gather the courage to kick of with that dream and turn it into a business reality for independence and self fullfillment. To have that motivation, and help we must choose the right way to turn our ideas into reality it is essential that we choose the right mentor for ourselves. With over 30 years of experience as a successful She’preneur I have mentored female entrepreneurs through my online and offline mentoring programs.

  1. Technological Advancements

With the advancements in technology, the cost of entry for entrepreneurs has lowered. With a boost to online businesses and marketing. The amount of investment required for setting up an office space is not required any more. Although do not think that a online business takes no cash. Online business needs cash for marketing and automation along with focussed strategies. Also, there is not much need to hire employees and make them sit with you. Consultants and outsourced employees, easy access to social media platforms provides an easier way to market your business entity and easier pathways to engage with your customers. All these advancements in the technology offer an impactful business layout with very low financial investments being made, which is again a breakthrough for entrepreneurs. To read more about how Social media can help you in business, read my blog.

So, as it is evident that after having a brilliant last year for women entrepreneurs in all diversities, around the world; the year 2018 seems to be more prosperous and rewarding for female entrepreneurs. Women must be focussed, independent and co-operate with each other, rather than competing, comparing and complaining about others. To all of you, who are currently struggling to convert their ideas into a successful business venture, I assure that following an experienced principle based path and with a good healthy attitude based on solid personal routines, there is nothing that will stop you from creating your new self fulfilled reality.

Hugs and love


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