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Perfectionism is driven by a Myth

Those who believe that ‘change is inevitable’ in life, they also know that ‘progression is nothing but a choice’. All because it lies in what you have in life and how you really want it to grow and advance.
And do you know how it happens?
Any guesses?

Well, it happens when we strive for progression and not perfection! 

I personally think that the idea of ‘progression’ in life is highly underrated as most of the time in our day-to-day routines; we aim to strive to be ‘perfect’. Today through this humble blog post, I am here to discuss the concept of progression rather than perfection and in fact, what really drives perfectionism.
So what is the first mistake that we make with perfection? I think perfection is fine but what blunder we women often make here is that we really get caught up in it. We women come from a position from where we have been told of amyth foryears and years and it is that “we should aim to be balanced’. Somewhere down the line, this word balance gives us a wrong picture in our mind to aim for.

“Balance has the ideology of setting up a perfect image of life”. The ‘thick and thin’ of life, the odds, the struggles, and even the uncertainty sometimes- it overshadows everything which is so inevitable in life. Balance is not a bed of roses…as is life!

Being Integrated:

Anyone who is reading this blog right now, may gain a personal shift whilst reading the following.    Hey!     I would personally recommend toyou to remove the word and the image of  BALANCE out of your mind.  Can I ask you to replace it with the word INTEGRATED and a picture of a whole jigsaw puzzle complete.Being integrated allows us to progress or experiment, rather than sit in perfection,  wanting to feel balanced. Have a wholesome approach to life! Aim to be integrating to feel whole. Rather than fixing your mind amidst “finding too much perfection” before completing anything, aim for being integrated to be MORE.

A lot of women entrepreneur these days are able to define what they really want in their life. They have this clear understanding and clarity about their professional and often personal desires. I think it is because they are more integrated in their personal and professional lives. They are self fulfilled as they are progressing and appreciate the art of progressing.Oftenwe can flow through the developmental stage of our ideas, then are hesitant  to deliver our ideas  because the ideas in our minds are perfect yet in real life nothing is perfect.  The notion of balance re-enforces that we need everything to be prefect. I remind you to focus on progression not perfectionism.

She’preneurs keep going!

For successful women entrepreneurs, there is no other alternative than to keep going in her life. She’preneurs have to experiment and progress in their life as there is no space to be perfect or wait for perfection to strive. I insist that you throw away the thought of balance for one month and focus on experimentation.

Focus on experimenting with what you are doing now,

experiment with food,

experiment with your exercise routines,

experiment with your communication,

experiment with your relationships,

experiment with your marketing,

experiment with your planning for the year

and so on.

Ask yourself if you are willing to experiment and if you are not, then question why you are not willing to experiment! I want you to embrace the attitude of experimentation in each and every aspect of your life…

“Experimentation will give you a whole holistic idea of life and things that you do”.

Some benefits of having an experimental approach in life are:

  1. You will learn something new every day and even when you“fail” with your experiments, you will at least take back your experience with you. We learn from “failing” (really there is no such thing as “fail”..simply another myth)
  1. A Progressive life will help you to overcome the fear of “failure”. Deep down inside, the idea of balance and perfection fears failure as it lacks the zeal to experiment.
  1. Both experimentation and progressive life will help you to push your pre-defined limits.
  1. It will enhance your creativity, self confidence and self trust like nothing else.
  1. You can unravel unseen opportunities this way. Experimentation will brighten your domain to be more… making you a more prosperous person.

Be your own guinea pig in your life and experiment as much in every minute as possible. Rather than doing things in life that you are told to do, find your own way through the art of experimentation. Carve out your own system and family routines and feel the BIG difference in life. For instance, preparing water kefir is one food planning family routine and we don’t hesitate to experiment with other types of food, exercise, meditations. So in short, do the experiments that are good and positive for your life. I am sure this will help you in turning all your business ideas into reality.

We all just have one life to live and I want all of you to be the writer of your own story as nothing can be more empowering than this step in life. Even when you fall or fail, you should at least be proud of trying to make a difference in life. Have you seen cupcakes? And have you seen muffins? I believe every cupcake is actually a muffin who believed in himself… who was ready for all the experiments and risks of life…

Who wants to BE MORE in life?

I personally believe that perfection is driven by the myth of balance. What do you have to say about this? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment box- and Share…Share…Share NOW on your social media!!!

Hugs and love



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Perfectionism is driven by a Myth - Di Downie - The Ideas Diva.Shaping your ideas into reality