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Oman Dairies: Fill your bucket list up

I have a secret to success.

It says…there is no shortcut to success. 

It is all about preparation, dedication, consistency, learning and embracing failure.

How come I have had 8 successful businesses??? In the journey of making myself a successful women entrepreneur, I have followed my heart, gut feelings and intuitions at their fullest. With every mistake that I have made in this process, I have made sure that I pick the chucks of lessons learnt during the process and take them forward for betterment and positive progress.

I might be a slow runner but I am definitely a fantastic learner.

Oman was my second destination on our recent speaking tour to spread the light and ideas of women entrepreneurship and I was pretty excited to have a completely different audience. While each group and every presentation was tailored, most of the speakers and trainers were preparing to shoot a direct message to the audience. I personally think that being in the 21st century; we all need to understand our values and experience from them as we cannot afford to stick to the old gold traditional methods of teaching from text books or copying others theories. Every audience has a unique need. Every need has a unique story and value to transfer. Your message needs customization and modification as per the emotional, personal, cultural and psychological shift of the audience. No matter what the subject is, the message has to be prepared with respect to the audience. So while I spoke in Dubai about the 3 moves to co-operation i.e. awareness. Multitasking and suppression of personal values, I recreated the same message with a custom twist for the audience of Oman.

Let me tell you a truth… I fell in love with Oman…!

The closer I got to Oman, its people; it’s culture the more I fell in love with it. The people, the hospitality, the love, the weather (even though it was melt into the marble type of heat) and in fact everything… I absolutely fell in love with every single thing in Oman! I had not been involved with Ramadan as I was in Oman, but again this experience took me to another level of appreciation that I have for different cultures, beliefs and perceptions. I felt extremely fortunate to get the real idea of Ramadan, as it is simply beyond fasting and more about achieving a holistic behavior in your day to day approach. I embraced some of the finest lessons of kindness this Ramadan and the message was beautiful. At the same time, I felt how extraordinary is it to travel, and share what you know from your passion, I’m proud of myself that I have made these changes, as it is only us who can create the change that we visualize in our minds.

If the mind can weave, the hands can achieve!

My Presentation in Oman:

Oman had a different presentation format with the addition of a question and answer session engaging the audience of entrepreneurs of males, female of different ages, and mostly Omanians. My presentation included the importance of values and being able to clearly articulate your needs which I often blog about.

In my 38 years of professional experience in operating and building different businesses, I have been very particular in watching my values being operated in my businesses, in my family and in my personal life.

My presentation in Oman was nothing but a glimpse of my 38 years of career… a life that I have lived as a woman entrepreneur who is turning her ideas into reality. I presented my bucket list, my dreams, my vision, my artistic evolution and understanding of life and it all generated questions from women who wanted to know how I did that in my life.

The Wake up calls:

Everyone dreams to make some really good impressions in life and at some point of life; we all do get our wake up calls. I remember one of my wakeup calls was a phone call that I got from the hospital after some tests to tell me to stop driving. I was told that I was not fit to drive. I still remember how the voice on the end of the call sounded when it said someone would come and get me. I still remember those urgent Renal Angioplasties, the Kidney Operation that removed parts of my kidney and geared my life to a shift from default to designed lifestyle. It might have came as a shock to me but looking back today to those days, I think I have done fairly well in designing my life. I think I have been a good architect of my life as I have had my successes and I have had my failures and still I stand keen to learn. Most often during my VIP events and trainings, I narrate how most people don’t dare to have a dream in their life. It is not until you get a wake call that you start to dream and precisely place items into the bucket list that you haven’t even dreamt of before.

Get a dream:

Whether you are young or you are someone busy with kids, whether you are paying the mortgage or partying days long or short-

I insist you to get a dream.

Stand up for yourself and fill your bucket list.

Start to live a life of profit.

There is no point doing things that you don’t love… or if you don’t make money out of it. 

In business, money symbolizes energy as it gives us choice to pick the best for us. If you think money is dirty and only the rich have money, it might be time for you to revisityour thoughts and believesabout money.  It gives us choices that may give you more opportunity to be of greater value to more people and situations on the planet.  Self Esteem is directly related to how much value we give to others, this was a conversation that was had from the questions from the audience in Oman… stimulating and worthy of its time.

What stops us from operating our business?

This is the most important lesson that you need to learn and as I asked this question during the presentation in Oman, I got many interesting answers in response. It was interesting to hear the comments- which ranged from too risky, to being scared of what others might think if they failed. One lady said she thought some of her friends thought they were not creative or innovative at all.  Another woman said that her family thinks that entrepreneurs are uneducated.

While there are many reasons that stop you and pull you down, look for the shine that lifts you up. Chase the sky, because sky is your limit. Delete all the negative energies that surround you and move towards the path of following your instinct. My best tip for you is:

If you have ideas rattling around in your head and you want to add to people’s lives in a positive manner, don’t wait for a wakeup call like I did.


  • Get clear on your ideas, define them with pictures for your mind.
  • Write them out on a piece of paper or in a journal.
  • Keep your collection.
  • Care for them.
  • If your idea is unique, nurture it like a baby.

Gather all your courage, support, time and money to design your life.

I am sure you are going to shine the way you do! Just add the little spunk of firework in your passion and get set going. Believe in you being a rockstar… an architect of your own life and let no one take that control of controlling your life from you. Tell me how your wakeup call has affected your life and how you chase your dreams? I love hearing your stories and I cherish learning from them.

Hugs and love


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2 thoughts on “Oman Dairies: Fill your bucket list up”

  1. Great piece Di, as ever. Lots of good info and some great shots of Oman. Not like you to say it is too hot though, first time for everything including nurturing one’s ideas like a baby. Well said.

    1. Diane, thank you for your great comment and I know you know what it takes to nurture ones ideas and bring them into every day living.

      Thankyou and love you



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