Create Your own INTENSION for  the following yearly period – (TODAY IS THE FIRST DAY OF YOUR YEAR)

Day       Month      Year                                    To                                  Day       Month  Year

I have guided hundreds of students through this process! I am excited to be here with you. I am committed to doing my part and providing you the training, encouragement and inspiration for you to successfully build your self tension.

There is just one self power activity for you to activate.


Clarity leads to POWER is a quote from a flip chart from the program  MONEY AND YOU .  A program I did over 30 years ago. I did that program more than 20 times over a 15 year period assisting with logistics in many places on the planet.  We took the program to Manhattan City , New York New York in 1991.  It was my first glimpse into real culture differences.  The New Yorkers I met and still associate with appreciate detailed times, dates, outcomes and return on investment (R.O.I) on their time and money. What I have learnt over the years is that these dates, times, places etc come from a visual image that we are often not aware of, this the reason I use images BEFORE the specifics.

Images and feelings will naturally drive us rather than auditory dates, times and dollar figures.

Images will assist us to have long lengths of clarity rather than remembering goals.

The longer we are clear, the more likely we are to manifest that result that is natural to us.

Buckminster Fuller :         “Don’t fight forces. Use them!”

Post in the Facebook Group with a photo that describes INTENSION to YOU.

Describe in our Facebook group,, WHY this photo describes INTENSION TO YOU.

Print this photo, stick it into your large scrapbook with the description.

In your Management folder save your INTENSION image into a word document with the description you posted into the facebook group. Save your document as  INTENSION .


What really matters to YOU?

Our words are our gateway to having what we want and doing what we want.

This next process is another process that  is best done every six months to a year.

It is a process that will give you words and feelings to match your images.

This process is the fundamental basis for your business plan, if thats what you want to create to raise money for a business.

This process is the basis for your webpage and postings on social media.

It is the basis for your choices about where you want to travel, who you want in your life and certainly it is the basis of how you conduct yourself.

You will need the outcome of the following process, in the link below, to complete your MODULE 2 Assignments.

Go to:





With 1 to 5 words describe what your theme was for the past year. ( your previous year is a year before todays date?

For example:

The Year of  Learning

The Year of Transition

The Year of Emergence

The Year of Sorting, Sifting and Shifting my self

The Year of Settling

The Year of Study

The Year of putting in Systems

The year of travel

The Year of Establishing my ideas

The year of rebuilding my image and brand

The Year of Experimenting

The Year of winding down the old

The Year of my Health

The Year of starting a new business

The Year for me

The year for my parents

The year I learnt Social Media

The Year of saving money

The year of renovating

The year of Focus

The Year of Ground Hog Days

The year of establishing my new primary relationship

The Year of long hours at work

The year of Evergreen production


What were the large projects you were involved in

For Example

Your Theme might have been


Your large Projects might have been

Moving house

Moving business premise

Got Married

Completed a divorce

Trialled Social Media Platforms

New work associates

Changed my diet from red meat eating to vegan

Spent 3 months in Europe



In your scrapbook write out realistically where you are now:

Include your financial situation

Your primary relationship situation

If you have children and or grandchildren – how often do you see them a month

How many hours a week do you work face to face with people

How many hours do you study a week

How many hours do you spend on yourself a week – include walking, running, yoga, tennis, massage

How many hours do you spend driving a week

How many hours a week do you spend watching TV or videos or You Tube

Further Sample questions to guide you:
What was the most successful thing you did in business this past year?

What was the most successful thing you did for yourself this past year?

What didn’t work that you want to not do again?

What worked and you need to do more consistently for better results?

What skills did you learn that you want to learn more of?

What new skills do you want?

Did you experiment with anything new? For example new food, new marketing platforms, new logo, new style of dressing, new job, new partnerships or JV Partnerships, new minfullness routines, time management.

Do you need to stop something?  For example: drinking wine every single night, eating icecream four times a week, seeing Jo Bloggs every Sunday at tennis, swearing, controlling everything in my life, worrying, constant head chatter.

Next 12 months

What is your Theme for the coming year?

Find a photo that describes your THEME for this coming year.

Save your Theme photo in Marketing in a Folder called Photos.



What are your:

4 Main Projects for your working life? (You might only have one main project that is ok)

4 Main projects for your personal life? (You might only have one main project that is ok)

(Don’t take on too many projects it maybe a way of sabotaging yourself if you do)


In the  Di Downie Mentorng facebook group,, post a photo of YOUR UP and Coming THEME

Write in the post  to accompany the image:–

My Theme for my following year is (write your theme for the year)

Transfer your skills from Module 1

My 4 new skills to focus on will be:

Using the Powerpoint Template:  go here to download the template and the instructions:

Transfer the following to your Next Year Visual Plan Powerpoint that you just downloaded and saved.


YOUR Main Projects

Your skills to achieve your projects

Write in your values and needs that will be met while achieving your Main Projects

Just use the examples in the download as examples. Use your own colours, Use your own photos, Use your own shapes.





Go to the photo you  used for your theme save it to your photos album on your phone




Take a photo of your Theme Photo with your phone from your computer or if you used a hard copy photo, take a photo of it with your phone.

Make that Theme photo your wallpaper for your phone.