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How to make raw cacoa slice

Taking literally 7 minutes to make a healthy sweet to keep the sweet tooth family members happy, I figure, it is worth it!

I also figure it is worth having it gluten free, even if the only reason is that there is more and more evidence that a lot of us eat way too much gluten and now have levels of intolerances to it.  Not to mention the whole sugar issue.

raw food recipes are often made to sound a bit complicated

I’m a throw in and taste “cook”

I’d recommend that you use this only as a base recipe, then make it to your liking. For example you might like it to be sweeter, you might like it with less or more cacoa, you might like it with no fruit in it.  I often just make a nut slice.  Sometimes I add a packet of ginger with no other fruit, or I might add 1/2 cup of coconut with no further changes to the coconut oil or agave.

Agave is four times sweeter than sugar, use sparingly!
Agave is four times sweeter than sugar, use sparingly!

It does seem like raw food is a trend as is Coconut Oil and Agave and Cacoa Powder.  I have done some research on these ingredients just for interest sake:

By the way, we started putting organic coconut oil in our diet as it is being said that it is one of the few foods that can be classified as a “superfood also the Fatty Acids in Coconut Oil Can Boost Brain Function in Alzheimer’s Patients, so again,  I figure it must be good for the brain generally!

It seems there is much controversary about how good Agave is when compared with normal white sugar.  I did find that it has 20 calories per teaspoon,  that’s five times more than granulated sugar, but,  it’s  MUCH sweeter than sugar, so you need MUCH less to achieve the same level of sweetness. A general substitution is to use one-third less agave nectar than you would white sugar and reduce other liquids by one-fourth.

Goji Berries make it a bit different
Goji Berries make it a bit different

Experiment as to your own tastes.

Lastly organic cacoa powder has the reputation of being an antidepressant, aphrodisiac and a calming stimulant. There is also sound research stating that cocoa has immune stimulating effects, can be used adjunctively to treat cancer, help oxygenate the brain and promotes detoxification of industrial chemicals in the body.  All in all Cacoa also has many beneficial qualities.


simple raw cacoa fruit and nut  slice description

Put everything in thermomix or vitamizer, if your machine isn’t very powerful, grind the nuts up first then add the liquid and fruit.  I like my slice to be very lumpy and textured, you might like yours to be ground smoothly, again you decide!

2 or 3 tablespoon of organic cacoa powder

1 packet of goji berries

1 cup of almonds

1.5 tablespn of organic coconut oil, you might like it oilier, put more in… this is what keeps the whole thing together of course!

1 0r  2 tablespoon of Agave.. I use 1 tablespoon

1 cup of brazil nuts

Thermomix on 10 or vitamize until it is the conisitancey that you want you slice to be. I like my slice to quite crunchy and. Score to the size pieces that you want. I usually score them into tiny bite sized pieces

Put in freezer for an hour

Take out and cut up along score lines and put in container for freezer storing.

Scoring the slice BEFORE it goes into the freezer makes it really easy to get out of the container
Scoring the slice BEFORE it goes into the freezer makes it really easy to get out of the container

We eat our pieces straight out of the freezer, You might like them a bit defrosted. Of course they will come apart if they are warm.

Variations to my simple raw food recipe

If you want pretty and fancy pieces you could roll a dessertspoon full of mixture into a ball, wet hands make it easier and will make the ball firm.

Sometimes I will put in dates, I then take out the agave and put in a tablespoon of water or lime juice.

Sometimes I add a packet of you can see, you can make this to your own taste, using the basic formula to keep the slice together.

have fun and enjoy!



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Hi.... I'm Di  !
Hi…. I’m Di !










24 thoughts on “How to make raw cacoa slice”

  1. Ohhhh this is great Di, I have most of the ingredients apart from the agave and cacoa….can I just find them at coles or do I need to find a healthfood shop?
    Out of interest have you made or heard of a vegan cheesecake? I had one at a birthday and it was made from almonds dates and homemade almond milk? (I think)

    1. also hollie, you should be able to buy everything at coles in the health food aisle, if not go to your health food shop.

  2. Hey everyone…… There is a spelling mistake in the tag line… make sure you buy CACOA POWDER NOT… cocoa….. Organic CACOA POWDER is even better!!!!!!!

  3. Wonderful recipe Di and the fact that it has protein in the nuts and antioxidants in the goji berries and magnesium in the cacao makes it a fantastic every day treat. I love it with pumpkin seeds, raw cashews and coconut. Yum. Thanks for sharing

  4. Hi Di
    This sounds very nice. I am not much of a sweet tooth but when I do eat something sweet I prefer it is a healthy one.

    I also like that it is obviously quick to make. In years gone by I would spend a long time cooking but now it is not how I want to spend my time so quick is good.

    Thanks for sharing it Di.


  5. Great post!

    I always fiddle around and make my things into balls. Now ill just press them…. good save timing tip.

    1. Hi Jeremy,

      Great that you received this tip. I will take the time if I want something pretty, but for us I like the squares as they are easy to store in the freezer taking up less space.

      Thankyou for taking the time to comment Jeremy

  6. Hi Di

    Your opening of only taking 7 minutes got my attention 🙂 . Not being much of a sweet tooth I don’t like making sweets. If I do it has to be quick and relatively healthy. This is clearly quick and healthy.

    Thanks Di


    1. Hi Sue,
      We have this in the house so when the sweet munchies take over there is this to eat rather than nothing and then feeling deprived. Im not a sweet tooth either but love this occassionally.
      And.. yep its quick and easy, often I don’t sweeten it all when I use fruit in it.
      Thanks Sue

  7. Hi Di,

    Now this actually does sound good and something I could snack on that’s healthy. I’ve had the Agave before and I have to say it’s GOOD. It’s more expensive though and I used it for my tea but I really made it taste so much better.

    I usually am not much of a cook but I think I’m going to have to have a go at this recipe so thank you for sharing it with us. Can’t wait to try it.


    1. Hi Adrienne,

      I wouldn’t class myself as any level of cook either, but I do prepare food and play with food and enjoy it when Im not in a rush or “have to” do it..
      I hope you enjoy playing with this “recipe”. So many ingredients you can add to your own liking.

      Thankyou for coming over and commenting Adrienne.

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