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Know Your WHY- It’s IMPORTANT!

Linda was unhappy in her marriage with Jose. The last time I saw her made me feel miserable about her situation. But what was more miserable than her situation was her passiveness (or rather stubbornness) to save the marriage. She was angry, but she never tried to express what was in her heart. She felt disgruntled, but Jose had no idea. Communication was confusion, clarity was vague, values were baffled, and love was lost. Alas, separation won the case over love. I wish they could have given time to know their ‘WHY’ in life….!

Basing any type of marriage on values is more than valuable

I am sure many of you will resonate with Linda’s story! Sometimes, it is sad to see how we allow misunderstandings and egos to drive our major emotions and decisions in life. As human beings, we all are driven by the desire to love. We are driven because love is the foundation of our beliefs and values. And these are the values that ultimately give easy solutions to some of the major complications of life.

So what would have been the best solution to Linda’s problem?

Knowing your WHY!

You can choose to live a better life and create winning life stories with this golden rule- know your WHY!  Be productive, creative and active. And know this fact that ‘better life always comes through better decisions and actions. There might also come a time in your life when you would feel like quitting, giving up or consider walking alone. But to eliminate such thoughts, you again need to reconsider your ‘WHY’- knowing it better with much clarity and conviction.

These antique washing machines are like some relationships.... old..antique and need a revamp with simple values
These antique washing machines are like some relationships…. old..antique and need a revamp with simple values

How the understanding of WHY affects our decision making?

I have tried explaining this to you with a personal example but now understand the other side too- the professional decision making. Suppose your company is facing a crisis situation and you are the boss. You need the support of your employees because nothing else is going to help you now. So what will you do?

Option 1: Would you make a decision, impose it on the employees and ask them to implement it as soon as possible?


Option 2: Would you have a group meeting having each and every employee to express your concern, allow them to give suggestions and take a group decision for collective growth?

Consequences of Option 1:

  1. The employees are likely to feel disgruntled.

  2. They feel least involved.

  3. Communication is passive and unclear.

  4. They won’t actively support the decision.

Consequences of Option 2:

  1. Employees feel the ‘sense of responsibility’.

  2. They support the decision wholeheartedly.

  3. They feel informed and involved.

  4. Communication breeds clarity.

Clear Values– Things that are important to us and matters in life!

When a person faces a situational crisis in life, they experience the power of energy, determination, courage and purpose to get the best answers. And only those who can understand their ‘Why’, are able to find clarity or meaning in their life. You need to see, feel and hear YOUR WHY.

Unlike any other animals, human beings need to know their purpose of survival otherwise; we can quickly find ourselves in the grip of distress, delusion, and despair. Maybe this is the reason why today there are increasing cases of drug intake, alcohol abuse, depression and even suicide. All because we lack purpose… and we lack to quest to know WHY.

Crystal clear communication is simple
Crystal clear communication is simple

Know YOUR WHY to channel your HOW!

You can gain a ‘larger-than-life’ perspective and some of the deepest insight into yourself by understanding your why. Find the answers to the following questions:

  • Ask yourself the ‘purpose’ of your life (or anything you are a part of like a relationship or job). Once you get the answer, write it down and fix your attention there.


  • Channel your energy to the greatest values. Start doing things that you’re best at. It is the simplest practice to know your strengths and values.


  • Take a stand and measure your life. Stand for something… otherwise, you will fall for anything ! It is all about living with a purpose.


  • Define your ‘Priority’ list. Discover the list that you would love finishing as soon as possible and state why it is important to have those tasks.


  • Discover the truth that matters to you. Do a couple of things (like pursuing hobbies) together to discover what is most important to you. You will find your love this way.


  • Scrutinize WHY: Whenever there is something new on your plate, ask yourself a simple ‘why’ . Does it matter to me? How important this is for me? Ask, ask and ask yourself!


To know your why, you need a small sentence or paragraph of ‘why you doing what you doing’. Check the video to get a clear picture about the ‘Know your WHY’ program. I have prepared this information with the help of my 30 years of experience and research in business and coaching. I have been using this program to facilitate and develop budding startups and businesses.


How to find the purpose of life?

The process is simple. All it takes to find the purpose of life is:

  1. A decision that you really want to understand your life’s purpose.
  2. The acceptance of change.
  3. The ability to write down things that you really love/enjoy doing
  4. Knowing what is important to you.
  5. The acceptance of oneself and to do what you love to do in a manner that you love to do it in.
  6. It’s not what we do, sometimes, it can be how we do it.

The Ground Reality: You think it is EASY….Right?

No… the acceptance for change is never easy! Just like our own selves, the world, a place, is full of exceeding expectations. Rather than understanding our WHY, we are more concerned about the rat race we are living in. ‘Too busy’ is the tag for us! It again reminds me of Linda, who was too busy to discover her inner strength, love, and affections. It reminds me of the bosses who ‘THINK’ they are too busy to talk to their employees.

Start examining your life through the lens of WHY and discover things that are important to you. Don’t overburden yourself under the harsh expectations of society and stay focused with your own expectations.

You will win the world this way!

Have the best day ever !

20 thoughts on “Know Your WHY- It’s IMPORTANT!”

    1. Hello Joan

      And welcome to our community here.

      Thats what this community is about.. connection.

      I trust you enjoyed and gained some small insights from this piece about Your Why!


    1. Yes focus is one of the key benefits of being able to clearly articulate our why and whats important.

      Consistency seems to come automatic… LOL!!!! Its the same thing it simply happens


    1. Right on Tim,

      Start with baby steps and keep stepping this is the only way w will get fully clear as to what our values are

      Having our values operating everyday is so much fun and it allows us to appreciate who we really are along the journey

      Love your comment Tim

      Appreciate your time and your thoughts


  1. Hi Di,

    I love, love, love this post and your video. I thought I was clear on my “Why” and my values however my recent health challenge has caused me to question everything. I am still in the process of gaining some clarity. My why and top value in the last 6 months became survival and getting through. I know below that there are reasons I wanted to come through it but I am unclear.

    Thanks for a blog post that is very timely for me and I am sure many others.

    Hugs, Sue
    Sue Price recently posted…How To Get Through Tough Times In LifeMy Profile

    1. I still loose the essence of MY WHY when I have challenges bigger than me.

      I didnt realize how important this simple process is. I find myself going back to my model that is now more than 15 years old.

      It is time for us all to be super clear on how to articulate what is important and to gain what we really need to be more for ourselves…no-one else!

      Sue you are amazing and survival is the key basic need that I have had to acknowledge and understand more times that I’d like to admit. You have been a role for me, your tenacity and acceptance of your self and your situation has been nothing more than a gift for me to feel.

      Thank you and I’m so excited to see you blogging again and sharing who you are.

      Much love to you


  2. A very detailed explanation of WHY we need to know our WHY in any situation in life. Yes even in marriage…Lots of us say because I love him/her…is that enough? In many cases it isnt.
    We gotta get clear on hat we value, our ethos, our moral code and from it our action plan!
    In Business terms knowing your why is great for keeping one focused on the action steps until results are achieved!

    For me Family is one f my big WHYs…with some details round that!

  3. Hey Di,

    In our life, there are many ups and downs. But people don’t really think about the problem. They don’t even try to know their why. Having a clear goal is an important aspect to live a happy life.

    Like Linda, there may be many other people who don’t have enough communication level with their partners. It’s quite a sad feeling when you don’t remain happy in your relationship.

    It’s good to read this post.
    Have a great day.
    Ravi Chahar recently posted…How To Delete FTP Account In cPanel of Your Web Hosting?My Profile

    1. Hi Ravi,

      Yes there are always ups and downs and challenges. People often get caught up in the emotion rather than the pattern the situation and as you say whats really important here.. their why

      Love your thoughtful comment Ravi

      You are making a difference with thougtful and generous comments


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