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How to enhance your life in this digital age

“We are all now connected by the Internet, like neurons in a giant brain.”
– Stephen Hawking
“The internet is becoming the town square of the global village of tomorrow.”
– Bill Gates
The first step to ward change is awareness. The second step is acceptance.

Over the last two decades, many things have changed. Everything has transformed, be it human thinking or the transformed digital age that has enhanced our life. Change in our life is one of the most beautiful phenomena and it is bound to happen, even if it is against your wish. Some things in life have to take place, they can be anything from major to minor forms of changes in life, like a change of workplace, a new relationship, or a tragedy devastating your life or it could be a plethora of opportunities knocking at your door.

So there are numerous ways that can bring about a change in your life. It depends on you and how YOU take it. Even if you are resistant to the changes in your life, they will take place as one of the most subtle phases in your routines. I believe that change requires agreements. I have been embracing changes in my life since a very young age, and accepting ‘Change’ as the ultimate ‘Law of Nature’.

I am a simple person, a country person, a homemaker, a Women Entrepreneur, a Wife, a Mum of two,defining what my triggers to change have been,has given me clues to my future and clarity on my NOW. It’s true that we are what we read. When I revisited my books case I realized that my thoughts and interests today are completely influenced by what I read and lived by during my young days. My favourite authors, who influenced the way I think now,are:-

  • Dr Llewellyn Jones – Every Woman
  • Cosmography –Buckminster Fuller
  • Out of the Crisis Edwards Demming
  • Michael Gerber– The E Myth
  • Robert Fritz – The Path of Least of Resistance
  • Shakti Gwain, my books are in tatters from the dog earing.
  • Louise Hays books were my bibles for decades
  • Dorothy Hall and Adelle Davis- their books on health, food and all good things to eat.

And many more…

In this world of digital transformation, the internet is connecting and disconnecting our everyday lives. Like never before we have the opportunity to observe others, ourselves our believes. We see our conversations, families, cultures, believes, opportunities, all being affected by this digital age. Let us see how we can take benefit out of it and enhance our lives with it:-

1. Uncover what it is you love to do
There are only 24 hours in a day and we must use them to the fullest. We all have lots of ideas and dreams in our mind, but most of us are unable to turn them into a new reality. Read my blog on how to turn your ideas into reality.

Start DOING rather than just keeping it in your head. Time is all we have and we need to mould and shape our dreams with that.Every woman has the potential to turn her passion and dreams into a successful business. Every man has the potential to shape his idea to his new reality. Those who strive to thrive can bring out profits from their ideas. I have been online mentoring women in business to become successful women entrepreneurs.

Let me share with you an excerpt from my book, ‘A High Heels Paradox’:-

“Someone said to me about 30 years ago… “Be a human being rather than a human doing”. I thought I’d try it. But then … I forgot about it for a while as I was paying for the mortgage, running the kids to school, celebrating birthdays and Christmas, saying hello to new friends and saying goodbye to old ones.”

End of excerpt

But this was 30 years ago. Today we are much more evolved and people are waiting and willing to build their perfect life by DOING what they love to do rather than living life like Zombies!.. or even worse not “doing” anything with the information that they have.

2. Know the difference between Passion and Purpose
Passion and purpose are not the same. You need to ask yourself that do you actually believe in what you think. Most of us are busy in paying the mortgage, bringing up our children, going to ajob, busy with our daily routines. With all this we forget about our dreams and passions. I have over 38 years of experience as a successful women entrepreneur, and turned my 8 ideas and my passions into a reality and successful business. I believe that by sharing your history with others and keeping your values in forefront can definitely help you reach heights, in whatever you dream of. Being mentored by a person who is on purpose and has done what you want to do is very different than being mentored by people who is passionate about what they do and has been where you want to go. By the way Mentoring and Coaching is very different, a industry that has had many quick buck thinkers come into it the past 20 years.

3. Know the difference between Inspired and Motivation
Being a women entrepreneur I keep on traveling around the world and find that most of the people I meet are confused about being inspired and being motivated. There is a fine line of difference between the two. Motivation is when someone pushes you to do some action. Like it can be your gym trainer who has motivated you enough to go and hit the gym, even when you have pain and cramps in your body. On the other hand, you get inspired when you are yourself in the situation. Consider the situation, where you are sitting in a seminar, and just by listening to the speaker you get inspired by her thoughts, her values and her life.

Here are some excerpts from my blog, ‘12 Steps to direct yourself to a life that is designed by you’:-

Motivation gives people incentives to take action towards achieving short term and long term goals.
Inspiration has the energy of self guidance. So while motivation can be your pulling force, inspiration is an internal driving force.

Without knowing about the life of others, we get motivated by seeing their superficial and mostly exaggerated stories of life. Social media and TV are one of the major reasons which are amplifying a false reality. As I have already shared in my blogs, in today’s digital age, we are being victimized by the COOS Syndrome.

This is an Excerpt from my blog:-

The COOS Syndrome:
My term COOSThe COOS SyndromeComparing Ourselves with Others through Social Media motivates decisions without knowing exactly the goal and aimed outcome. People are often too busy making decisions from COOS!

4. You must have agreements with yourself
Change is an inevitable part of our life and we have to go with the flow, though we may try to resist it. There are many things in the world and our life that keep on changing and we have to comply with them.

I believe that you have to create change in your life, or else, change will create you. Denying the changes may give you a feeling of comfort initially but it will lead to frustration as well. So, don’t be in that phase of denial and accept the changes around you with grace. Over the past 20 years the world has seen drastic changes in the way people communicate, design a family, do business, eat, exercise, travel, think, what they strive for now, how to share stories and a lot more. It is important that we make agreements with ourselves and make judicious use of Time. Read more about Agreements and Time.

This blog will help you in enhancing your life in this digital age when you make agreements with yourself and others who matter to you and you know why they matter to you. Your life will be enhanced when you self direct yourself whilst have people mentoring you in many different ways so you are not thinking on your own from your own paradym only. Peeling your own onions skins off, uncovering you purpose while you are her on this planet for the short time that you are here for is worth the journey and one journey that will certainly enhance your sense of self-fulfillment. Being self directed by feeling the burn inside of you from being self motivated is the key to life enhancement.Being a successful women entrepreneur and mentoring women to turn their ideas into reality, I have realized how paramount importance it is to value time and relationships, that is all we have!

Share your comments on how you enhance your life in this ever changing and often overwhelming digital global age. It is exciting, take your observations and DO something with them!


Hugs and love


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How to enhance your life in this digital age | Di Downie – The Ideas Diva.Shaping your ideas into reality